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Date of publication:2011-5   Press: JINGWAH Publishing   Author:Real far   Pages:288  

Author Fang far grandma was the Japanese government moved to the northeast of the Japanese, and his grandfather was a genuine northeast man. Integration of the two lineages, two cultural feeding, let the author in view of Japan's perspective more convincing, but also more sense of the times, between our fifty or sixty's legacy of Japan's understanding of the concept. With young fashion perspective, interpretation of modern Japan, real, real Japanese civilian life.
works from the aspects of clothing, food, living, entertainment, history, culture, characters, writing, in order to describe the ordinary Japanese life as the main content, from Japan to common people life, explore the Japanese national cultural heritage, customs and habits and the Japanese people's character, let China readers better understanding of our neighbours Japan and japanese. In addition, the works of popular narrative expression, humorous, easy to enjoy the occasion, multi dimension and let a person plaint author have a large stock of information and cognitive. Neither serious but not profound.
"when we talk about Japan" is a book about the life and culture of Japan's book. Japan has always been a sensitive countries were afraid to talk about, but with a narrow strip of water involved, become an inevitable China history not ignored. Effect of the number of generations of childhood from take death calmly samurai spirit to Japanese animation; from the solemn Fuji mountain to the brilliant oriental cherry; from the big and ethnic women character to play a decisive role in the literary world of Japanese literature. What we should talk about it when we talked about Japan? Read this book, maybe you should get some answers.
Author brief introduction

Real far, half Chinese and half Japanese, in Japan for ten years, Chinese years, if the world can let a person, like alcohol, so now the world is a barrel industrial alcohol, a poison called methanol industrial alcohol, I think I just kind of false pure people, hair color is pure, ideology, impure descent.
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Chapter excerpt

The copyright page breaks out here: (a little things to say. When you write the script to find snow white fairy data, I found the ancient version of snow white story and now we know a little. We have thought the prince why nothing with the world around, suddenly appeared in suspended animation snow beside the princess? Current version is seriously emasculated! The truth with one's hair standing on end! The world where so many happened to pass by, so is the fairy tale. The ancient version in truth is -- we must have tolerance ah, the truth is, the prince is a metamorphosis of the dead body of lovers! He heard with beautiful corpse 才巴巴地 came, saw the corpse excited, himself, very dear one, who know people snow white lived. Dear baby. No, don't know what is love is hate in his heart. A nursery, I look back hair cool. In fact, however, if the readers attention, many fairy tales are very eerie. I have always thought that the children more cruel.) Well, continue to say. I wrote, but, we study room woman like clouds, while the men die, pleasure and pain will only I a person. Then I will enjoy popular confidence to become the Prince (snow white father is girls play). Then, then more tragic event happened! Research Assistant (is above conpa queen) named to experience life, he pulled through a cowboy Club telephone: Here we have a boy would like to apply for the......
Editor recommends

"When we talk about Japan": take the tram, in the school, can be heard everywhere. Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou issue. That we know is, what kind of a Japanese? I hope you hear me talk in Japanese common life, there are all about Japanese, perhaps our most the understanding of japan. More than Chinese understanding of Japan, I think the Japanese understanding of China, 80 in the eyes of the Japanese half Japanese half. National this stuff in the whole nation is probably some, but if reduced to each (people) seem to have a clear view. About the common cultural whole nation will contain in Japanese traditional habits, the act done, life philosophy, but more often, they and every (people), have different personalities, different hobbies, different troubles. So in my opinion, the Japanese nation is a highly abstract concept, and one by one the passions of Japanese is figurative and vivid. In the aspects of humanity, a person can not represent the nation, the nation can not represent a person.
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User reviews
  •   I want to hear the young voice about the state of the new things, I'd like to see the boys talk about the best or the worst Japanese
  •   Cherry blossoms, kimono, haiku warrior, sake, shinto...... The number of Japanese culture are countless, but had not enough information to understand, read the real far "when we talk about Japan", think and growth of knowledge, learn more about the Japanese culture.
  •   From the aspects of clothing, food, living, entertainment, history, culture, characters, writing, in order to describe the ordinary Japanese life as the main content.
  •   E particularly like the God Fuji "mountain", always want to personally visit, feel the kind of atmosphere. It never happened. In "when we talk about Japan" also has a chapter called "Fuji mountain", and stirred up my travel heart! PS real far very cute, his words can be watched and laughed!
  •   I want to see the most handsome guy with the best worst japanese!!!!! Make a pointed comment
  •   When we talk about japan...... I will think of the animation, the thought of Miyazawa Kenji...... This book is the real far students, let me have a more angles to understand japan.
  •   "When we talk about Japan" this book is very good, language is very funny, the people of Japan and other countries introduced objectively, from the text can feel the author is a very rich man, worth a visit.
  •   "When we talk about Japan" the book in my opinion, the biggest advantage is honest but a little funny, from a general perspective to write
  •   To tell the truth to a narrow strip of water droplets drops, former neighbors -- Japan, really is not very understanding, is basically has been in classical Chinese, history textbooks drop about newspapers. See "when we talk about Japan", know how drops shallow ignorance also be opinionated, support a!
  •   This is after 90 published he saw and heard in japan... The young voice chat about the latest in Japan.. It is this
  •   When we talk about when we talk about what Japan? Here describes a common Japanese real Japanese fresh from many aspects of Japanese writing style is humorous and lovely for the author to let me know a lot
  •   Real than of the Japanese really is I do not understand, read the very benefit, look in the eyes of Japanese Chinese perhaps slowly to plump up.
  •   Ha ha AV in Japan is really super super!!! Packet width of cartoon like comics but easier.
  •   On Japanese culture, can chat should be a lot. Also want to hear the story.
  •   A perspective to understand Japanese culture, especially the half blood from a day of young eyes to see, more can let us Chinese know about our neighbors in real life.
  •   The more the more you want to hate this country, have a look of its changes, I am such contradictions, in fact, I have to say that Japan is something worth learning from...... To understand the country, can be more deeply despise it, ha ha ha. One thing one thing, this book is awesome.
  •   Always love Japanese culture, have been very hate the Japanese in this country, and so has been very concerned about Japan's book, this is a to see young people from the perspective of Japan, in recent years is the best description of Japan.
  •   With young fashion perspective, interpretation of modern Japan, real, real Japanese civilian life.
  •   What we should talk about it when we talked about Japan, from this book gives a clear answer
  •   What we should talk about it when we talked about Japan? Read this book, maybe you should get some answers.
  •   At the beginning, the popular language of network is not used to the full, slowly feel the life reflect the Japanese character, culture, customs, than those of a long and minute statement didactic writing much better, and the material is also different, with other people, can reflect japan. Beautiful, useful.
  •   Remember to see a data says, the Japanese are not the original text, so has the use of Chinese Chinese characters. Ancient Japanese use and language, Japanese borrowed a lot of Chinese vocabulary, Chinese Loanwords in Japanese more than 30%. Japan in many places is to learn Chinese resources, but it is beyond our.
  •   Very good, very interesting, not boring statement happened in Japan, the author introduces the language is very humorous, always make people laugh, and have some discussions with the author, speak very reasonable. A new understanding of the Japanese in this country.
  •   Talk about Japan, comparison of tangled ah, tangled history and Japanese proud as Lucifer, but can not deny that Japan advanced.
  •   Different perspective is not the same as Japan
    real interesting not serious and heavy
    can understand some things in Japan
  •   When we talk about Japan, we usually talk about what?
  •   Look at the light of a book, is read in toilet, more in line with my view on japan. But there is one point, no matter which country suffering, even if we don't reach out, not in a mood to take pleasure in other people's misfortune. Life is more important than anything, or what the difference is between us and those people?
  •   I hope we can be more peace of mind to look at a country's culture, society, life, throw to prejudice, you can experience the kind of japan!
  •   Description of ordinary Japanese life as the main content. Understanding of the Japanese people's life.
  •   It is like the author described the way, let me have a new understanding of japan. As the authors write in the book, we can calculate and irrelevant, but can't stand the hurt and betrayal, so too much. But above all this, we view on Japan will change.
  •   Several years went to Japan to see cherry blossoms, have feeling very much, Japan is a culture more deep place. Love it. The author of the book also mentioned the Japanese cherry blossom, it is every man forever beautiful.
  •   A lot of things about the book, are ignored when we talked about japan.
  •   The relationship between Chinese and Japan has been very delicate, this book is from another civilian perspective of Japanese, good.
  •   Say so, your grandfather is a two x plus' rogue'. However, rushed him to look for a Japanese wife, and during the cultural revolution went down. It proved that he is a responsible man. Is a man.
    like listening to an old story, especially in the legendary story of the war years
  •   When we talk about Japan, hope can be a very good understanding of Japan
  •   From a Japanese young people after 80 perspective, describing Japan, unlike most people contact the film and television works in japan. Author from some fragments of life in Japan, worth a visit

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