Wei Zhuomin and Sino Western cultural communication

Date of publication:2011-9   Press: Social Science Document Press   Author:Zhuhai municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Macao foundation of Huazhong Normal University   Pages:512  

The copyright page: illustration: according to research, as Chinese and western communication channels, radiation and influence to adjacent area of Macao is enormous, including Cuiwei, Xiangshan people enjoyed, dare to go out into the world, this period produced a large number of young tiger hill in the influential man, Rong Hong, Chen Fang is the author; and at the end of the Qing Dynasty, the continuities and fashion still come not for, deeply influences include Cuiwei, Xiangshan Xiangshan children later concept, a batch of go out fend entrepreneurship, 1. In addition to the development of outward from the outside of Macao, mainland Hankou, Shanghai, Fuzhou also became a famous economy will in these places, many people is Xiangshan comprador. For example, Wei Zhuomin's parents belong to Cuiwei Webster tea comprador Wei 鲁桐 is one of them, he was with his hometown Shanghai, Guangdong, categories, and "Yi Tang observed star, Sihui Wu Taishou Nan Gao, always pay close". The Tang of star is Tang Tingshu, he is an active participant in China modern famous comprador and the Westernization Movement, the founder of modern national industry and promote the development of the national economy has made important contributions; Wu Shou Nan Gao Wu Nangao, in his Li Hongzhang please pilot ships China Merchants period once and he proposed to buy the ship the application, in China new shipping business work. The bluish green hillside adjacent to Macao, the Ming and Qing Dynasties, bluish green hillside and in the vicinity of a trend, the people living here and Macao exchanges, their eyes open, advanced ideas, new things and new ideas born later child can 目濡耳染 from Macao, plus the fathers who teach by precept and example, and gradually formed a go the world big ocean idea and the tenacious fighting spirit will deep in their hearts. The feudal consciousness and the spirit of this idea is not narrowly to rise head and shoulders above others, went back to their hometown, make one's ancestors illustrious, advanced ideas but have the whole world in view, pay attention to industry, the pursuit of science, advocating progress. They pursue once to this level, to the life, no regrets, and ultimately to advocating science, the pursuit of progress, to revitalize the nation as the highest realm of life.
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Wei Zhuomin and Sino Western cultural communication.
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the Spil it of Christian Higher Education in
Wei Zhuomin the idea of higher education management and the present value of
Wei Zhuomin's hometown Zhuhai Cuiwei on < br > Mr. Wei Zhuomin studies in philosophy and the knowledge about community to reflect on the status of the
Christian University on the secular trend of coping: Taking Huazhong University and Wei Zhuomin as a case study of
Wei Zhuomin and Huazhong University of postwar
accumulation and inheritance: Wei Zhuo
see Chinese Christian history and present situation of
between state and God -- introduced by the end of 1926 about Wei Zhuomin thought a file @##@ from Mr. Wei Zhuomin construction of people and the basic spirit of Huazhong University "Wei Zhuomin and Western Culture -- the second Zhuhai Macao Culture Forum" (Zhuhai municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Macao foundation, Huazhong Normal University) is in the Zhuhai Municipal Propaganda Department, Macao foundation, Huazhong Normal University jointly organized "the second Zhuhai Macao Culture Forum" on the basis of the formation of proceedings.
"Wei Zhuomin and Western Culture -- the second Zhuhai Macao Culture Forum" by the renowned educator Mr. Wei Zhuomin and Western culture as the theme, contains 35 articles, divided into two parts. The detailed, systematic analysis of the role exchange between Chinese and Western culture in modern Chinese Zhuhai, Macao as well as the role of the position occupied; the second part from a different point of view, the role of Mr. Wei Zhuomin in modern western cultural communication and important effect of in-depth, detailed introduction and analysis.
the authors are engaged in modern history and the study of experts and scholars in Western cultural exchange, has high academic attainments. Therefore, to study modern history 'country and Western cultural exchange history, this book has higher academic value.
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"Wei Zhuomin in the East and west cultureAC: "the second 珠奥 Cultural Forum" papers "is a social science document press.
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