Walking in the history of Europe

Date of publication:2005-01   Press: The Writers Publishing House   Author:He Xinnian   Pages:425  

The book tells of European countries to travel in the form of cultural history, the writing is beautiful, with pictures. Erwin said: "the legend and poetic associations, Europe other charm" into Europe, try to start from the earlier historical, put them all with the rise and fall of out, heavy over then the superposition from as far away as the predecessor of this world so complex my horizon.
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Ordered back to Rhine stubborn Berlin lights don't extinguish the Bonn the pronoun of Frankfurt downstream swim to Trier thousand bridges are Hamburg Weimar many stories in the heart left in Heidelberg could not refuse the Cologne Munich City Church romantic Schwarzwald magic Green fairy tale journey colorful "hexagon" it is the French Paris impression into the Le Louvre Museum miracle Versailles Fontainebleau Lenovo taste wine Xiang taste of Royall River see the sunlight of Provence blue coast of Normandy Brittany discovery Heartbeat temptation Apennine forever fascinate female Rome sea on the right bank of the Tiber at the eternal poetic charm of Florence Siena pizza has the flow of Venice pink Verona Milan opened eyes see things in a blur of Naples Sicily style......
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User reviews
  •   Read this book, as if the people are with the author, went to europe. Feel the best of everything. Thanks to the "walking in the history of Europe" has given me so much.
  •   European history Weiweidaolai, a very good book, go to Europe before the fast to see again, Europe came back, and watched it again. Quite like this book.
  •   In Europe is very interested in this very appropriate, illustrated.
  •   Like the book let me know more about Europe when looking at a travel to Europe for
  •   The smooth, vivid. Let you remain within doors, traveled around europe.
  •   What want to understand Europe really should have a look at the picture.
  •   The writing is not light, but it was sincere, see the authors examined many data, a bit stuffing. As a European tourist attractions introduction of background knowledge or good.
  •   Just look, don't think too much to buy, the son doesn't love. He likes history. Second times to buy, hold in the bookstore, then bought on Dangdang, cheap. After the first real, get better.
  •   Very love feeling is not comprehensive and enjoyable if the depth of some national city have nothing better
  •   The writing is beautiful, rich in knowledge
  •   Illustrated books, very good quality
  •   To understand the foreign culture
  •   Have been looking for this book, finally got his wish.
  •   This book is to help children to buy, for learning a great help. Just cover is not satisfied with the quality, does not affect the content.
  •   Nice. What I need.
  •   Logistics very quickly, is not with the invoice!!
  •   The map is a bit small, but very fun.
  •   To the French way holding read, King impressive, but it seems that wrote the Swiss
  •   Described in great detail, a lot of things
  •   The author's writing good, follow the Fugue Europe, always enjoy it!
  •   Every day before going to sleep, to follow the book travel Europe
    exploration of civilization in
    one for me, distant and mysterious do not have a taste
  •   I personally think that the writing is very beautiful, the local local customs and practices, historical and scenic mixing together, although some vague, but it was a slender, lead a person to endless aftertastes.
  •   A very good book, gives people a feeling of be personally on the scene
  •   Not to buy their own view of
  •   Not a travel guide. But the content is very rich and interesting.
  •   According to the travel history, or speak to some shallow, may be I want to know more European interesting history, but couldn't find the book!
  •   The book is thick, with a tired of looking at nature, content of prose, many adjectives, needs patience and meditation can see.
  •   The author wants to put art, but slow to text, of course, for the construction of the book, content is very rich
  •   The book the good quality, in the hand is quite heavy --||| pictures are very beautiful, but the feeling is not enough detailed content. Bias prose feeling
  •   Writing in general, I don't want to see that. The front right, too prose
  •   Don't buy the value of
    is the result of various historical data together almost without the author's own opinion

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