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Illustration: rest, in Han Dynasty, Kushan empire on the era before the middle of third Century, the emergence of new forces in central asia. The Department of Parr, Parr, who established the Empire, also is the historical peace in the country. The heyday of Central Asia, Iran and the territory covered northern afghanistan. Launched a number of fighting with the Western Empire in Rome, China and the rest won huge compensation received from the Rome empire. In the era before second Century, the history of Central Asia and Chinese began to practice. The emperor planned to attack the western regions which the northern Xiongnu, sent Zhang Qian to the western regions. Although already lost to the status quo about revenge will, but Zhang Qian in the thirteen year journey to master the Western cultural and intellectual, opening the way for the management of Western region. And from the large Wan has brought more than 3000 horses sweat and blood of thousands of BMW, opened a precedent for Chinese and Western countries trading. In addition, the first Century BC the rise in Northwest India Kushan Dynasty, heyday forces have arrived in central asia. Sasan (Sa Shan) Dynasty Persia in early third Century, Iran plateau in the emerging forces. The Persian Sassanid Dynasty towards system (also known as the Sassanid Dynasty) rise, kill active for nearly five hundred years, Parr (rest) and the Empire of Kushan empire. They claim to be the descendants, began to conquest. The conquest of Central Asia and defeated the Empire of Rome, also captured the king. In the Persian Zoroastrian Sassanid Dynasty dynasty after entering in sixth Century reached its heyday, cultural relics and transmitted to the China Tang Dynasty and japan. The Tang Dynasty and the Turkic contest in the mid sixth Century, Turkic rise as a new force. The East Turkic domination in Mongolia, and the Western Turks to enter Central Asia, and the Sassanid Dynasty toward shared world.

Seven except two, whose real name is Fang Chengyi (Yang), was born in 1967 in Taipei City, Taiwan, University of the times and schools of science and engineering, after the turn of Han Wuwen and the historical culture; while in Taiwan, served in the export business of cadres of the company, has also been in the publishing translation agency as translation. His major works include: "reform heroes wind and cloud" (1996), "a Taiwan Han" (1097), "the Japanese mountain class" (Japanese version, 2001) by the end of 2003 in Russia, after the travel to Mongolia China business.
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It all began personal childhood and horse forged indissoluble bound from the "horse", from the age of ten to enjoy the ride pleasure, is also the greatest joys of childhood. Because of their junior high school after once interrupted. Until the University before returning to the former military horse breeding farm renew old romance. However Not every day is Sunday., not long after graduating from university the racecourse was incorporated to close. With the evolution of times, also to the refinement of equestrian sport in Taiwan. Private club everywhere, riding the cost increased substantially, become a high-end consumer. For just graduation soon I, their limited income, reducing the number of riding. The site is also more spacious, cannot enjoy the Mercedes benz. That formed the motive power outside chase stimuli, and that the primary goal for long, is the wide endless grasslands and nature. If work will travel later by engaged in translation work, learn from foreign travel books to the local information. Since the beginning around around nomadic horseback riding. Over the years has run many countries, each want to ride and local herdsmen exchange. Contact down again to knowledge and experience gradually increase, the accumulation of a lot of harvest. To the author, the life in any case, you have to go to the place you want to go, want to see things, will not leave behind the regret.
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In order to warm up: the horse culture life sky: Mongolia package and the nomadic life traffic movement: horses and immediately competitive religious and related building diet and market of music and art central western discourse history of Central Asia in Turkmenistan -- the desert shining wonders of Uzbekistan -- brilliant oasis Palace Tajikistan -- mysterious and colorful lofty mountains and high ranges of Kyrgyzstan -- gathered in Tianshan Kazakhstan -- silence and weird desert grassland of northern North Mongolia's historical overview article - grassland for hundreds of years of ups and downs in Siberia -- civilization and natural collision reference information national distribution and language attributes of historical chronology and domestic travel reference @##@ site Gobi grassland, desert, oasis, bazaar...... , yurt, nomads, horseback nation...... These minority nationalities, the generation of ask the familiar but strange. In our Northwest Central Asia and North Asia, lived for many years and we are close neighbors: Although we have be closely related and mutually dependent history and culture, but little attention; and although our geographical distance is not far away, but has a long distance in the psychological...... The author visited the country, the accumulation of information and their own experience into a book, to lead the readers to visit these like near and far northern horseback culture of strange neighbors, come in.
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  •   In Central Asia and North Asia are introduced in detail, to fill the tourism in these places, the publishing industry. The only drawback is that not a full-color, only the front of the color, but there are many pictures, is a pity in black and white...

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