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In August 24th 79, the restlessness of the Vesuvius volcano again attack, dragon like pillars of fire into the sky, followed by deafen the ear with its roar of the explosion. However, the mountain Pompeii residents already be accustomed to it, they seem to be fully prepared to deal with all the impending, Gladiator like be a veteran in battle against hunger beast, fearless. However, this time is really different from before. The magma and debris flow boiling and rough, wherever he went, the building was burned into ashes, life! Pompeii was buried, a city of civilization just disappeared. However, the relative of the merciless nature, human beings for the civilization destruction seems more shocking: Alexander ended the brilliant civilization of ancient Greece and ancient Egyptian civilization with the cavalry; Cyrus the great in almost the same way to destroy the Babylon Dynasty prosperity; mysteriousAmerican civilization by the greed of the colonists looted, lonely forest stand out in the grass...... Humans long built civilization system in an unpredictable external invasion, is so fragile. We can hardly imagine, these bright stars such as civilization if smooth extension, people today will be how a luxury to enjoy the civilization fruit? Facing the so base ruins ruins, ruins of ancient tombs in the face of broken brick rubble, people always be moved by what one sees, the historical sense of loss arise spontaneously. No matter how magnificent city, magnificent palace, also can not stand the vicissitudes of life and time were honed and become lose one's beyond recognition, and many things have been submerged, lost in the mists of time, neither visible nor know! Some of them relates to one thing at a time, some of the more extended family, relates to a lost world. This historical sense of loss, in that science is not advanced age, it is often an important research and writing beginning. Yesterday is the source for the flow, tomorrow. Those who have lost civilization if not been systematically interpreted to modern civilization, they will always be a little mystery. Let us wipe the dust of history, walked into the ancient and mysterious world. Lost is not reproduced, countless ruins retained gave us long as possible, one of Duan Yuangu's civilization is in the back gradually show her mysterious smile. Eternal Egypt, Babylon beautiful, pious of ancient India, the wisdom of the ancient Greece, ancient Rome the great, the mystery of the Maya, Aztec, inca...... People have to answer a lot, like an adult general pursuit of their childhood memories. But the answer cannot be answered more, more, more is amazed at the great predecessors, more drives people enthusiastically embrace once bright childhood. Appear have answers, and exploration is still unable to answer. We compiled the "lost civilization", it is hope that people today can in a relaxed way, understanding and early evolution of civilization began around the world track. The beauty of the text shows the brilliant achievements of countless people clinging to the back of the precious pictures, like human childhood old photos, vaguely and clearly tells the story of human civilization in the past. Close and open, the emergence of a human childhood memories, everything seems distant and true.

The valley of the kings, temple, Pyramid, mummy...... Present to the world the mystical ancient Egypt, than people expect more and more beautiful, more dazzling. It has solved many puzzles, like an adult general pursuit of their childhood memories. However, the more the more answers, drives people enthusiastically embrace humanity once bright childhood.
until the legendary Troy, gold, Mino cattle live the maze and countless colorful fascinating mural to be delivered from oppression, blossom time, people believe that, as early as in the original Greek Aegean before, people have created a splendid civilization of the sea. In the relentless flow years, the Aegean civilization disappeared. But the sword can not destroy its spirit, not take years to its reputation.
across Asia, Africa, Europe three continents of the Empire of Rome, almost all civilized area when they know. Where various cultures flourish, free development, which in turn to Rome civilization to a hitherto unknown peak.
America has been isolated in Eurasia center of civilization, the geographical isolation doomed American prehistoric civilization cannot share the achievements of civilization of eurasia. But the Maya, Inca and Aziz Turk are like three flower on the American continent, the development path independently on a mysterious and beautiful luster.
history is a mirror, is a bottomless pit. Dead still bright, as always stay great. For the ancient civilization, it remains of cultural relics and materials left may be just a drop in the bucket, but for now, this may be a challenge, an incentive.
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Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: illustration: third stages for symbolic terrorist style period (1487 ~ 1502). The carving art the Aztecs entered a period of prosperity, shows its own unique characteristics. They have specialized training in carving techniques, there are many complete sculpture. The most prominent representative of this period of engraving works is repeated Earth Goddess Statue and the golem. The Earth Goddess cautley autumn statue height more than 4 meters, weighing more than 1 kg, is now in the possession of the Mexico National Museum of anthropology. The Earth Goddess Statue was originally discovered in the early nineteenth Century, the statue was unearthed in Mexico authorities said that it was horrible, so he put it back buried. But the statue is really disturbing works, no obvious head, instead it is the two similar snake. Hung on the neck with the cut hand and heart wreaths, and a skull staring in front of the viewer on her waist. Katley autumn is the Earth Goddess, also in charge of life and death, but this sculpture represents are related with death. Some experts explained that, in the whole of American culture, between life and death, there is always a strange force. The Earth Goddess to create the new life, but also can take it away. The solar calendar stone of the four outer layer represents the four sun legend in different era, the sun and the earth is closely related to the. The Aztecs and the other all the Central American nation, believing that the earth before they live in has been created and destroyed several times. The legend of the Aztec area successively appeared five sun, the first four sun have been wind, tiger, water, consumed by fire, only fifth of the sun, Hvizdala Bo Bridget Leigh the winner, and has been running. In Aztec life, Jaguar is a sacred animal, it symbolizes the mountain heart. The Jaguar statue is a huge sacrifice containers, concave container dedicated people living heart and blood on the statue on the back, the bottom of the container is engraved image with skull God Goddess of death. In the performance of this animal, Aztec sculptor not completely realistic approach, they did not show the Jaguar and flexible, cruel and violent character, but focus on the performance of its dignity, strength, showing that a long roar to shake the mountains I beauty. Jaguar face description is also the pursuit of a decorative interest: wavy beard, two corrugated into mouth, bell like eyes, with a paper nose shows a stylized style.
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"Premium collection: the lost civilization" Things change, marshes, too many brilliant history, lost memory...... Gradually, clear as yesterday. Ancient Egypt, Babylon, ancient India, ancient Greece, Rome Empire, Maya, Inca, Aziz Turk. Flick the dust, showed one of the ancient legend; in fishing effort, tells the story of a section of the distant past.
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