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This book is America well-known television personality Bill ・ Moyers on 41 American celebrity interviews, these people including the philosopher, sociologist, historian, novelist, doctors, scientists, poets and so on, from the America home and foreign affairs, race, history, environment, immigration, morality, religion, science and so on many kinds of angles, discuss many American concept of life, inner world and build USA now and in the future society, for the readers to better understand America provides reference and multi angle. Book editor Betty Sue Flowers, from the University of Texas capsule "liberal arts Honors Program" (Liberal Arts Honors Program) person in charge, at the same time, Professor of poetry and myth. Flowers had several books published, including "four protection of power" (Four Shields of Power), "father and daughter" (Daughters and Fathers), and edited a book author Bill ・ another of Moyers's book "the power of myth" (The Powers of Myth).
Author brief introduction

Bill Moyes (Bill Moyers), was born in 1934 in Oklahoma, graduated from North Texas State College and the University of Texas, Bachelor of journalism. Moyers is the Edward ・ Murrow (Edward R.Murrow); one of the main inheritance news concept, in early twentieth Century 70's to 80's, at the same time as the America Cbs Broadcasting Inc (CBS) and American Corporation for Public Broad casting (PBS) work. Moyers's achievement is mainly embodied in his interview he had done to the celebrities from all walks of life, and thus making documentary. Before the 1970 entered the television industry, Moyers was a news reporter, the thirty-sixth President Lyndon Johnson's press secretary America ・.
Moyers's television career with his writing career as a successful. From 1989 to 1992, he made the concept of "world" series of two, thus laid him on television circles. In 1992 January, on the eve of Bill ・ Clinton became president, he was invited as a special guest to interview. The main works of
Bill Moyes: "listen to the voice of the people" America (1971) report "Philadelphia" (1987)
"secret government" (1988) "the power of myth" (1988) "concept of the world" (1989) "concept of the world" (1990) two.
Catalogue of books

The editor's note changes in the American values of Barbara ・ Tuchman (historian) Michael ・ Josephson (ethicist) Joseph ・ Heller (novelist) Noam ・ Chomsky (linguist) Tom ・ Wolf (writer) William ・ Julius ・ Wilson (sociologist) E.L. do Tor Love (novelist) Sheldon ・ Wolin (political philosopher Forester Macdonald (・); historian Willard Guerin (・); bioethicist Anne Wortham (・); sociologist T. ・) Berri; Brazelton (pediatrician) Sara ・ Laurence ・ Auguste ・ 赖特夫特 (educator) Wilson (playwright) varta ・ Gregory ANN (educator) James ・ Mcgregor ・ Burns (historian) John ・ Searle (philosopher) Arturo ・ Mathilde (educator) Henry ・ Steele ・ Kang Majie (historian) CICI Ezra ・ pork (Ethics) Stephen ・ Weinberg (physicist) Americans new global social values of the Isaac ・ Asimov (writer) Robert Bella (sociologist) ・ Jessica ・ Tuchman ・ Mathews (environmental scientists) Chen Ning Yang (physicist) David ・ Putnam (producer) 史努阿 ・ Achebi (Marie ・ Catherine Nigeria novelist) ・ Bateson (anthropologist) Lyon ・ R・ Kos (biologist and philosopher Elaine Pagels (・); religious historians) 玛克欣 ・ Singer (geneticist) Peter ・ Dulake (Professor of management) F. Forest ・ Church (pastor) Derek ・ Volckaert (poet) John ・ Lucacs (historian) Martha ・ Baum (the classical scholar and philosopher Louise Aldridge and Michael ・); ・ Doris (writer) Marie ・ ・ Glendon (law professor) Peter ・ Berger (sociologist) North elop Frye (・ Critics of Canadian Literature) Carlos ・ Fuentes (Mexico novelist): the president of America list
Chapter excerpt

Figure 1 Illustration 2 Barbara pechman interview Barbara Bechmann (historian) Barbara Tuchman is one of the most famous historian America. As a "staunch supporter of man should know where they were" this doctrine, she studiedChange America society since Washington, Adams and Jefferson. She thinks, cause difficulties we meet now Institute, is the lack of a sense of honor. Tuchman was two time winner of the Pulitzer prize. Her last book -- "first salute" (The First Salute), once again discussed about America revolution problem. Moyers: why do you have a book back to the USA revolution theme? Tuchman: that is very much a coincidence. I was attending a memorial ceremony in Holland from Nazi claws, and I was trying to find some new topic. Suddenly I think of an interesting thing, that is related to a foreign government officials for the first time to USA salute the flag. From then on, I began to American revolution process of interest, especially when I know Washington led the troops from New York to Virginia March, when thus surrounded Cornwallis this feat. That was a really unbelievable adventures, he led his troops make a hurried journey without stop, go to all lengths to Virginia, which required great courage. But for the time marching details, I know nothing at all, but almost nobody seems to understand. Moyers: you are most interested in what factors in this period of history? Tuchman: maybe it is constantly upgrading conflict between country. Everyone except fight or battle. They are wonderful to be called exchanges among countries, of course, we all know that, on the contrary, the so-called exchange is actually fight. Another attractive to me is, American revolution success, largely dependent on foreign aid. At that time, the UK and other countries in the conflict of maritime trade and she tried to rule the whole European ambitions made her many enemies, because of conflict with Britain, those countries chose to stand in the American side. France is one of them. In fact, if not the French help, perhaps we will never succeed. Moyers: I know you are very good at draw lessons from history, then we can to some helps us cope with today America challenges encountered something from that era middle school? Tuchman I think he will. I do not know why, now people begin to lose the initiative, but also lost power through practice to achieve goals. Once people lose the target, the effort will also be reduced, it will make our life lacks many color. Moyers: but in the period of the great revolution, people of course have their top goal, and that is to fight for freedom, the establishment of a new democratic republic. Tuchman: I think, in the early days of the revolution, they did not establish a new government idea, but soon they found themselves being to that direction. The thought of getting a from tyranny, eliminate the dictatorship, and establish a new political system of the opportunity, they cheer. "Escape" from the tyrannical rule of this ideal is to force multiplier, and this is what we are lacking. We have no what exciting things, not what can inspire our things, we only have some negative goals, such as curbing the Russians like, these goals are not made us very excited. Moyers: but, Benjamin Franklin said, keep the democracy and democracy equally exciting, also let a person feel shoulder heavy responsibilities. Tuchman: Yes, but the search for we live in this beautiful continent, and for all distribution in the development between the East and west coasts of the resources, which in itself is an exciting thing. Moyers: what do you think of the leader? During that period the excellence of our political leaders be too numerous to enumerate. Tuchman: at that time is the emergence of a large number of outstanding political talent: Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, Jay, Madison, Hamilton. They almost always occur at the same time. Today, the real talent, the most attractive domain is business; but at that time, no one would have thought to rely on to do the business of living, not to mention to rise head and shoulders above others in the market. Obviously, at that time, the business is not what has the huge profits of the industry. Moyers: but they are willing to devote time and effort for the revolutionary cause. Tuchman: and the chance to build a new political system for them, for them, although quite risky, but it is of extraordinary significance, is the chance of a lifetime. Moyers: but there is also a contradiction -- even those awesome, with extraordinary leadership leaders did not solve -- that is the time that they first Moral Contradiction -- slavery, but as a woman, you are not subject to the constitution protection at the. If you live in that time, you will make the same evaluation? Tuchman: one thing is for sure, women are excluded when men talk about national affairs. Women will never be allowed to participate in the discussion, because people believe that women's view is of no value, nor may affect the final decision. But I don't know if anyone think that men are foolish at that time, or short-sighted. Moyers: I have a paper you in 1976 (which is also the 200 anniversary of the founding of) to write the article, in this article, you put American as a concept. So how do you see the American of this unique concept? Tuchman: we liberated from dictatorship has been for centuries. In this century, the government has to master in the absence of any privilege except outside the change dynasties rulers, as well as those in addition to consolidate their wealth rule system defended what outside no aristocracy, once in the hands of only by genetic gene to their rule defended the kings hand. Interestingly, I find that the Dutch in their declared independence from Spanish rule had issued the same voice. In our America than the "Declaration of independence" almost as early as two hundred years of the "Declaration of independence", contains almost American "Declaration of independence" with the same content. Moyers: This is similar to the copying, today may lead to an employee is the boss solutionHire, but at that time, people can be free to learn from other people's ideas, and apply it to the new practice. You said in 1976, "we have the ability to coordinate the relationship between social order and individual democracy, or a need to explore the issue". So today, what do you think? Tuchman: Generally speaking, the ruling class's not really as the underlying social interests. For example, in today, many people homeless, but the problem was never completely by the government on record. This problem is more serious than AIDS, because AIDS is acquired, is spread through drugs or other means. However, beneficial to the people's livelihood as a government must pay attention, otherwise, we will suffer, like France in revolution, due to the neglect of the lower people's pain and the financial problem is not responsible for the suffering. In fact, the real causes of the French Revolution is the fiscal deficit, in a sense, this is also the French give another to help us, is that they let us have a reference, this irony. Moyers: you mentioned a problem so, Washington, Adams and Jefferson brought America what for? So in the process of creation "first salute" in, if you find the answers? Tuchman: the positive goal we disappeared. The government did not care about the poor, not to care for the homeless. As a government, it should be concerned about this, because the issue of normal life will eventually give everyone the danger. However, there are more important, it is our moral sense of loss, we become indiscriminate. For this, we can get that at any time. Open any one morning, we can find some government officials were accused of corruption; often a man shot their colleagues, even the killing of the innocent. Why kill will become so rampant? People believe that hypnosis can not drive a man to do what he does not want to do. So, I asked myself, drugs can? Also cannot. The murder was the existence of motivation. People often say to me: "in the past years there will be so much violence?" The answer is' of course". However, the violence is not the same as today's nonsense, and whenever there is a motive, as has been influenced by religion and the fear of hell, and then, motivation once appear, immediately suppressed by this fear. I asked myself, whether there is a decline of a country is due to loss of the sense of morality, and not because of the precedent material cause or the pressure of this? I think there is. Germany is such a decline due to moral decay examples, this obviously in the Nazi regime, the Nazi leadership it is absolutely not a civilization, though they think is in 1914. Germany in the morally bankrupt and the government they implemented to them very destructive, even more than we generally accepted today is more serious. Moral sense leads to the brutal repression and brutal massacre, and the loss of morality finally, like Germany, will lead to the decline of power.......
Media attention and comments

The author wishes when I'm around the country for the "post idea world" recording the production, I suddenly thought of a few years ago from the Ohio Mario federal prison letters. The letter is a USA Corporation for Public Broad casting series -- "six great thought" the faithful audience. He wanted to tell all the people involved in this series -- "for you to face the media sharing your time and thoughts honestly so to express our heartfelt thanks to you in the letter. For a confined in prison in a narrow space, intellectuals, you do not understand your program is a very pleasant opportunity. In this in addition to what the TV are not in place, it is a kind of for the salvation of the soul." For my own part, talking book celebrities from all walks of life is also a pleasant opportunity. During that time, with the 1988 election, we did not trapped in a narrow space, the limitations of their own circle of life, adhere to the faith and immutable and frozen we narrow perspective of the world. In my opinion, depends on TV to maintain our contact with the outside world, only to build a wall between us and the outside, our wisdom will only withered, withered. However, this work makes me understand: listen to other people's idea is we can destroy such a wall. They can emancipate us from the narrow space. In the laboratory, scientists, historians in the memory of writer's imagination and teacher's enthusiasm, veteran journalist Eric Sevaled said that "the power of your brain" everywhere. In this way, I feel like being in a kingdom of thought, which is full of the insights of our time. Most importantly, I had a happy and share the passion to find. In a sense, all the people I've talked to all can be regarded as a teacher, because of the nature of knowledge is shared. But I gradually realize, this is where the essence of human civilization. Desire to share the politics from a pure pursuit of power into a public utility, it can inspire the artistic inspiration, the city civilization, and let the knowledge spread. Lose it, only the human imagination is limited to the chamber of secrets in its reply, the results will be be tired out, and even prove futile. For the above reason, though full of risk, the democratic system should still be a public utilities. So, thought really is for the public voice, talking about democracy is not just limited to individual politicians and pundits, and extends to all levels of America life, make people take seriously their duty as a citizen and their spirit free. In this series, share their minds and we all can be called public thinker; to enter their ivory tower also need only one email address, they at home, but with the entire world in close contact. Their common point is: there is a for the country's enthusiasm, and everyone in their own way to do what she. If we can put them together in the same roomIn between, we will find that even for the same thing we will not have the too big difference. A common point in all these conversation is, our society is to change rapidly speed changing, so that our social system cannot keep up with the development of. However, in our book doesn't tell the reader how to solve this dilemma. The conclusion we get is: through science, education, politics and people's joint effort, we will be able to keep up with the development of the times. In addition a consensus is, our people have for our live action. For example, Tom Wolf treated him in Manhattan Eastern Street chairman is very serious; is not the way to vote to express his protest of Joseph Heller, finally or for his support of Party donations, because he really is not a cynical not respectful of the cynics. As a scholar, Robert Bela for the study of the religious experience, however, he had his own beliefs and principles into their environment. We find that, no one does not America confidence, and even some foreigners -- Snua Achebi, Carlos, Fuentes, Northrop Fry and David Puttnam -- are on the national emotion, although with a critical attitude. On the influence of the country on the moral level of a spiritual leader of people like, they are all full of hope. At the sight of every one of us in this book are convinced that our spiritual life is the time is closely related with the state in life, I am more be startled at. However, what I was encouraged, I realized that these people, there are more luminous idea needs us to explore. In view of this, America is a resource rich country, but she is the most abundant resources should be the wisdom and the thought of the people. From my seat to opposite them, I was very aware that listening to their ideological meaning -- they like the teachers: Inez Hughes is a grade 10 teachers of Grade 11; Selma Brodeo; Mary Tom Osborne is Freshman mentor; Eva Jo Mcguven (Eva Joy McGuffin) to big two students literature tutorial; Frederick Ginascol (Frederick Ginascol) capable of philosophy courses three; DeWitt Reddick (Dewitt Reddick) taught journalism senior; Marston (T.B.Maston) and James Stuart (James Steward) are the research ethics and rhetoric tutor. From them, I feel as if I had an adult education, and the series is my latest learning gains. In the learning process, my biggest harvest is the joy of learning itself. I'm from each of them a different perspective, I also more clearly how it plays the role of father, husband, journalists and citizens in life. I am to others thought the thirst, because want to get help from: not only for my own interpersonal relationship diagnosis and an antidote against the disease is not harmonious, but also can deepen my understanding of life. If you have a stroll in the Rocky Mountains of experience, and look at you in front of the scenery in the picture changes when -- once hidden mountains, coastlines, the clouds, the color and the vegetation mysteriously appeared within your field of vision -- you will understand my meaning expression effort now. My job is to find, and share these findings and readers. At the beginning of the article, I to the letter writer has said thank you, the same, I also sincerely thank those people we thought of "world" to share with us their time and ideas; to provide support for the John D foundation; thanks for suggesting the about democracy talk to you in front of the Karen T Macarthur foundation; thanks to the eternal significance of Jacqueline Kennedy and Judy Sandeman from the transient TV; thank the text editor Betty Sue Flowers of the University of Texas for us; for in order to increase the program interesting and contributed a lot of brilliant insights of Judith Davidson Moyes; finally, I would also like to thank (USA) Corporation for Public Broad casting colleagues, they are, in this age of transient sound and image visual era, still adhere to the ideological belief for power. Bill Moyes in 1989 January
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In the 1988 election year, Bill Moyes interviewed many successful people, as USA Corporation for Public Broad casting made a presentation entitled "series, the world of thought". This book is one of the 41 interviews, including the philosopher, sociologist, historian, novelist, doctors, scientists, poets and so on, to discuss the changes in the American values, and these values resulting in the trend of globalization is becoming more and more significant for life......
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