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Date of publication:2011-7   Press: Peking University   Author:Wei Xiaofei Chen Yuee   Pages´╝Ü501  

Compiled by Chen Yuee "American civilization history" as the "eleven five" key national publishing project.
"USA civilization history department of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2005" teaching and research results; this tutorial series author
2007 years in the Harvard University Department of USA USA civilization visiting results; this tutorial won the China countries abroad funding CSC "Youth Fund Project"; this tutorial won the America Gilder Lehrman American history Research Institute (New York) research foundation.
Catalogue of books

The first chapter is the discovery of the new continent
1.1 Native American civilization
1.2 discovered the Americas
1.3 Spanish exploration of the Americas (1500s)
1.4 Spanish colonization of the Americas
1.5 the English Reformation (1534)
1.6 Rowley of Roanoke expedition (1585)
1.7 the Spanish Armada defeated (1588)
second chapter of British colonies in America
2.1 the first British American colonies (1607)
2.2 "May flower Convention" (1620)
2.3 a city upon a hill (1630)
2.4 "signal" about half (1662) to establish
2.5 Carolina (1663) formed the
2.6 in New York (1664)
2.7 Pennsylvania holy experiment (1681)
3.1 / > New England territory (1686-1689)
3.2 Salem exorcism case (1692)
3.3 (1730s-1740s)
3.4 great awakening of the French and Indian War (1754-1760) against the
3.5 ""
3.6 "the announcement on 1763 of the Stamp Act" (1766) the formation of
fourth chapter
4.1 declaration of independence the Boston Massacre
3.7 the United Nation's (1770)
4.2 of the Boston Tea Party (1773)
4.3 Benjamin Franklin Or (1774)
4.4 the first Continental Congress (1774)
4.5 "common sense" (1776)
4.6 "Declaration of independence" (1776)
4.7 Americans the advantage and disadvantage of
fifth chapter USA constitution
5.1 USA war of independence (1776-1783)
5.2 (1780s)
5.3 1781)
5.4 Shays's Rebellion (1786-1787)
5.5 "Federal Constitution" (1787)
5.6 federal and federal anti war (1787-1788)
5.7 the first Secretary of the Treasury (1789-1795)
sixth chapter of manifest destiny to buy Louisiana
6.1 (1803)
6.21812 (1812-1814)
6.3 "war of the Missouri compromise" (1820)
6.4 "Monroe declaration" (1823)
6.5 "Indian move foul act" (1830)
6.6 Transcendentalism (1836)
6.7 the annexation of Texas (1845) < br > seventh chapters divided house
7.1 Mexico War (1846 - 1848)
7.2 (1848 California Gold Rush - 1850)
7.3 1850 "
7.4" compromise "Uncle Tom's cabin" (1852)
7.5 "Kansas Nebraska bill" (1854)
7. 6 "Dred Scott case" (1857)
7.7 Lincoln Douglas debate (1858)
eighth chapter USA civil war
8.1 house divided (1861)
8.3 civil war "the Emancipation Proclamation" (1862)
8.4 "Gettysburg Address" (1863)
8.5 of Southern reconstruction started (1863)
8.6 the end of the Civil War (1865)
8.7 "Fourteenth Amendment" (1868)
Chapter ninth Gilded Age
9.1 the first transcontinental railroad (1869)
9.2 reconstruction of the south end (1877)
9.3 the first great trust (1882)
9.4 "Chinese Exclusion Act"
9.5 "(1882) Dawes severalty act" (1887)
9.6 "Plessy v. Ferguson" (1896)
9.7 the Spanish American War (1898)
tenth chapters of the first World War
10.1 "the Roosevelt corollary" (1904)
10.2 in the first World War (1914 - 1919)
10.3 "Treaty of Versailles" (1919)
10.4 Prohibition (1919)
10.5 "Nineteenth Amendment" (1920)
10.6 20 (1920s) noise in the
10.7 Monkey Trial (1925)
eleventh chapter depression
11.1 The Great Depression (1929)
11.2 Hoover measures (1932)
1l.3 Roosevelt's new deal (1933)
11.4 Roosevelt's alphabet soup (1933)
11.5 new second stage (1935)
11.7 twelfth chapter of the Second World War
12.1 "neutrality act" (1935 - 1937)
12.2 (1939)
12.3 Blitzkrieg attack on Pearl Harbor (1941)
12.4 Manhattan />12.5 the Allied landing on (1944)
12.6 in Hiroshima and Nagasaki (1945)
thirteenth chapter of World War II cold
13.1 curtain (1946)
13.2 Korean War (1950 - 1953)
13.3 (1954)
13.4 Mccarthy hearings, "Brown v. Topeka" (1954)
13.5 Montgomerie city bus boycott action (1955)
13.6 for a democratic society (1962) college students' Association of the Cuban Missile Crisis
13.7 (1962)
the fourteenth chapter the Vietnam War
14.1 "I have a dream" (1963)
14.2 (1964)
14.3 Vietnam Woodstock (1969)
14.4 ease Sino US Relations (1972)
14.5 "Roe v. Wade" (1973)
14.6 the end of the Vietnam War (1973)
14.7 ("Watergate" event 1974)
fifteenth chapter
15.1 the end of the cold war "Bucky v. Davies (1978)"
15.2 "Iran incident" (1986)
15. 3 the end of the Cold War (1990)
15.4 (1998)
15.5 the impeachment of Clinton "9.11" terrorist attacks (2001)
15.6 the Iraq War (2003)
15.7 hurricane Katerina (2005)
Appendix A: America States and referred to as the
appendix two: the president of the United States
appendix three: USA development situation of each party
appendix four: the declaration of independence.
appendix five: American constitution
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: illustration: Although Henry VIII established the Church of england. But the British Protestants think, only from the Church of Rome separated from the Church of England is not enough, still need cleaning, to remove any residual traces of Rome "". These people were called pilgrims (Puhtan), is a radical reform faction. Hopes the massive changes to the Anglican rite and rating system for correction, has one thousand years of history of the Catholic faith error, the church to return to the initial "have not been defiled" state, the Christian original order, freedom and faith. They opposed the Anglican gorgeous arrangement, oppose with Catholic breath rituals, prayers followed against unnecessary and overelaborate formalities, against the church worship of "the Bible" people and things. Opposition to decorate the church ceremony music choir, bells and the organ. Against the Anglican priest wearing brightly colored "Rome gown". They even opposed to decorate the church building cross and stained glass windows, that these "symbols and smear" will only make people thought distraction, as his doubts, and not focus on missionary sermons and the gospel of god. The pilgrims not only against the Church of England's theory and the ceremony, but against the Anglican system. The Church of England by the British monarch and bishops and priests hierarchy control. In Puritan eyes, this system does not have the "Bible" permission, it will only deprive people of the true religious rights. The Puritans abhorred corruption priest who be known to all. Not only those who throw the dice gambling, and go to the prom, they are illiterate and not only from the book of Common Prayer sermon, find a word segmentation mumbled; they play cards, morality; have the illegitimate child, and never regret. The Puritans put such events as a symbol of the Church of England and the performance against corruption "Bible" discipline. "As the" Bible "believers", the Puritans thought the "Bible" text is manifestation of God. Therefore, guiding people's life should be to "the Bible", rather than the king, the pope or bishop. Each social stratum devout Puritans repeatedly read "the Bible", they debate on its meaning, and the "Bible" as the guiding religious, political, commercial and trade standards.
Media attention and comments

"American civilization history" this book will undoubtedly promote the Sino US friendship, contemporary China readers will learn about the history of the United States of America -- the founding principle, ethnic groups, struggle and struggle, setbacks and the victory of this book. American -- Barnard College of Columbia University professor James Basket of the out of the ordinary place is not a subject of the novel, but in the author highlights the most important events in the history American and political figures and their special position in the American civilization on this subject unique processing method. This method at least two benefits. First, it allows the reader to as easy as blowing off dust can understand American civilization profile, guides the reader straight found American brilliant civilization and difficult achievement. Second, the impact of major events USA all together, this tutorial presents an almost complete picture of American national struggle, for the reader the birth, the growth, its development, its success. Any a careful reader will inevitablyTo gain a clear impression USA civilization. -- director Professor Wang Enming @##@ American research center of Shanghai International Studies University "USA civilization history" as the "eleven five" key national publishing project.
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