Traditional local society and customs in Yingde

Date of publication:2010-11   Press: Sichuan University press   Author:Tan Wei, Ceng Hanxiang.   Pages´╝Ü627  

This book is "China local society and folk" series (Series Editor for the Chinese University Hong Kong professor Laung, one of Tan Weilun). "Traditional local society and folk" Yingde, a book by Tan Weilun (Professor of Chinese University Hong Kong), Ceng Hanxiang (Shaoguan University Hakka Studies Center Director). This book comprehensively, systematically introduces the Guangdong Province Yingde city parts of the traditional culture, folk custom. Its main contents are: pandect, gods and rituals, traditional economy, clan and village folk discourse.
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Tan Weilun, B.A. Chinese University Hong Kong religious studies, and obtained a master's and doctoral degree in the University of Canada suggests, now a professor at the Chinese University Hong Kong Department of cultural and religious studies. Tan Weilun's research interests include local folk custom, religion and traditional China society, China Buddhist ceremony and Chinese Folk Buddhism; ed "Folk Buddhism study", "Chinese humanities foundation course (two) thought and belief in Buddhism", "Unit Eight: Lechang county's traditional economy, lineage and religious culture", "Lianzhou's traditional economic, religious and folk custom" and "religious, social and regional culture -- Southern China and Southwest Research" and other books and papers. Ceng Hanxiang, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province, Chinese graduated Zhongshan University, Yangzhou University graduate student of Shaoguan University, editor. Ceng Hanxiang served as executive vice chief editor of "Journal of Shaoguan University" editorial director, director of the research center of Shaoguan University, Hakka, now retired. Ceng Hanxiang is mainly engaged in immigration culture research. The author participated in the "research" and "Ji Xiang in the traditional Hakka Society Series" and other topics in recent years. Ed "Abas Nanxiong immigration history and culture", "Shao state religion, society and economy", "Shixing county's traditional economy, lineage and religious culture" and other 10 kinds of books, published dozens of papers.
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Local society and folk custom Traditic pandect of Yingde, nal local Society and Customs in temple and Jiangwan ceremony culture village in Yingde County, Yingde gods and rituals in Yingde folk deity Cao main goddess culture yellow town of traditional economy and traditional culture of yellow magic Yingde folk lion dance routines of traditional economy and the traditional culture consistent wash traditional economic Wan traditional economy of the adorable new traditional economy and the traditional culture Qingcheng traditional society clan and village folk discourse Ya Tang clan and folk Flower Town of the main clan and village style...... Postscript
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The copyright page: illustration: the Tang Dynasty, great disorder under heaven, Huang Chao's army from Guangzhou north through the western states of that time consistent to county, ES bandits have taken advantage of the crisis, Yang Xian Zhen Ying Zhou (now part of Yingde) Ma village villagers suffer everywhere. The villagers to protect their homeland, they spontaneously organized vigilante bandits, resistance, and many men died. Facing the husband died, the villagers of the disaster, Yu lady sorrow young into strength, organization of village villagers Lian Wuxi art, resist the thief. Yu lady take charge as chief of, in the history of the disaster are courageous, dare to do everything, brave, heroic, will eventually bandits from ES outside, oneself also so. His deeds moved the villagers. The villagers in Ma Zhai Shan South to the statue, erected a temple, known as the "Temple of Yu lady". Since then, the villagers have to sacrifice holiday, plus the conferment of Chinese, in the course of time, Mrs Yu Ci Yu lady became on the altar of God, later known as the "main empress cao". Nearly a thousand years, Cao main empress by a country Temple evolved into the protection of God. In the middle reaches of Beijiang River Ping River people. Many folk temples are dedicated to Lord empress Cao gods, people think Cao main empress to reveal Yu Ming, Enze. People whenever there is difficult, turn Cao main empress visions to resolve. According to the survey, the Yingde River on both sides of the temples are dedicated to Cao main goddess like, even worship other gods of the temple are the main goddess statue cao. (editor's note: the author details in another paper "Cao Zhu empress culture") folk rituals and cultural activities, songs always has many is the main empress Cao popular God culture content. Once upon a time, Yingde folk rituals and cultural activities are very rich, often around the temple three five years Jiao, and are to master the empress Cao popular God culture; now yellow area still have this activity, and it can retain the original style. In recent years, there are USA, France, Canada, Portugal, Singapore and other countries, as well as Hongkong, Taiwan, the mainland some experts and scholars to the yellow area investigation, evaluation is very high, think this is Chinese ceremony culture preserved rare a folk cultural heritage. It should be said, Yingde is the main area in the middle reaches of Beijiang River, the empress Cao popular God is the mainstream of Yingde ethnic folk culture of god. The British state overseas some temples were dedicated to Cao main empress, such as Lianzhou and Yangshan, Guangzhou Xi Cun Zeng fang.
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"Traditional local society and folk" Yingde is published by Sichuan University press.
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