Tokyo town of vocational life

Date of publication:2012-1   Press: Shanghai people's Publishing House   Author:The North official, Sawada Shigeta   Pages:300  

Unitary November 23, 1981 broadcasting culture relations reporter Mr. Amano Susumura asked me: "would you like to eat fish?" He came to the bank near Jiang wu. From the soil on the house, in the lobby of a real side by side in a corner sat down to table. Family, friends, all types of organizations all around the pot, as if the same lively temple. High open ceiling echoing the cheerful voices, not in the Ginza area, enjoy the atmosphere stiff top quality picture. Here, the puffer is a common food. Some wild herbs and spices with a large wooden box into a mountain. The ting, here take the lead, the start of something. After the warm Kang Table Amano home to rest for a while, then tied in with duck populations, up to a foot star feather plate watched out the door. Rain in the dark townhouse humble abode, I cross the line loose, Ting in the most luxurious Tang of breaking wind type bathhouse, a famous western restaurant, the first year of puffer fish house, join venture words burn stores, vegetarian cuisine and other old shop, do not pay attention to exports went to the gorgeous dazzling unitary city. In the bleak world rainy, such display a little too exaggerated. In Asakusa selling local wine shop in a two cup, returned home late at night. He has an uncanny similar psychedelic tipsy. Lunar January city streets in January 3, 1982 forget that night scene, so riding please Mr Amano with me during the day once again return to the city street. Lunar January, street a silent to meet us. Distant memory and the town was in the heart of interleaving. It snows in February 18, 1986 rose early in the morning will see snowflakes. Gradually it began to snow, so I rushed to the town. Across the street was immersed in a uniform white, and I look up to the magnificent temple roof, when the eyes stuck in the snow, as if a large roof is quietly rising. Near Shinjuku and Shibuya snow is the scenery, but the CHO and the snow was very close by. Wooden Machiya antique wall wood on the snow, clear patterns emerge, like a moment of magic. Keep the Edo era original streets shuttle walking in the alley between May 18, 1985. Through large size small folding winding alleys, coming out is a new landscape. In the corner with middle-aged men and women stopped and said with a smile: "Hey, come out again to the same place." I just want to say: "Hey, how again met with a group of people." Just in this met them. Natural winding path is former farm road remains. Rural road is paved with the natural topography, natural and consistent with human physiology. Mr. Jinnai Hidenobu urban scholars have found the painting in the Edo period, the ancient map of the road, and now this area is fully consistent with the road. Morning glory flower market July 6, 1985 early in the morning to reach the ghost mother God of morning glory flower. Here in the morning and was bustling. In gradually become nocturnal patterns of Tokyo is the central, could see the morning market, is really excited. Men and women,old and young, pedestrian trampling in front of the store, the most eye-catching is the air, brother sister wears the carp mouth shirt plus Aprons and leggings. Everyone is wearing the blue tone, to choose their own flowers pattern. Some big, some small Suihua, even if there are other colors, just pink flowers. Everyone wore different color, is really bright taste. A tofu dish in July 19, 1985 together with the staff to do a tofu dish (this store called it "bean rich"). Isaburo is snow. This is Yuanlu year old shop business, placed in front of a bowl of petunias. In the post office took a wooden shoes, go to the hall room. Asked many groups, most are not native, but from the field to the guest here. In the morning glory flower opened three days, this shop to welcome visitors, every day at five in the morning to open the door. In ancient times, the guests store last time custom, has been retained to this day. Now into the building, but the former stores in the vestibular kick welcoming atmosphere of the small but complete, is still in the corner of memory. The town street miss April 10, 1986 in motionless statue small meeting room, leaning against the house under the Komatsu boss glib propaganda, the native old street gathered. Wine business owner, studio boss, rice shop boss, everybody is the old neighborhood. Far apart from each other about changes in Ting Street, the town street miss is becoming more and more hot, partnership also gradually deep. From their conversation often can be understanding. The town has no fire, completely is because everyone in order to fire a great heart. Heard these words very promising. Town in February 26, 1987 to kite leadership said Mr. Noguchi Yoshihiro story. Calm and polite diction, u faithfully convey meaning, it is a taste of speak basic. Without popular language, weird loanwords and blunt adjectives, only with plain simple words, to convey meaning, thought-provoking. The wind August 7, 1987 town from the rooftops Negishi three Street building overlooking the Negishi street, around four are surrounded by large and small buildings, low roof tiles reflected the fog light. Zuoka Akiko (Chinese scholars living in Kyoto) one day very angrily said: "foreignPeople see Kyoto tiles, he said it was a bleak dark city." This may be the consciousness of aesthetics. Vast forests and small gardens are the same with the green. Rice like car in the Mercedes Benz, open the window each and every family, white curtains swaying, is a gust of wind blowing. Ueno hill, once every year in art exhibition there, every day after that Miss Hill, but hidden in the shadow of uguisudani high street, can only see the museum roof ridge. Earthquake disaster, war, because Kaminoama blocked the wind direction, makes this small town survived. But in the future, it is also what the wind blow? The book was originally scheduled to be the joint creation with Mr. Amano Susumura. But really began to interview, after a year or so, Mr. Amano was ill, in this accident, so the author changed our two people together friends of Mr. Kita Masashi. Mr Amano's condition gradually improved, is well in rehabilitation. Pray that he will recover soon. In the end, thanks for writing this book, help us in Negishi Ting will each one, and with the gentlemen, we quickly interview lady, and editing is hard work personnel. In addition, also thanks to the exhibition is the book reading of readers. In 1987 October Sawada Shigeta

The North official
Showa seventeen (1942) years, was born in Tokyo's shibuya. Graduated from Tokyo University of education.
Sawada Shigeta
(1918 ~ 2004), 1918 (in seven years) was born in tokyo. The Tokyo High School of Technology (now Chiba University) pattern design graduate. Good use of modern view of Japanese each city and people's life attitudes, draw a series of Japanese style painting, and regard it as a lifelong career. In this series, he in a variety of skills and style of painting draw under Kyoto, Nara CHO, Tokyo and other places, deeply touched the hearts of readers.

picture works have "Millennium downtown", "joy", "Kyoto Kyoto, Kamakura" ideas "", and "Nara", "festival to the streets! Hey Yo "," fireworks "," fish market "etc..
Author brief introduction

"When it comes to Negishi this place, is not that kind of cooked taro to the next, I borrow a little rice back, or town long house, eight, bear from infested. If you want to say which town has mountain hand breath, so is the Negishi this place." Local people speak with so described Tokyo Taitung District Negishi, refers to the Yamanote Line uguisudani, nippori, as well as the subway Hibiya line round three station surrounded by long triangle area. The book is in the bank, which is now the Negishi three chome as the center, but the illustration also includes a portion adjacent nippori, valley and into the valley. People have heard of "bank" two words, may temporarily will not come, Negishi did not become a famous town has attracted much attention, and less to show visitors look gorgeous ceremonies like Asakusa three sacrifice; but also because of this, it can let us see since the Edo period inheritance, is still very active in Tokyo, the original town style. In this sense, it seems to also can be regarded as "town of archives". The so-called "bank in the silent house", in the ancient timesTo this haiku and Negishi known, and the sound of Li, Wu bamboo, sunset in the name. According to records, Hong Hua years (one eight four four ~ 1847) plum village opened in Negishi new, here is thriving and prosperous, the wild wide permanent temple as the center of the temple building related to housing, and the Japanese bridge, reservoirs and other large businesses before the boss don't Zhuang, retirement, literati, store the elegant guest visit, and later even the Yoshiwara brothel appeared. No sound of Sichuan Qingliu (now a sewer) into the elegant and Ueno hills together, like names shown Ying Valley, spring, warbler fly down, residents enjoy the birds Wan warble, visible as a leisurely place. Although this place was changed, but the spring warbler will visit. After the Meiji Restoration renamed Edo Tokyo, now has more than one hundred and twenty years, during this period, the Tokyo suffered two fires. Once in twelve years (1923) caused by the great Kanto earthquake, once the Showa twenty years (1945) caused by the Tokyo air raids. The two fire scale, can be said that almost all the Tokyo scorched, from the accompanying book title disaster map, can enjoy the one or two. However, the elegance to Negishi, properly speaking, should be the Negishi, adjacent former Golden fir on CHO, Sakamoto Cho -- now Negishi three chome and Shimotani Ni Ding orders, but in the two fire survived, it's lucky, now think almost it was a miracle. Because of no fire eater, so the Negishi area did not organize large-scale regionalization. Spread out the map you can know, Negishi peripheral, such as nippori, Longquan and into the valley had been burned area road is straight and long, as if to be out of the map to the table. On the contrary, Negishi road is also much widened, but was left to the tortuous path, lane, alley, or preserved. In addition, the chamber type businesses and the architectural heritage Edo style street, like a billboard construction, Taisho Era of modern housing, or early Showa era wooden three storey apartment, from a historical point of view, but also common people residences and store is very precious, now also retained in the bank, under the the long and narrow valley area. No, more than that, like we usually accustomed to see, too often so to pay no heed, most ordinary wooden houses also have many remain here. These houses are mostly very mottled depression, but they are still residents here every time a cosy nest, is also the eternal home. In other words, they walked together through the years and residents, is the "history" of the building. This book gives is that these may seem insignificant, but full of human touch many wooden house. Responsible for the illustration of Mr. Sawada Shigeta, it can be said that with the brush this not cosmetics urban style accurately grasp. If the house is not art, but many will be forgotten. These illustrations have put the spotlight on these we usually accustomed to see, a contemptuous disregard of the building, so that we can see its original value. Mr Sawada must be strongly felt "town" -- people the true flavor of life from these buildings, but also for those with their own at the same time struggle over the building, gives very cherish affection. In addition, the outside of a building, street alley, landscapes and people engaged in daily work appearance, all can visualize things, all became "form" town of readers. But must interrupt readership is decorated, the book project, started to interview in Showa fifty-nine years (in 1984), it has been four years, many houses have been pulled down, into a reinforced concrete building modern, no longer visible. This book is not only a painting, also use text capture the town of Yan, daily outlook is what appearance. The book is eight characters the author visited now live in Negishi engaged in seven kinds of occupation, finishing the interview prepared. The eight main characters appear in the book, is the industry leader in Negishi kite and two generation -- the third generation of Mr. Noguchi Yoshihiro, the forty-three year old son, the fourteen year old Mr. Noguchi Yoshiki, the fourth generation; born fifteen years blue shop "sea house" third generation of Mr. Lin Manzhi. The three generations live in Negishi. While the book green leaves a little red, is Izakaya "Bond House" boss lady Shimizu Miko, her three people thirteen years, was born in Taisho, later married Bond House third generations. Three kinds of line shop "for a" Mr. Watanabe Ichiji, is eight years in Fukushima Prefecture bird foot, in Asakusa Xueyi, in October the postwar Showa twenty moved to the bank to live. The toy shop "rabbit" boss Kawasaki Hideo, Showa twelve years in Jiyuan Yang Wu Ting, Showa twenty-three years of primary school from the fifth grade, evacuation Kamakura to negishi. Tofu shop "Komatsu houses", Mr Yui Mori is the second generation, Showa four years in Nishi nippori Guan Xin was born, in Negishi shop is twenty-seven years,. In the ring with Mr. Yamaguchi Yuichi, Showa three years in the real state of white beach, had lived in the three islands, Sakuragi CHO, came to the Negishi is Showa thirty-nine years. These moved to Negishi protagonist, will be in accordance with the time of the first and later moved to. Several appear in this book are ordinary people living in the town. But, although they were very ordinary, but each are very dedicated to their work. Root bank in this small place, with ordinary day ordinary people, their daily work is what? How to find their occupation, and let it be your major? They work every day just to have something to eat, but how is through job creation, exercise their own people? From a point of view, is that people must be how to live is called life. At the same time, the bank this town how? This book will be "the life and soul of" town residents as the theme weiweidaolai. At first glance like tea chat easily small story, although the performance in different ways, but each protagonist has about himself the one and only, close to the real life conversation, and years of experience in the story of the people can not help sit square. I think this is because these people value their own occupation, work, double the spirit in which, at the same time they also through work seriously to face life. They are positive and optimistic spirit, down-to-earth life experience, is reflected in the straight waistRod. The characters in this area can be seen everywhere, it is the most wonderful place the town. Although they too but not extraordinary attention, but the US really extraordinary Master like accumulated profound life experience. Listen to those who say, put it down, it is never too much for more. This should be called the common life of works, if can try to daily life, the years of general Japanese continued perseverance down in the corner, hit appearance conveyed, then achieve my wish. In 1987 October @##@ history When is the bean curd "year"? To make tofu is the most important carefully, but no matter how careful, one kind is everyone doing tofu, even the same person, every day to do tofu is not the same. This is the fun part. I think once in production, it is very difficult to make the satisfactory tofu. When the good tofu tofu cut, cut will shine. Speaking of food there is the so-called "year" is not? Then, tofu, and when? The so-called "year" refers to the food taste the most beautiful period, generally can also refer to the harvest period. Soy beans will have new harvest in October, put this period as beans season should not strange. If the new beans using a perinatal, made a delicious tofu? It is not said so. In October, November, December, with the new beans, tofu do shine; it is a year old beans is better, but the bean is new, made out of tofu will bring a little sticky. This new beans with winter, when second year February, because sleep for three or four months, the water disappeared, beans taste this time particularly. So, in February, March, can make better sense of tofu coagulation. Especially in February, many guests will say "today tofu delicious". Thus, the most delicious tofu season is in February, March. I think, this season Is it right? Is tofu day? If you keep the state of low temperature storage on February, ten day period can be extended. Domestic soybean from the previous low temperature storage, USA imported soybean from the beginning of last year, there is also a part of doing. When it comes to tofu ten days, I think we do provide kelp fried tofu pill of kelp shop boss said. Fried tofu pill in our shop is very popular with customers, I always thought it was because we use NIKKO kelp's sake; but according to the kelp shop said, they are the first year of my store was cut, and then store them, because not much quantity, with fixed temperature let it "sleep" a year, kelp itself mellow taste will send out. It is said that the pick of kelp are leaves taste, less the original taste of kelp. Since the kelp is so, tofu should be. Good tofu condition, the hardness also accounted for a ring. Once the Edo people eat tofu, I think even so, nor soft to chopsticks not degree. I think the chopsticks can be clamped up and hardness, but in your mouth it is soft and slippery that is tofu, is the most delicious. Some people think that it is too hard, if you think there is no way; but if the chopsticks to up, is like thorn balls as pierce the string, then this hard tofu is another story. Roughly speaking, this is a personal taste delicious, it is difficult to define, turnip green vegetables Everyone has his hobby. well, feel good is good. I would rarely have the opportunity to eat "ah, the good!" Bean curd. Even I myself do not out two pieces of tofu also, each block is not the same. No matter what to do tofu is tofu is tofu, itself is no problem, but each is not the same. Come to my shop to buy tofu guests, are like my tofu come to buy, there are few guests too my tofu. The other guests may think that where the tofu tastes like. Is it right? One hundred guests eat my tofu and feel good, that I can't say. I will go to the field, and try the tofu. Try the taste is a very interesting thing, because I myself every day also do not smell the same. The quality of soybean, water temperature, summer and winter temperature difference, all the conditions are not the same. Indeed, as part of the beans quality, fat content, may be obtained through analysis and scientific answers, but each condition has a subtle difference, as their own grind beans do it faster, but also to understand. My years with beans, in Gunma Numata acquisitions, one kind is called "light" beans to eat the best. "Light" bean is oval, a little flat, Pete don't thin, bean is also more. Listen to my father said, before the war, pioneering group in the "Manchuria" (northeast China) varieties grown "Pallas" good quality. After the war, from "Manchuria" return home, the Hoolock soybean planting, also obtained good results. Later, the varieties and to USA, called "Huo Kai", is now the industry from the America together to buy the input varieties. The first imported Huo Kai species as bean curd with soybean is mitsui. From the America imported products, the Huo Kai is the best. Unfortunately, large agricultural use USA continuous cultivation, now already suffer a disastrous decline the quality. Take the Japanese soybean and America soybean to compare, anyone can find out. America producing soybean small particles, and the size is different, there are a lot of impurities. This is installed in the container bulk cargo shipped this year, do not know, but America there will first selected bag sealing and shipped. Some will be much better. As before with bulk cargo shipped soybean, mixed a lot of impurities, it is not clean; with the inland soybean than up, there is a big gap. Japanese soybean though are mechanical processing, but still a considerable amount of work. Domestic soybean say, selling level are much more strict requirements on the specification, JA also very fine. Now about our soybean is two level; if the level, the particle size will be more consistent. JA different levels of hybrid and wholesale to grains, seems to be in order not to let the inferior goods unsalable. With the white is better to do tofu soybeans. In general, white beans can make the soft bean curd. If you want to do Oily bean curd, preferably with green beans; this can be in the filtration technology aspect reinforcement. Even so, the beans will still have to make bean curd to know. What occupation would use soy, tofu, natto,Miso, soy sauce, many industries will be used, but maintain the soybean market is absolute, consumption amounted to nine of soybean oil factory. Production of soybean almost to oil, soybean oil use is a top priority. Although there will be oil used for bean curd soybean soybean improvement, but the fat content and quality or different. In terms of price, there is a big difference between domestic soybean and USA soybean imports. When the spread of small, a bag (sixty kg) can differ by up to one thousand yuan. But even if the spread so much, domestic soybean is relatively cost-effective, because of various ratios of manufactured goods. Homemade tofu can make good, work up is easy. But even so, because there are common procurement of soybean, as if to maintain the price and so on, so you don't have to. It is made of good. Our store is now ". No matter what things are, by people praise delicious food, seven of which is by raw materials; the other three will rely on our hands to complement. Use beans to make tofu, bittern freezing degree will be more beautiful, it is also easy to. This is the most important, no matter who will do the same. Bean curd this thing, is really wonderful.
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the Liu Xiang to bank as the main stronghold to operate
three flavor of Qin Qin and couldn't break school not good skin
make a perfectly playing hand picks music why go downhill?
three flavor for the most important dexterity and pitch
alley toy shop Kawasaki Hideo
Christmas gifts is a Santa Claus.
in the Toy Inspection Association set up over ten years
in the toy manufacturing wholesalers, retail store learning
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as long as four seasons to toy with the above, when is the tofu "," we are selling well texture bear
get contact with children toy happiness through
wood soft tofu Shou
koyu tofu good face, bad face
in addition to cold tofu, almost no food can use silk tofu
Oily bean curd bubble, fried tofu pill, Oily bean curd
apparatus is dirty, you can't make a good tofu
father tofu tofu, I
seven tofu shop intensive root shore
ornaments inlaid Yamaguchi Yuichi
bear all the responsibility, so stubborn
How precious stones inlaid in the ring?
head in Carver school age from
Brass Belt Buckle to the diamond ring
the most important work is the "root"
don't be a celebrity, when a player
Mikawashima, Negishi and sakuragicho different
Sawada Shigeta @##@ postscript Negishi place belongs to Tokyo Station in Ueno Park East, northeast, very close distance nippori. Because during the great Kanto earthquake and the world war two, never had been subjected to fire, so still retains the Edo period passed down the "town" style. Such as the twists and turns of the lane, Showa Lane wooden three storey apartment early, and historically valuable civilian residences and shops...... The whole book to interviews recorded the eight vocational or craftsman from our fathers inherited craft, with Ze Tian 重隆 slender smooth, simple and exquisite illustrations, showing the modern metropolis with a fast-paced life of different life style. That the treasure and insist, hand skills seemingly not worth mentioning, but filled with a deep sense of personal power.
Chapter excerpt

"Tokyo Town Office live" Editors: from craftsman dictation, aftertaste traditional skills warm heart. One hundred pieces of hand-painted illustrations, real feelings of hand's meticulous and careful.

Concentrate on doing a piece of art, is a person in the universe to search the position, Livy Strauss reporter in nearly ten years, if you ask me the deepest impression of things, not the magnificence of the corporate headquarters, or senior restaurant interview entrepreneurs, but in a rural town, squatting on the master side to see their focus plane wood, glass, glazing. Beads of sweat dripping on the wrinkly years deep ditch, dozens of years as one day is always enjoy it, they are the eternal youth full of imagination and practice capacity. They have broadened my understanding of life thickness, even if it's just a little work, but distributed to adhere to and touching life. Like the French structuralist anthropology master Livy Strauss said: "the technology, is the man in space to find the position of. "Art is like a paintbrush, painted life short, art is more like a piece of the direction of the boat, life spring summer autumn winter, light, but practical. Technology is behind the endless woven details, is the carrier of history and culture. In the cultural and Creative Aesthetics, handle economic era, the value and spirit very attractive. But people often moved, especially unattractive to seemingly feeling more plentiful, as we are fascinated by Japanese television programs, Master vocational or craftsman, surprised and moved their obsession with detail and dedication. Tokyo is a neglected art lane. "Tokyo town of vocational life" is focused on an obscure Negishi Tokyo three chome in the alley, the region in 1923, 1945, Tokyo Tokyo earthquake strike a scorched earth, survived, let the wooden building, street shops preserving style Edo 100 years, more present the common makeup, including tofu, three flavor, blue, Seiko carving master, even is to explore the universe they find position story experience, Izakaya boss life. Not just the man story, the biggest feature of this book is a drawing by Sawada Shigeta (two hundred four years died), he is a legend. Sawada's illustration as elegant sketch, in the quiet composition dramatic presentation, professional skills and details, Negishi three Ding objective space. His drawing skills not only save the Negishi three chome and professional spirit of the people, and even extends the reader's imagination, to pursue his brush in japan. For example, Sawada Zuokaakiko the "Millennium downtown", "joy" and the "Kyoto Kyoto thought" the three book in Kyoto, more vigorous style which was flourishing under the vicissitudes of life. In fact, without envy of Japan Post, Taiwan country lane also has many "for a lifetime, only concentrate on doing a thing, is also a kind of happiness" professional, even if it's just a cup, a paper fan, a rice, contains infinite wisdom. Regardless of the level of skill, as long as the focus and persistence, happiness is never far away.
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