The world makes us optimistic.

Date of publication:2010-10   Press: CITIC Publishing House   Author:John Brockman  

At the beginning of the year by year discussion has become a landmark event USA cultural circle, every year there are more than 100 top thinkers will own personal opinions on the site, including Nobel laureates, Pulitzer prize winners, "New York Times" best-selling author, famous university professor and renowned media people etc.. Frontier thought library book series included the 2006~2008 edge website three annual discussion highlights. "What makes you to live in a world full of optimism?" The year 2007 is the problem. From philosophy to science, from the universe to predict for human cognition, these cutting-edge thinkers answer on behalf of their individual thoughts exist for the state of the world. Don't miss the feast of ideas, and discuss the world each people be bound together in a common cause of all areas of excellence, touch the thinker's way of thinking, to witness this crazy world and wonderful future.
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John Brockman, American magazine publisher and editor of edge magazine, the pioneer, famous writer and cultural promoter. Has authored or edited 19 books, because of their keen insight to the ideological trend of contemporary science and the humanities, in the community and the media published the famous. At the world's leading thinkers and scholars gathered around the same topic discussion without boundaries, and will discuss the results published. Works include "a world, a variety of solutions: change in the history of the great invention", "third kinds of culture: cross scienceAnd cultural divide "etc..
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Preface the hope annual "marginal" heart news there was fraud, bad news was actually reduce people pay more and more attention to the truth to know things City cure poverty Cenozoic optimistic Mars one-way ticket at the beginning of twenty-second Century, and we will live on other planets democracy sprouting, Internet search for knowledge one new method of Online digital communication to change public service thought Metcalf's network to let people become selfless knowledge commercialization end market power to mass transfer capital more good in the knowledge economy era of freedom of the individual public will of science over promotion immune printing technology will replace the new Internet content, young people are changing the world and humans will have the new exchange way pan induction with autism the digital age to understand the deep meaning of sleep sleep less time can enrich our life failure also happy copyright dispute "diversity" to promote the European development of higher education globalization education bring innovation and accurate understanding of others we will win more ignorant education technology development of mathematics really "interesting" children's meta cognition of children science scientific passion? The education revolution again to study diversity detection you learn The ability of learning disabilities baby boomers will retire soon humans to do the right thing will be greatly enhanced when the men involved in the care of the baby, would not the best war has not come yet innocent innocence I will once again the wrong group behavior patterns found new ways to curb pessimistic about the limits of democracy is a world treasure room even the worst government plans to also should not give up once again the charm of cultural renaissance science network that makes the problem is no longer difficult to shake the foundation of Darwinism better way of death to the rotten apples from a basket out of the identity of the person more than a human can control mood solve spiritual carrier problem solving global problems more broad view to overcome the single causal thinking things could be worse for mode network problem is no longer difficult finally scientific enlightenment science development will be the end of everything about the evidence science and superstition, religion, technology future evidence-based decision-making will change the society to explore human nature new tools in twenty-first Century, we will understand the physics of the twentieth Century. The future of string theory to revitalize the public service science don't "string theory" crazy physics will be out of the "dark ages" science in Science "Who says we be of no great importance? Treat everyone technology change the world nervous of important scientific significance to recognize yields new scientific time finding new treatments for early cancer screening of tumor stem cells and cancer drug human epigenome project individual chromosome for mental disease gene re understanding of intelligence robots and electronic pet future science will be a participatory behavior resolution image technology will benefit the world information transparency is the inevitable trend of all may be subverted software science and technology in the future will uncover the truth phenomenon borrowing technology in application should have good design of hearing aid technology future science continued integration of Internet era of scientific and medical publishing scientific truth the purity of faith sincere is the tendency of human nature parliament women in the new era of marriage happiness bond regression romantic sincerity is the tendency of human nature that friendship will not disappear religious cult forces are disappearing as non rational thing to find a reasonable explanation science vs.religion turn God comes to major changes in human instinct to clarify the belief of life forms on earth offbeat optimism philosophy of the universe of second optimistic cosmic horizon In addition to what? Life on Mars the next puzzle we have turning point to sustainable energy from the cave, but we cannot always be avoided war to save the Arctic climate by wind a "climate of empty" sustainable development of globalization view of personal carbon trading cheap energy era will end the future of solar energy solar booming the magician's Apprentice Malthus made 1000000000 mistakes the next person from disaster reflection of human will reveal all the mystery wise decision more and more violence is disappearing war will end the world peace is not far from our moral progress in humans are becoming more rational and we will be able to transcend the march forward courageously in there, otherwise it will be worse crisis management is human genius once, now and the the future we will have more choices in life expectancy will be over the age of 120 living longer, better life is the end of perfect health state of "natural" to create the highly unified social network we have reached a turning point in human especially good at "wishy washy" every problem has a solution to break the standard, end of eye put some long-term hegemony thanks
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"This is the biggest reason for annual Edge won a reputation, thinking it without borders and full of witty answer is a perfect tease for our curiosity." -- the British "Daily Telegraph"
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"The world make us optimistic about" Editors: EDGE: the big bang "network in the world's most prestigious thought free fair hundred top thinkers to witness the life what makes you to be a world full of optimism?" Journalism is a scam, bad news was actually reduce one-way ticket to Mars reduced sleep can enrich our life network to let people become selfless! New shoots of Democracy: the Internet even the worst government plans to also should not give up easily when the men involved in the care of the baby, not war friendship will never die and we have to the next turning point 1000000000...... Most of the information, not the good news is that can be turned into good news, world and we do not want it so bad......
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