The world heritage.

Date of publication:2011-1   Press: Anhui science and Technology Press   Author:The United Nations Educational, scientific and cultural organization, eds., Chen Pei.   Pages:831  

The United Nations Educational, scientific and Cultural Organization (UnitedNationsEducational, ScientificandCulturalOrganization, UNESCO), is a specialized agency of the United Nations, referred to as the "unesco". 1946 was formally established in November, the same year in December to become a specialized agency of the United nations. Headquartered in Paris. Its purpose is through education, science and culture to promote the cooperation among the countries, to contribute to the peace and security, to promote justice, rule of law and the Charter of the United Nations recognized the world people regardless of race, sex, language or religion are enjoy human rights and fundamental freedoms universal respect. Member 188, associate members 5. The United Nations Educational, scientific and cultural organization to promote, has outstanding value to determine the protection and preservation of the world cultural and natural heritage. In 1972, UNESCO approved the "Convention on the protection of the world cultural and natural heritage" (commonly referred to as the "World Heritage Convention"), which embodies the unique international convention is their goal.
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Illustration: the 3000 BC, Memphis was the capital of ancient Egypt, was the world ancient one of the "seven wonders". The cemetery of Pyramid includes many unique tombstone, a testimony to the ancient Egypt as one of the most shine with great splendor of the world civilization cradle position. Reportedly, 3100 BC, after Egypt Pharaoh Menes unified for the first time, ordered to build new capital in the Nile delta. Memphis (Menes city) is named after by menes. Ptah temple is here to worship the God of creation of the most important sites, such as the ancient Greeks know, temple ruins is the glorious history of the remaining Memphis confirmed. The graveyard of Memphis in the west of Memphis South Cara, is the largest cemetery in Saqqara Pyramid, and is the first great stone Pyramid location. Pyramid is around 2668 BC Third Dynasty rulers -- the second generation Faro Zoe Sal cemetery. Pyramid by the Zusel's Vizier and architect Mr Huth design and construction, is the world's oldest step Pyramid. 祖塞尔 tomb was the tomb group around the wall, 10 meters high. Memphis City Southern daddah Shure cemetery. The cemetery was built by 2613 BC fourth dynasty rulers -- Founding Thomas Neff king. The 29 year of the reign of king Ahasuerus, Neff changed the royal tombs of Egypt's face: he chose to base now familiar to us -- Pyramid square shape. Built by King, Neff Pyramid include: red Pyramid (because of its use of red limestone), and Pyramid (also known as Pyramid rhomboid bending). Rhomboid Pyramid surrounded by both two slope, apparently just a semi-finished product. Another innovation of this knife king is that he built in Pyramid in Pyramid. Giza Pyramid is located in the north of Memphis City, the builders, Neff King's son Hu Fu (or Aupu Si Ji) and its successor Khafre and Menkaure (or the Chephren) (or U.S. - Kaili North). As the oldest, largest and Pharaoh called "Ji Aupu cemetery, vision". Two other Pyramid named "great Cabra" and "divine beauty 凯里诺斯". All the cemetery have become part of the group which cemetery, naif king's.
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Location of the world heritage site (order by) World Heritage national index of world heritage and UNESCO (order by English thanks @##@ index) UNESCO, world publishing, dozen languages! "World Heritage" of the Encyclopedia of all selected UNESCO World Heritage sites are described, and is equipped with 650 pieces of exquisite pictures. We sincerely hope that you will like this the one and only wizard, let it take you to visit the world's cultural and natural treasures. This book is suitable for all age levels of reference reading.
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"World Heritage" is also one of my books collection agency after life Michael Jackson only autobiography "moonwalk" Chi Juzi exclusive introduction. "World Heritage site Daquan" has the following characteristics: first, the authority of the. The United Nations the book by the selection of the world heritage of UNESCO's most authoritative written. Second, uniqueness. The book by my agency from the Harper Collins Publishing Group UK exclusive introduction, in the territory of Chinese enjoy only publishing rights, global synchronization published dozens of languages. Third, rich in content and comprehensive. The book is currently included in UNESCO's world heritage and most complete book, content according to inclusion year order, are described in detail from the aspects of nature, history, geography, culture, and is equipped with more than 650 beautiful pictures and directed nearly 900 maps of its geographical location, identification the position in the country and the area of each heritage. Fourth, convenient retrieval. Readers can query their seeking world heritage sites by the following way: the query according to the continents map, map containing all the heritage of the position; according to the Pinyin order refer to or in accordance with the national index access. All the items were presented in a similar manner, and in accordance with the order for the first time appeared in the "World Heritage List" of the year, from front to back order. Fifth, the binding of high-grade. The hardcover book is, full-color, copperplate printing, in order to meet the needs of the gifts, we also made a special letter set of fine, the fine books more add charm. This is a highly collectible value and a gift for friends and relatives book. 650 beautiful pictures, 878 world heritage area, accompanied by a detailed map logo, you can not miss a book.
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