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"The whole history of the world culture" is a cultural interaction, collision, exchange, it will bring people hitherto unknown visual enjoyment and spiritual shock. In order to let the children understand the world more rich and colorful culture, increase knowledge, broaden their horizons, we carefully prepared this book. The human has hundreds of millions of years of history, in this long history, mankind has created rich material civilization and spiritual civilization, which includes we eat with pots and pans, our clothes, our house, we go out of the bicycle, car, train, ship, airplaneIn daily life, we use the toothbrush, toothpaste, cosmetics, our various learning tools, for example, bag, pen, diary, of course, there are the books we read, for example, Andersen's fairy tales, textbook, all kinds of music, dance, painting, film and television, photos, etc.. There are many different colors of races in the world, with different nationalities, different countries, our habits are not the same. For example, black Africans, white skin, yellow skin of Asians, europeans. There are different languages, the provisions of United Nations, English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian language for the UN's six language. Book use easy language, knowledge, popular, interesting in one, is a reference to highly world culture Encyclopedia books. Book large information capacity, covering a wide range, can let you feel the different cultural charm in bold, is on the stage of history. In addition, the book also interspersed with some beautiful pictures, to show the readers a vivid picture of the picture, we can hold the Christian canon, in search of ancient words and books, reveling in the Monalisa smile, Van Gogh sunflowers, linger in Italy make amazing Leaning Tower of Pisa and Paris's magnificent Triumphal Arch, mining the invention of the phonograph, telephone history...... The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games give us the opportunity to contact with the world, from all corners of the country and international friends China people gathered in the Olympic flag, Olympic refueling, let us cheer, swimming in the "world culture" in it, to touch the colorful world of cultural knowledge of their.

The ancient magic of the earth has given birth to countless surge high and sweep forward history of civilization, the incomparable cultural heritage after vicissitudes fluctuate still stands in front of us, all showing the beauty and mystery of it. This book will be a different system of cultural knowledge in a concentrated the world culture knowledge encyclopedia, let you have a good swim freely in the vast ocean of knowledge of world culture.
Catalogue of books

The first chapter concept Encyclopedia of literature and language and culture school what is the universe of 1,000,000,000 universes "Renaissance" of the origin of doctorate or master's degrees, bachelor meaning writer writing habits do three sisters writer's long science fiction author of "Lullaby" world ten world literature in the three giant into a war novel, change the world's 15 Book father and son writers Alexandre Dumas and Dumas four misers "Bible" influence on the western literary world three big short story writer ten world literature masterpieces of Roman • arduous process of Roland literary sun in Russia: Pushkin Nobel award origin three ancient Greek tragedian puppet origin of the birth of the world's shadow play on Broadway the prestigious ten grand opera is the world language UN language encyclopedia to decipher the second chapter books and archives in what language the cuneiform to the biggest book and minimum book book book iron copper lead • • woven steel book book book without a mud bamboo wood Book cursive bark sheepskin book book book book leaves plastic heating book book book empty talk luminous stereo book binding belt lock silk hat no book book Afraid of the water of the book: ebook microfilm largest newspapers and the smallest newspaper publishing fastest book the earliest bamboo Jane write earliest silk book the earliest paper writing "Guinness World Records" the origin of the world's largest library "Resurrection" World Library -- Egypt Alexander library "Chinese collection" extra rich -- the British Library to Cultural Heritage -- Swedish The Royal Library architectural art treasures -- the French National Library of every hue of the library world eight library papyrus and papyrus archives two precious parchment archives of the third chapter of painting and sculpture the world ten big super famous the world's largest painting the most ancient painting the world's most famous portrait "Monalisa" "Adou Ki Osamu Tezuka and the Japanese ukiyoe Art Gallery of Dresden why Venus lost both arms celebrity" rivalry "London Wax Museum small statue of Julian the origin of Statue of Liberty the world's ten largest architectural wonders -- Zeus statues of Easter Island Statues of fourth chapters of music and dance, the world famous conductor born nature" Violin musical instrument with the myth of musical instrument -- vertical Music is the most international music competition of International Music Festival in Vienna City -- "I wish you Happy birthday song" the birth of the jewel in the crown of the art of ballet ballet drama of the classic -- "Swan Lake" international standard ballroom dance of India authentic -- bharatanatyam 85 chapter fifth diet and health the world mysterious big Korean imperial banquet culture yogurt birth at all times and in all countries around the world famous banquet characteristic Hot pot PK contest of world famous brand beer, champagne. British afternoon tea history nurse founder -- Nightingale "test tube baby" was born the first won Nobel prize people why so many people eye color varies in Chapter sixth, clothing and daily Japanese kimono skirt a change of shoes pants raincoat birth windbreaker origin India Sari jeans traceability of hand set tie witticism napkin origin Americans wearing glasses of the origin and development of what is the Bobbi doll's first cosmetics heaviest clock umbrella history and origin of the seventh chapter film and photographic film development history of the world famous "world famous film studios day the world movie awards world power Shadow of the "Hollywood" the origin of the name "Oscar" of the famous British actress Vivien Leigh photography master Newman eighth chapter sports basketball origin volleyball badminton table tennis was the origin of the origin of the chess world sports Kingdom football players position distribution of tennis score way chapter ninth museums and sights of the world of every hue Museum on the seven wonders of the ancient world Olympic sites -- Greece Olympia site number 10 Downing Street Natural Museum -- Pompeii but Leaning Tower of Pisa and the White House in Moscow's Red Square Moscow Kremlin Mausoleum of the world's most famous Tower Bridge of London Buckingham Palace Triumphal Arch Eiffel Tower The Paris Opera House Palace of Versailles Notre Dame de Paris in Paris of France Rome Colosseum Sydney Opera House Angkor Wat the Acropolis in Athens tenth chapter state and school American the misunderstanding to trace to the source the origin of the country name of Japan South Korea origin for products and the reputation of the countries in the world of every hue countries each country of origins of the national flag to half mast mast of the world anthem do flower world famous ranking according to the eleventh chapter of the world science and technology invention The first phone card the earliest PHONOGRAPH RADIO for the first telephone the earliest newspaper in the earliest early radio crosswalk history the first bus was born in which countries are the world's most secure aircraft black box is what the world bridge most bike history
Chapter excerpt

Illustration: Homa (ca. 9 BC to eighth Century BC), ancient Greek blind poet, famous epic "Iliad" and "the Odyssey" editors, his epic work is the main legacy Greeks entered the age of civilization by the barbarian. Dante (1256 ~ 1321), Italy poet, was born in a declining aristocratic family. Representative works "the Divine Comedy" widely reflected in late medieval Italy social life and struggle, concentrated century theology, philosophy and scientific ideas, the conflict between the new and the old, show the humanism bud, but also with a strong medieval religious color, the poet in the transition from the old to the new period ideological contradiction the. His works have great influence on the later century European literature. Shakespeare (1564 ~ 1616), the English Renaissance dramatist, poet, was born in a merchant family, from childhood love drama. Shakespeare wrote many books during his lifetime, retained the script 37, 2 the first poem, sonnet 154 first. The main works include: the historical drama "Charlie III", "Henry IV", "A Midsummer Night's dream", "Twelfth Night"; tragedy "Romeo and Juliet", "Hamlett", "Osero", "King Lear", "Macbeth"; long poem "Venus and Ann Tonys", "road Chris insulted mind". These works is the European Renaissance literature peak. Marx praised him as "the greatest dramatic geniuses of mankind". Byron (1788 ~ 1824), English poet, was born in London, decline of a noble family, he opposed the autocratic oppression, to support the people's revolutionary democratic thought, life, freedom, democracy and national liberation struggle, and strive to create the ideal. His works, is of great historical significance and artistic value, the main works include "pagan", "journey to the late" etc.. Gerd (1749 ~ 1832), German poet, playwright, hobby of natural science and art, youth is the backbone of the Sturm und Drang movement. His efforts to German literature left immortal masterpiece, "Faust" is he spent 60 years of time created the immortal. Hugo (1802 ~ 1885), the nineteenth Century French novelist, poet, was born in the officer's family, life has a lot of poems, novels, drama and literature works, the representative of "Notre Dame de Paris" and "miserable world". His work with the fine manipulation, the broad picture of life and rich content, the autocratic system and the church were angry expose the evil and powerful indictment of poor people, the great tragedy of compassion, deeply reflects the major events of the nineteenth Century French in the social and political life and social reality. His works have had a tremendous impact on future generations of writers. Tagore (1861 ~ 1941), India poet, novelist, dramatist, essayist, social activist, born in the host family. He wrote a collection of more than 50, 12 novels, short stories more than 20 kinds, drama. The main works include poems "Jing Song", "morning song", "Gitanjali", "Stray birds", "the gardener"; "post office", "drama", "red oleander 摩吉多塔拉"; novels "," town "" the wreck, and literature, philosophy, politics, travel remember, many letters. Tagore is also good at music and painting, the song "the will of the people" in 1950 was designated as the National Anthem of India. The creation of Tagore occupies an important position in the literary history of India, in 1913 by the Nobel prize for literature.
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"The world cultural knowledge (Student Edition)": on the whirling stage of history, culture and experience the charm of different.
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