The story of mankind

Date of publication:2011-7   Press: Xiangtan University   Author:Hendrik William Orron   Pages´╝Ü313  

The book was written in 1910, received a pen in 1921 November. The book has sixty-four chapters, from the "man on the stage" up to "the future". Author of "gain both fame and wealth", "Li" is pure earn $50 write, "name" is from the renowned in the world. "The story of mankind" was named "a great book" (Bill language), "
not know a how far apart will appear very unusual book" (Sharpey's language), "the most important history book this time" (Van Doren language), "the most influential less the book" (Mu Eryu).
Author brief introduction

Hendrik William Orron (1882 - 1944), Hispanic America writer. 1921 wrote "the story of mankind", spring into fame, and renowned in the world. He is a great popular writers, great cultural popularization, published more than 30 books, his humanistic vision, through the language of wisdom will every aspect of human history almost all repeat it again, most of his works are popular in the world's best-selling book. Van Loon versatile, proficient in 10 languages, have a beautiful violin, but also paint, all his writings full illustration from their handwriting. His major works include "the story of earth" (also translated "van Loon geography"), "tolerance", "the story of the Bible", "and" the man of the world and talk.
Catalogue of books

The 1 men boarded the stage
2. our founder
3. prehistoric man
5. hieroglyphs Nile Basin
9. Mose
10. the
11. the
13. Indo European people in Greece
14. the ancient Greek city of
15., the ancient Greeks autonomy
17. of life in ancient Greece the ancient Greek drama
19. Persian War of the Peloponnesian War
20. Alexander
21. of the
23. Rome Rome and Carthage, the rise of the Empire
24. Rome Empire
25. Joshua of Nazareth
26. Rome Empire
27. church
28. Mohamed
29. the rise of Charlemagne the great
30. Nordic
33. Pope and Emperor for Zhi
34. Crusader
35. medieval city
36. medieval autonomous
37. ages of the world
38. medieval trade
39. Renaissance
40. time
41. great
42. found the Buddha and Confucius
44. religious reformation
46. War British revolution of Russia's />47.
49. rise of Prussia
52. American mercantilism revolution French Revolution
53. Napoleon.
55. break in in full fury of the holy alliance against age
57. national independence forces of social revolution machine />58.
60. science
61. art
62. colonial expansion and New World War
64. the future
Chapter excerpt

At this time, the plant also increased in number, the sea has no more space for them to grow, they have to leave the sea in search of a new home. Finally, they in the Everglades and the foothills of the mud beach home. To tide with saline soak them two times a day. The rest of the time, they make full use of this is not a comfortable environment, survive in the thin air around the earth to. After a long period of training, they learned to live comfortably in the air, just like live in the water. Slowly, they grow up, grow into the bushes and trees. Finally, they learned how to open the aroma of the flowers, in order to attract bees and birds to those busy, will sow the seeds of their to from all sides, until the earth green grass, green trees. At this time, some of the fish began to leave the sea, and learn to breathe with their lungs, like breathing with gills. These creatures called amphibians, mean, they can take one's ease living in water and on land. From the first frog can jump your feet tell you both amphibious life is how happy ah. These animal once out of the water, will gradually adapt to life on land. Some animal became reptiles (like crawling lizard like creatures), share Bush and insect quiet. In order to more quickly through the soft soil, these animal limbs developed, the body is also more and more big, until one day, the world is full of these huge monster (biology manual usually referred to as ichthyosaurs, spot and Brontosaurus). This ancient life up to 30 to 40 feet. If they and the elephant to play with, like the cat and kitten playing hide and seek. Some members of the family began crawling at the top of the tree of life, the tree is usually up to 100 feet. Those living in the top of the tree limbs no longer reptiles to walk, but in order to from a branch quickly jump to another branch, these organs are still useful. So, they are part of the skin becomes like a parachute things, extending between the body sides and front foot little toe. Slowly, their wings are featheredThe tail, also has a steering device, capable of flying in the trees, the evolution of a real bird. Then, a strange thing happened. In a very short period of time, those huge reptile extinct. The reason, perhaps because of climate change suddenly, perhaps because their body is too large, so that they could not swim, but also inconvenient to walk and crawl, watched the tall ferns and trees and starved to death. Whatever the reasons. The great reptiles for millions of years the Kingdom now disappear in smoke. After that, the world is a different biological world. They were reptiles descended from their ancestors, but distinct, because of their mother's breast to nurture the next generation. Therefore, modern science and called them "mammals". They are off the scale, change the feathers to cover the body, hair. In any case, these mammals have developed habits of others to make their population is much better than the other animal. The female of the species will be hidden in the body of larvae eggs until they hatch. But at that time, other biological still let their children exposed to dangerous invasion in winter and summer and the beast. In mammals, the care of young children in the side, until they are capable of fighting an enemy. So, young mammals are more likely to survive, because they have learned a lot from her mother. If you have observed the cat is how to teach the kitten to take care of themselves, wash, and mouse. You'll understand. Of mammals. I don't need to introduce more, because you already know a lot. They are everywhere, whether in the street, or at home, they are your life partner. As for some rare mammals, see the back fence, you can in the zoo. Then, humans came to a fork in the road to be a life-and-death matter. Here, people suddenly out of the mysterious, the rise and fall of the long evolution, to the use of reason to control their own race destiny. Have a head of mammals is very special. It appears to stand head and shoulders above others in search of food and shelter talent. It is learned to catch prey, with their practice, it evolved as hands like claws. After trying hard to compute, it also learned to rear the whole body balance (this is a high difficulty movement, even though humans have been upright for about one million years, each child must start from scratch). The biological between apes and monkeys, but better than both senior, they became the most excellent hunters, able to adapt to local life. In order to ensure the safety, they always gathering in crowds and groups of activities and learned warned of the danger of the pups with strange gurgling sound, after millions of years, they began to communicate in the throat. This creature is the earliest you "human like" ancestors. Say so, and you may feel be hardly worthy of belief.......
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"USA public in five years it has printed 32 times, and in 11 years later they still continue to read by Hendrik William Orron," the story of mankind ". It has been translated into many languages, only Upton Sinclair can rival him in this respect. In addition to outside Russia, at least in other places it has become one of the most important history book this time."
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