The spirit of Rome

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Anything else, can show people's character than the popular drama. Each era comedy are put up for the public side of the unique mirror, mirror. When the curtain rises, the ancient Rome highlights of the show will be staged in front of us, surprisingly, pull the curtain is a two comedy writer. In this solemn on stage, they are the first appearance of people. Spread so far in Rome literature, the earliest works is a comedy set. Before we know only two writers, works have been lost to their non existence, only I fragments. Not only the Latin literature, we have a direct understanding of Rome, from the comedy, and not the vulgar folk comedy, but rich song, true comedy style. This fact, few people think, in fact, confusing. Education and books to us about the concept of implantation: never yielded to the nation, than any other nation more strict, more determined, more serious. Let a person feel is the source of our knowledge, this is the concept on the contrary. According to our ideas, the king of the world literary works should be related to the war, the excitement as the originator, is the ancient ballad about the warriors and record, speak in excitement emotion of singing by minstrel, in a great epic "Iliad" which is Latin (refers to the "Aeneid" -- ") to the peak. But the literature how broad the world, the beginning of Rome literary reality from this idea we have how far, it is the starting point for a series ofList of comedy, people generally think that they are built on the basis of popular Greek comedy. No other great nation, its literary source was the foreign object completely. In Greece, the development of literature is a natural, produced in the El mouth and countless unknown age repair and inherited song stories. In people -- farmers, herders, soldiers -- have natural desire, want to express image, they eventually formed the literary form, the remaining. Rome is also a situation. Literature is the earliest form, across the sea, from the Greek and. Found a ready-made form just right, express the desire to follow, so wish only in the second. If you want to and the spirit of Rome, that express volumes. Third Century BC, the sudden appearance of a generation of Rome literature after the first Punic War; and not only comedy, other all to Greece for example. Elsewhere, it was hard to see their culture by foreign imports replace sb. We did find a unique Rome rhythm, it and the first translation of Greek literature people use rhythm have nothing in common; we also found, later writers cited several songs they heard in childhood; however, this is the ancient Rome local literature of all. Perhaps Rome's farmers and shepherds in a pragmatic attitude and strong known to posterity, is not willing to spend valuable time to sing songs curved, arranges the story, perhaps finally debut the people pay attention to those to find cultural and soon return fully loaded writer, instead of folk culture, whatever the truth, the truth shocking. Rome nation of poetry is not strong feeling. Their natural talent is not forced them to do art expression. Legend, Rome was founded in 753 BC, and we know the earliest literary works of Rome, "Odyssey" version, appeared in the end of the first Punic War, about five hundred years after the construction of the Rome city. In this hundred years, no matter the world to show what, or what life brings them, as if they have less impulse in any form to convey. Later, Rome critics referred to a local comedy, is performing improvisation Festival, but there is no reason to believe that, it was in the form of text, to be sure it is, it has no direct literary tradition. For us, the literature of Rome began in Plautus, an imitation of Greek style comedy writer, he showed us the life of Rome is our first glimpse of Rome. This is a simple glance. As he and Terrence set off his successor -- -- the big screen, soon it down. When the curtain again, what we see is the age of Cicero. To remove a discussion of agricultural article -- strange is, this is a rather old Cato, certain moral judge works -- retention, ask we have only some literary pieces in this period, there is no conclusive material to re build the city, and then it was called BA in the world. Yes, when the younger Terrence drama two comedy home, the Greeks wave sheltered as is writing a description of Rome rising powers, powerful great history essays, most of which has been preserved. But he is concerned about the war in Rome, as well as the soldiers of the people in Rome. Until the first Century BC, the other part about life in Rome, people at the same time to provide us with information only from the two dramatist. Perhaps we are lucky, because the surviving is a comedy. No matter what age, what people did not see the play more than reflect their appearance. Anything else, can show people's character than the popular drama. The comedy effect. Comedy tragedy must -- don't -- to show the audience the true picture of life as they know. Each era comedy are for the people erected a unique mirror, mirror. The ancient comedy to our here, only four playwrights, they are the Ali Stouffer and Minand, and Pulao Matus of Rome and Terrence; these works is a mirror, in the mirror, the Greeks and Romans are vivid, and they are very important to us: the most glorious period of Greece the years -- in our thoughts and our art can still feel its effects -- followed by time; and when one has passed away in Rome, then the Carthage is defeated for a two time, the cornerstone of Rome civilization has been firmly established, our own civilization directly traceable in. About the two greatest countries, we want to know is, set them up people as ordinary people, men and women, is what appearance, and these, the Department concerned historical works their war and law are rarely described to us. They are the theatre -- mainly comedy theatre -- in the numerous living beings. Only can we find them in the theater. The popular comedy that is ordinary people. If the Greek tragedy of lost, all we have is Ali Stouffer, what about the age of Pericles of Athens civilians there will still be very thoughtful ideas. Each of Ali Stouffer's plays are showing him and other local dramatist how cannot be mentioned in the same breath, he want entertainment how out of the ordinary. He has his own comedy concept, can have no predecessors, of course, no ones, so he told us. "The chorus part hornet" and "peace", showing the Athens most famous dramatist attract audience technique.

Edith Hamilton (1867-1963) is a famous contemporary America "classical literature popularization of home" (Encyclopedia Britannica language). He learned the literature of ancient Greece and Rome, read the Latin and Greek classics is the love of her life. She studied the literature of ancient Greece and Rome at the University of Munich, became the first woman to study in University of Munich. Teaching, research and writing her life in classical literature. Works include: "the Greek spirit" "Rome spirit" "the prophets of Israel" "the great age of Greek literature" "myth" "the testimony of truth: Christ and his interpretation of" "God" and "the echo".
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Please allow me to make a personal statement. Since the strict requirements when I was seven years old when his father -- he did not know how to relax the scholarship -- under the supervision of reading "for" six weeks of Caesar's time, I have been reading Latin works, only during the university had a brief stop. Even so, I read just for my own interest, I read French or German work also is such. I read Cicero, Horace or Virgil's works, only to have fun, little also not because they write is Latin, or because they know about the history of Rome is very important for. The Romans and attracted to me is always smaller than the Romans themselves, rather than on the Romans themselves, I historians about Romans said what also not know to want small much interest. So, when I thought about the "Rome spirit", I see only may well be Rome writers mark out contour. At the time of this writing, I thought only of their. This book is not what the history of Rome, it just want to point out, in Rome of the great writers in Romans is what appearance, just want to have a look, they showed the Romans what characteristics, which makes them different from other people. The literature of one nation is truly understand their great textbook. Performance the same time work on the national traits, than any historical construction can be compared. We see Anthony 'Trollope (Anthony Trollope) or W.S. Gilbert (W.S.Gilbert) works, obtained from the Vitoria times middle English impression, than any painting historians have incomparable good. To understand a selected few who have distinguished those years behind the forces, which is our best textbook. Credential is my only this textbook. For each age, people I have only selected narrative. In this way, the selection of the contents of this book, is not based on personal hobby, but writers in the extent to which showed the characteristics of life and his contemporaries. Plautus and Terrence in this sense is the most important, because they are not only the first picture as we know Rome is painted, and painted a lot of details. Terrence to Cicero period, since no one works retained, of course you can skip. Cicero's Rome's longest at all times, because we have information, his letters are the best source of information -- not just Rome's information, but also includes the entire ancient information. The shaping of Rome that power of its citizens, in the literary works are obviously between the lines. Rome writers all is first of all the Romans, then as an individual artist. Of course, they are different from each other, such as Cicero and Tacitus, or Horace and Juvenalis, are not the same, but they are different than their similarities, and fundamentally, is not worth mentioning. In the four century we see Latin literature from the beginning to the end, each writer expresses the spirit of Rome yi.
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Editor's introduction introduction chapter comedy mirror the second chapter Plautus and under the pen of Terrence in ancient Rome, the third chapter Plautus and Terrence of the comedy spirit of the fourth chapter of Cicero Rome: Rome tenth chapter Augustus era of Republic of the fifth chapter of Cicero Caesar and Cicero sixth chapter seventh chapter eighth chapter ninth chapter of Catullus Horace Horace's the spirit of Rome, the eleventh chapter into the romantic period in Rome: Virgil, Livy and Juvenalis. Twelfth chapter and thirteen chapter of Rome 斯多葛派第 ancient chronology @##@ end This book is not what the history of Rome, but that the great writer in Rome in what is, at the same time, they also exhibit characteristics which the Romans, make them different from the other ancients. The shaping of Rome that power of its citizens, in the literary works are obviously between the lines, all of Rome writers firstly is a Roman, and then as an individual artist. Let us find those writers represented in this book in Rome spirit of honor......
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"Rome spirit" Editors: Cicero during Rome's longest at all times, because we have information, his letters are the best source of information -- not just Rome's information, but the entire ancient information.
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