The new Arabian Nights

Date of publication:2011-4   Press: Zhejiang University press and the museum,   Author:Ye Zhongxian   Pages´╝Ü201  

The author of this book in the Middle East countries for more than ten years, in this book with humorous language and a relaxed tone, in the laughter as you open the mysterious veil of Arabia world. The book tells the story of Arabia world's social status, basic necessities of life, local customs and practices, the reader can take this into the Middle East in addition to war and political unknown side.
the Arabs to eat do not eat seafood? The Arabs use branches to brush your teeth? Why Saudi Arabia said wine is a "good friend"? Why Saudi Arabia not public? Why Arabia men do not wear briefs? Arabia young men and women how to? In Saudi Arabia, special government agencies to "Venus" to wear a skirt? Modern "Alibaba" how to survive?......
Author brief introduction

Ye Zhongxian, a famous writer Ye Lingfeng's daughter. He served in the Hongkong TVB screenwriter, with foreign husbands in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other countries, 10 years toured the Middle East countries, an observation and study of Middle Eastern culture.
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Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: illustration: Saudi Arabia smear department I am not an artist, but I deeply love art, each to a country I will go to search some art books. In Saudi Arabia the bookstore to buy a rare Italy mural art book. After returning home, a cup of hot tea, slowly read the book. Look always felt something was wrong, but not fall page damage. Finally found the Botticelli pen beautiful under the "birth of Venus", Venus in the picture covered with clothes, strong men wore twin chimneys, little angels are put on the triangle underpants! Oh, my God. I forgot myself in Saudi arabia. Remember to Saudi Arabia, many art books left by his father and himself while studying in Japan album do not dare to hit box for transport, early have to guard against, but I think not obscene books have been sealed inspection, slightly see female body books give painted colorful, a film called "West Point Bible" cook book, "Bible" means more painted a charcoal! In Arabia the Middle East and other places, you certainly won't find a "dandy" this kind of books, many European and American fashion life and fashion magazines, you will see the bookstore, but as long as you to look, some will be torn off half page, sexy parts of the female will be black ink painted out! But in my memory, there are two "New Middle East": Arabian Nights peep. I was quite impressed by the Saudi Arabian government Ministry of culture to deface the personnel. In 1998 Britain and published a large number of Princess Diana Memorial album, Saudi Arabia also sold, smearing personnel have stripped Diana pictures are for her painting flower lace [1] for cover in each of the page, I am not angry at that time, but I admire the fine coating them with a power to the deceased's respect. Another book I admire the pictorial is a bridal fashion magazine, the hardcover is very beautiful, page each models wearing flower lace are color, white body silk yarn with color flower. That is how one and the same? This pandemic? Wrong, the original flower per cent next wedding dress meat silk meet, so in order not to put white pure wedding painted black, only to give them fill in different colors in each flower, really make me on the spot, but very lovely respectable! Department of Saudi Arabia's heavy work smear, not limited to books media television, all the daily life activities also involve. In the supermarket, you'll find out the shower skin care products, once the female part exposed will be black ink coated cover up. Some food bills, especially the spaghetti, female portraits will sometimes have a large breasts, it must also cannot escape. The famous world toy store [1] lace. -- editor's note "toys" R "us", I accompany children to buy toys, I happiness within every time: every box American blonde Bobbi girls to painted black, leaving only the face exposed, wonder woman burns Bikini gone, long sleeved Pants Set, even all kinds of swimming with product packaging coating jet black, a word is a piece of black!
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"The new Middle East": Arabian Nights peep is published by Zhejiang University press.
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  •   It is a good book, there are a lot of interesting things about the Middle East Middle East, is a good stuff!
    author writing humor, information widely dabbled
    me on the bed, reading a lot of times.
  •   A woman in the eyes of the Middle East, for girls
  •   Love, good. Delivery speed.
  •   Trip across a Auntie leaf, have the honor to its elegant and smart style, the book will be good.
  •   Fun book.
  •   After reading about the Middle East have a preliminary understanding too profound things can't be said to have but some details is quite interesting
  •   It is the woman, the general content. Very disappointed.

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