The Japanese society and culture

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In order to understand the modern Japanese society, we have to mention "". The Japanese company not only engaged in commercial activities of the organization, it is a cultural phenomenon. For example, some clubs to deceased president, leadership and staff at the club's funeral, or even have their own company's exclusive graveyard to sacrifice these to a lot of the company. In Japan, the interpersonal relationship is generally refers to the blood, geography, industry margin, while the industry margin of so-called apparently is refers to between the clubs and societies margin. Although the industry was no longer in the 1990's, the importance of bubble economy collapse after the however, the club still holds an important position in the social life in today's japan. Therefore, to fully understand the modern Japanese society, we must first understand the Japanese.
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Nakamaki Hiroshi grant, was born in 1947, in the Graduate School of Humanities in University of Tokyo PhD degree in literature. The National Museum of Ethnology professor and research university. Research purport to anthropology of religion and business anthropology.
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The club's countries -- Japan
the first chapter enterprises to enter the land
2 Le calligraphers cemetery business card box of
4, President of the club name sacrifice and the ghost revenge
5 animism and post processing of
6 land
second chapter society contradiction forever wish
1 from the "home" to "company
3 club club support tower" the ritual "and" ancestor worship "
4CI and
5 agency enterprise culture history
6 president of bound
third chapter. The religious world
2 Osaka Printing Association printing religious groups will
4 Nanhai electricity
6 electric iron Panasonic Chichibu cement producer
7 as the
fourth chapter will this old name, today's society
1 Japan type strain
2 name for editorial column
3 from family to society.
fifth chapter religious commune and club
1 enterprise three type
2 Koyasan Meiji Restoration of
3 Tokugawa Sonori's
4 commune Tokugawa Sonori club
5 privatization and liberalization of
sixth chapter religious renaissance battle
1 knights and
2, the Protestant Ethic of
4 flag bearer of the Counter Reformation by modern medieval religious
5 Japanese religious world strategy of
seventh chapter farm type conglomerate
1 club and
2Bradesco bank
3 army only labor to create wealth
4 farm model community of destiny
the eighth chapter "to the
1 service.
3 edge margin of loose club"
4 beyond the enterprise and religious analog
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The copyright page: illustration: business card box 2 cemetery carved with many humorous language in the music book. In the industry, the portrait stone also trying to demonstrate their own personality. This intersection in the Austrian Academy of the cemetery is a very interesting place. Opposite the portrait stone industry can see kylin beer five wheel tower. The tower was built in 1980, according to the guide explain, build it spent 200000000 yen. In the cemetery is a name card box, as if a symbol of modern society identity. Cast to the inside of the card by the management of cemeteries cemetery firm recovery sent to the club, and then by the club to the delivery of the card issued a letter of thanks. Said many a month can receive around 30. In the high Hills cemetery, card case company with more than 20. In Koyasan about 90 clubs support tower, average every 4 clubs have a set of the name card box. The club support tower and card case combination is very natural, because they are extending business world. Not only is the Koyasan kylin beer company's five round tower, in the birthplace of Osaka Asahi -- blowing establish Tian factory "ancestors monument", is also provided with a name card box. Visit Ueno's wide permanent Temple cemetery let me be startled at. Because business card box everywhere. But, not placed in the society support tower, but placed in the family's home in the grave. In Koyasan is not a name card box family tomb, but few in number. Speaking of kuanyong Temple cemetery's ancient name card box, to the number of pen factory director cemetery. There is a separate business card box in the side, there is a long mouth used to put the card into the. From the grave face didn't see the mouth. But recently the card case is new in the obvious position emblazoned with "the calling card" (business card box) of the word, some even with tray. Had all gone by, card case also began to self promotion.
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"Japan Society Culture: the former name, today's society" is one of the East Asian civilization series.
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