The introduction of western culture

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"The introduction of western culture (Second Edition)" from the source of western culture to write, to introduce the general situation of western geography environment and natural resources, ethnic and racial composition; enumerate the main historical stages of the development of Western society, analysis of the main achievements of its culture, its social and Political Economy, historical trend and its future. Focuses on the introduction and analysis of main components of western culture, the history and achievement of its natural science, education, law, philosophy, history, literature and art. "The introduction of western culture (Second Edition)" from ancient times to the present, to make a careful and detailed analysis, understanding of history from the law. Western culture, has a long history, gathering of talents, and the great civilizations of the East Shuangfeng and Zhi, brilliant chapters compose the human history.
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Fang Hanwen, director of Soochow University's Center for the study of comparative literature, Professor, tutor of doctoral students, Peking University research center of Oriental literature, distinguished professional researchers, USA Tulane University (Tulane University) visiting professor English system, as the United States and Japan, Korea and Hong Kong and Taiwan area university professor, engaged in research and teaching of comparative culture studies and comparative literature.
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The first part of the basic category of western culture and the historical origin of the first chapter of western countries and the national survey of the first festival in Europe of the natural and human environment in section second in some parts of Western Europe third Western constitute an important: USA and Canada chapter second origins of western culture and Classical Era (ancient times - fifth Century AD) the first festival of Mediterranean civilization origin the second section of ancient Greek culture third festival culture of ancient Rome fourth festival of ancient Greek and Rome culture characteristics and evaluation of the third chapter of the medieval feudal culture (sixth Century ad -16 century) first history evaluation about European medieval feudal society of the second day the Byzantine and Slavic culture third section of Medieval Western culture section of the Fourth Crusade fifth Renaissance fourth chapter of western culture (after sixteenth Century BC) the first section of the new historical period of the the Atlantic Cultural Festival second Enlightenment thinkers in section third section fourth western industrial civilization era of colonial expansion of section fifth of Africa Western colonial section sixth in America and Western colonial immigrants second parts with fifth chapters of Western cultural logic and cultural theory of the first day of western composition of western culture system. Logic and logical system of the second day world of Western cultural logic and cognition mode third western culture system of the sixth chapter of western economy and trade the first ancient fishing production and agricultural economy second day European feudal social and economic transformation of section third of European modern economy and world trade the seventh chapter of western national system and the evolution of the system of the first the ancient Greek city-state system section second European fief system and the feudal state section third bourgeois nation building fourth modern western state system the eighth chapter Christian beliefs and religious thought the first Christian history section second Christian theory system in section third Christian organizations and religious etiquette fourth Christian and ninth chapter of scientific rationality and science technology achievements of the first day of western scientific ideas in section second section third ancient scientific thoughts of modern science system form fourth section of modern science and the western science and technology make a spurt of progress in section fifth and section sixth to the social production of science and technology of the times the tenth chapter western education system and higher education section of the education thought of the West Development in elementary and second section Education system in section third of the origin and development of higher education in the eleventh chapter, philosophy and the Social Sciences Section of western philosophy second Western history and historiography theory in the third section law and legal theory. The twelfth chapter of Western literature and the arts section second section third section third western literature of Western art series of Western culture and world culture thirteenth chapter and other Western cultural relationship between the first day of Western classical civilization to the eastern section second modern western to Eastern Europe after eighteenth Century third quarter view of Chinese and east side view Ref.
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Illustration: Western culture distributed in different regions and countries, if you want to truly understand the west, first to research to these countries and regions of the natural environment, ethnic, national and religious belief, know the local customs and practices. "Han" in say: "where are the people in Wuchang, while the rigid flexible priority, voice is different, the soil atmosphere, so that the wind." The natural environment and folk custom, which is the premise and condition of the western culture, is the basic factor of the physical form of culture. First, the history of western culture are mainly distributed in Europe, so we introduce the geographical environment in Europe and the nation state, especially in the Mediterranean and Western europe. America historian Staveley Anos (L.S.Stavrianos) once said, "the geography factor is an important factor to the other regions in Europe in the Middle Ages to the front. One of them is the favorable position of the". Whether we agree with this view, the geographical environment is one of our research content. We will start from the natural geographical environment and national condition of this cultural distribution, tracing its history, analysis of the modern form of it, is to have a comprehensive understanding of this culture. Second, the modern form of western culture, Western Europe and North America is its core, North America and Canada USA although located in America, but they were once colonies of Europe, its population poses a considerable proportion of European immigrants, their culture and the development of Europe have all kinds of connections with contact. In modern society, North America and become an important component of the western world, this is not only because of its economic development level and Europe are the same, the developed countries in the world, and they have a common cultural traditions are closely related. In late eighteenth Century, America after independence, economic development is rapid, replaced the British, to become a world economic superpower, the leader of the western world. Most of the early settlers American from Europe, and with European culture, but also into the old American Indian civilization, various traditional from Africa black civilization, the world brought by immigrants. All of these complex components, together form a new world culture creation, this kind of creation in turn greatly enriched the contents of Western culture. So the study of western culture, in addition to the introduction of Europe, North America and Canada American range includes natural should also be included in the study.
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"The introduction of western culture (Second Edition)": in twenty-first Century the liberal education textbook series.
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