The history of world civilization

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In this by western scholars compiled the "world civilization", we can not only see the history of the west, can see the non Western history. More importantly, we can read a lot about the interaction between Western and non Western history.
"world civilization history (Fourth Edition. Hardcover)" the biggest feature is that, it gives only research materials, historical records of the case and with some hints, but not any conclusion. The main purpose of the editor, seems to be the hope that through the historical evidence and historical clues to guide, reader's historical research ability cultivation. Let the reader in the open, complex historical records before training to become a "skilled detective", to "find the previous thought, reason and the reason behind the doings, and all these ideas and practices, and the integration of this information into a time sequence of records".
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Author: Denis · (American); Sherman (USA) A· Tom · Glen feld (America) Gerald · the translator: Li Yitian Huang Hui and Ruan Shujun Denis • Sherman (DenniscSherman) is the City University of New York John Jay College history professor &bull. He completed a bachelor in University of California Berkeley (1962) and master's (1965), 1 PhD degree from the University of Michigan (1970). Have Ford Foundation (1968 - 19691969 - 1970), the Economic History Society (1971 - 1972) of state funds and the Humanities (1973 - 1976) reward and funding. A• Tom • Glen feld (A. CTomcGrunfeld) is Professor of history at New York State University, Imperial College, has won the New York State University Distinguished Teaching Professor “ ” the honorary title. He received his bachelor's degree from the State University of New York college at Alder West (1972), at the University of London's Oriental Institute and Africa obtain master's degree (1973), to finish a PhD at the New York University (1985). He has received a number of academic exchange and research funding. Gerald (GeraldcMarkowitz) is • the City University of New York John • Distinguished Professor, Graduate School of Jay College and study at the same time, the 3 he was at the Columbia University Department of social medicine college part-time professor at the Mailman School of public health. He and David • Rosner co authored and published "deception and denial: deadly political industrial pollution" (DeceitcandcDenial:cThecDeadlycPoliticscofcIndustrialcPollution, 32002). Professor Markowitz has received fund, including the National Humanities National Science Foundation funded so many. He was 维塞蒂尔 prize. David • Rosner (DavidcRosner) is a history professor at the Columbia University School of public health and, as the director of the University's Mailman School of public health public health history research center. He was a distinguished professor of history at City University of New York, and enjoy the Guggenheim scholar, national endowment for the humanities scholars, Messi scholars 齐赛亚 • treatment. He also won the Robert • Wood • Johnson Research Prize, 4, issued by the City University of New York distinguished scholar award.
Catalogue of books

The early civilization
second chapter first chapter South West Asia and northeast Africa India (A. D. 500 years ago)
third chapter Chinese (AD 500 years)
fourth chapter of the Mediterranean Basin: Greek civilization
fifth chapter the Mediterranean Basin: the origin of Rome civilization and Christian

sixth chapter the rise of Islam the seventh chapter of India and Southeast Asia (500 - 1500)
eighth chapter China and Japan (500 - 1500)
ninth chapter the Mongols, Turks and the Middle East (1000 - 1500) in order to explore
tenth chapter in Western societies: Europe in the Middle Ages (500 - 1300) < br > eleventh chapter transformation of Western society (1300 - 1500)
twelfth chapter sub Saharan Africa civilization and American Civilization (before 1500)
thirteenth chapter of global communication and cultural conflict (1500 - 1700)
fourteenth chapter in early modern Europe (1500 - 1789)
fifteenth chapter Asia (1500 - 1700)
sixteenth chapter rational and the movement of the world: the western scientific revolution and the Enlightenment of
seventeenth chapter European Revolution, nationalism and national (1789 - 1914)
eighteenth chapter of western industrialization, social change and culture (late eighteenth Century to 1914)
nineteenth chapter America (mid eighteenth Century to 1914)
twentieth chapter non Zhou (1500 - 1880)
twenty-first chapter Asia (1700 - 1914)
twenty-second chapter of imperialism and the new global struggle (1880 - 1914)
twenty-third chapter war, revolution and Western authoritarian (1914 - 1945) between the
the twenty-fourth chapter of the two World War in Asia and Africa
the twenty-fifth chapter global transformation and the superpower struggle: after the second world war years (1945 - 1989)
twenty-sixth chapter in today's world and the beginning of the twenty-first Century
appendix subject classification
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: illustration: impermanent discussion. The husband lived is different and long, cold and sometimes not to learn, miscellaneous and incompatibility and rule, now listen to miscellaneous Miu Hangtong words, and no confusion? ListenSo, the people will be. Bachelor of language of this world who died days: "and the poor with no capital." This husband and one phase if also no harvest, others benefit alone to finish to give, not force jian. And the people which it no famine, disease will curse all alone to crime of poor, non luxury is idle or. Luxury and idler are poor, and the force and frugal rich. This hostility to the rich to give to the poor, is taken to be extravagant idler also with force. If the people. As cable sections, can not be too. This one here, not into the siege, not in the army, not to the world 大利易其 tibial a hair, the Lord to ritual, your wise and high 其行, thought that light the rebirth of the scholar. So Chen Liangtian's mansion, set salaries, so easy to people life also, this noble light born scholar, but people dead and heavy cable out of his things, can not be too. The collection policy, learning about, poly and service, service of literature and discussion, the main will thus rite, day: "respect the Magi, first king of the road." When the tax officials, will also; and the feed, the bachelor. Cultivator is heavy, bachelor is reward, and people are less cable disease of speech, can not be too....... The enemy King Wu Yi people though, 吾弗 tribute and Chen; Kannai Hou not I, I will make the bird at. So many people moving force, force the few is toward to people, so the Ming Jun Wu force. Fu Yan home without a ferocious slave, and mother a prodigal son, I understand this power can be no violence, rather than de hou to stop disorderly also. The country's sage, do not rely on people to do good, but its not for No. Rely on man as my goodness, what with the territory without number; people can do no wrong, a country can make qi. Rule for the and the homes of oligo, so not Wu De Wu method....... This wizard 祝之 wish one day: "if the long years." Long years of sound grate on one's ears, and one day of life without sign in person, the person so Jane Wu zhu. Modern Confucian said, this was to treat the poor, and language has therapeutical work; not the law of things, not the evil, and all ancient biography, reputation first king of success. Confucian excuse: "listen to my words can overlord." This said, the witch, and not subject to also have. The Ming master for facts, to useless; not righteousness are therefore, not scholars words.
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"The history of world civilization (Fourth Edition, Hardcover)" Editors: Read classic books literature, through 6000 years of human history of civilization.
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