The history of Western civilization

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This book is different from the general history of Western civilization textbook, it is not a book written by the author of the historical records, but a book by the author according to the sequence of the history of Western civilization, the Greek civilization, ancient Rome civilization to the modern civilization of Western history can reflect the history, philosophy, architecture style, religious belief, politics, economic development, and the famous famous literature on the war and other issues and source, sink into this book. In the course of our translation, we carefully study these articles, understanding, experience of the book in the original, on the other hand, efforts to adhere to the "letter and elegance," the criteria of translation, trying to keep the style, popular with the intention of Chinese expression. Chinese readers to help.
Author brief introduction

Author: (American) Perry M. Rodgers (Perry M.Rogers) translator: Pan Huixia Wei Jing Yang Yan Tang Ling
Catalogue of books

The first part of the Greek world,
1. Alexander the great was established,
second Rome world
2. Rome Republic of death and rebirth of Kaiser
3. and
4. Christ Rome peace and the fall of Rome sword
5. belief
third part of the medieval period: the medieval period (1100 - 1300)
fourth part of the modern World Foundation
6. "I am the state" />7. ": the development of
8. 195
fifth revolution era
9. "win the world!": the industrial revolution
10. "let the dead people to become their monument: the battle for the world!" imperial
sixth part on or after twentieth Century's
11. the Great War (1914 - 1918)
12. "hell is watching you": War and the Holocaust (1939 - 1945)
Chapter excerpt

The sixth chapter: the copyright page illustrations: silence:...... The owner has the right to speak, guidance, they should listen and keep quiet. What if the disciple must consult to teacher, his devout asked respectfully, and avoid saying too much. We will thoroughly denounced those filthy, foolish talk or laugh, and forbid his disciples never mouth say that discourse disgusting. The seventh chapter humility:...... Do the sixth step humility is such, repair condition for any low Taoist coping are given or hard, feel satisfied, and should always regarded himself as a not to be worth a hair labor, and do not deserve to be entrusted to his work...... The seventh step is to he should not only say but should really believe, they are all in one of the most humble, most of no value...... The eighth step is the monk should obey all general specification for the monastery of, and to the priest as an example...... The twelfth step is the monk should always appear to be modest, humble, it is not only in his heart, but also reflected in the manner. No matter where, in the church, in the prayer room, in the garden, in the street, in the field, whether it is sitting or standing, walking, he shall be the head down, eyes looking at the ground. He should always be thinking of his sins and imagined the judgement day is coming, says to himself the Gospels tavern owner said: "Lord, I be penniless, I was a sinner, which I can't lift your eyes and see the heaven"; the prophet said: "and I will be very humble bow," [postscript. The twenty-second chapter the monk how to sleep: the monk should sleep alone in bed, the abbot should consider each of them to conduct proper distribution of bed. If possible, all the monks should sleep in a room, but if too many people unable to do so, they should be separated from every 10 or 20 persons, and should follow the old monk's management. In the bedroom of the candle should be from the night continue until dawn. A monk should sleep in one's clothes, loincloth, there should be no knife near, lest hurt and others in his sleep. They should be ready, to see a signal should be immediately to provide services, but it looks like should be serious and careful. The younger brother of the bed should not be together, they should be separated from the older monk. When the brothers went up, they should each other quietly urged, quick to serve, so there are still excuse late in those who sleep not...... The thirty-third chapter monks should not have personal belongings: the monastery must resolutely, thoroughly eradicate this evil have personal property. Unless the Abbot's command, all people are not given or accept anything; not a man alone has any things, such as books, paper, pens and other things; because the monks can't even have their own bodies, nor the desire to dominate the intention, they all depend on the abbey the father (President). So they should not have those not Abbot gift or allow them to have things; in accordance with the "Bible" in the requirements, all is shared, no one can see any thing to own property. If anyone has the most serious crimes, he will receive two warnings, if he does not repent, he should be punished. The thirty-eighth chapter weekly Reader: every collective dinner should be reading, it should not be random, everyone can pick up a book and began to read. Every Sunday, a man of the brothers will be nominated for the reading aloud in the next week...... In the collective dining, everyone should ensure the most strict silence, but are not allowed to read any human voice babbling and speak. In the delivery of food and water, the friends need to wait for each other, pass, so that no one need to ask what; but if it is in need of food, if possible, should use gestures instead of speech.
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"The history of Western Civilization: Problems and sources (Sixth Edition)" the cultural, social and life together, as a piece of fluttering of history. It is not only related to political events, a time and figure encyclopedia, but also the personality and characteristics of civilization together, clear and vivid, attractive eight resort shows us the philosophy, religion and art trendWhat is the current events associated with the works of major issues such as.
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