The historical fallacy

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"The Voynich manuscript" original author who is it? What what's writing? Author Dniken to explain what kind of? The creation of "NASCAR paintings" Nazca culture is what exactly? They are how to create these huge paintings? Why should the creation of these paintings? But, in the arid desert Nazca plateau, is how to survive?
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Erich von Dniken self published in 1976 "car of the gods" (Chariots of the
Gods), Erich von Dniken is always one of the most authoritative writers in the world of mystery, his works has been Germany and America television companies into 5 part documentary, and by satellite in theaters worldwide, a the biggest investment of up to 1200000 the dollar. @##@ filled in his works The old, but how old? The modern dating has what use? The Voynich manuscript, the pages of the parchment with a variety of ink and color painting and writing. Paper and pigments are organic compounds, this means that you can use the carbon 14 dating techniques to determine their year. Radiocarbon dating by radiation measuring carbon isotope 14 to calculate the years. The half-life of carbon 14 is established: after 5600, total carbon L4 consumption by half; after 11200, consumption of 3/4, and so on. This assay is atmospheric carbon 14 is a constant, so it is not 100% correct. But in fact, the content of carbon element in the air of considerable fluctuation. In addition, only a few hundred years of history of Arts and crafts, carbon 14 is not particularly reliable. Finally, the Voynich manuscript owner -- Yale University, resolutely reject the document dating -- this is good reason. In 1965, the Yale University has a Vinland map, this picture on parchment world map depicts a large island is located in the west of Greenland, is located in what is now the island of Newfoundland position. If the map is true, that the Vikings had already been found in North america. But in 1972, when a chemical analysis of the map of the ink, some scientists found the ink contains a chemical substance which emerged in twentieth Century. This shows that the map must be a forgery. Allegedly, until 1995, in-depth study of continuous expansion, and the conclusion with the previous controversial date of creation. Until now, this debate is still no conclusion. Therefore, Yale University refused to use carbon 14 dating method for the determination of the year the Voynich manuscript. Even with the measured manuscripts may, also does not mean the end of a debate, because the text always controversial. More precisely: every devout Christians believe that the "Bible" of God said, is "New Testament" in "the four Gospels", Christians generally believe, Jesus of Nazareth companion with a record time, every word said down the sage and do every thing. These records are even referred to as "the original data". In fact, no one is real. The original text is often cited as well as from the theological perspective very creative doesn't exist. Then we hand in what? After the death of Jesus, from fourth Century to tenth Century replica creation. These replicas, nearly 1500 of this is from the copy copied again into. Each book is the one and only. Deviation of a total of more than 80000. 80000. These so-called "raw data", any page are stultify oneself place and other problems. Each new version is the author of the original article, rather than directly copying, these versions of creation is to meet the requirements of the times, to the point of view of the times. In this process, "the Bible" original data has accumulated tens of thousands of department easily proved wrong. One of the most famous ((Sinai notes "-- with" the notes ", written in fourth Century, discovered in 1844 in Sinai at the foot of San Catherine abbey. The book fixed place of not less than 16000 -- sixteen thousand! -- thanks to at least seven editors. Some part of the text has been corrected, and other original text back together. Professor Friderick Dilish experts found 3000 mistakes in the text." What is the relationship between these and the Voynich manuscript? I will explain the next. Assuming that this text and image is ancient, the content from the same a hermit there directly copied, not to make any changes, because no one knows exactly what to say in the manuscript. It could be seen as a sacred text or important knowledge, only the people familiar with the situation or in the distant future to decipher. To concentrate one's attention on copy of the people, the only important thing is to preserve the original descendants, because hidden in the house of the manuscript may have been moth erosion and begin to decay. If this is the case, then the manuscript is no author. Even if only 200 years of history of the Voynich manuscript scrolls and ink, the year is still a mystery. Successful decryption may find a "fault" knowledge of the ancient, and the world changes. (because the spirit of the times will make the change!) David Kahn American cryptographic experts predict: the Voynich manuscript is like a bomb, explode in the end of the day break out.......
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Study of many myths and collection of Erich von Dniken, a bold conjecture scientific significance which desirable, this work is "serious" (actually be timid and overcautious) scientists are not acceptable. -- USA readers
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  •   View the true history, learning the unknown space.
  •   The authors take advantage of special bought more than 20 this he had a total of 32 basic buy full! Before the great book that is the nature of the novel is the documentary nature! There are pictures! To have a look to buy this kind of book China are introduced too late!!!
  •   In the author's own title content said foreign affairs too much, is beside the point
  •   Always love his books and his point of view, although this does not mean that I accept, but let me understand reading his book, we to the world we live in is not as we think we know so much.
  •   Always love his books and his point of view, reading his book let me understand, in fact the world we live in is not as we think we know so much.
  •   He said God is an alien. We still don't contact with aliens is better, Hocking said.

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