The great Baroque civilized community

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The book of Baroque art, science, philosophy, the three chapter. Analysis of the origin of civilization, the Baroque growth and influence on later for the readers, opened a window for us, fresh Baroque civilization legacy blowing the Baroque civilized community again with a new awareness and high.
Author brief introduction

Zhao Xinshan, Professor, writers, philosophers. A book in the Eastern Han Dynasty "Taiping Jing" is a Taoist classic. One of the important proposition "astronomy Humanities Center of god." With the "four structures" as the hands of a vast network of invisible to scatter to the world, it is the highest life a philosophical worker's mission. Western "Baroque civilization community" in the net, but not in the network.
Catalogue of books

The building served as the Baroque era "leader" of the symbol
-- dedication
slow reading
book Origin of
-- Preface
A, a baroque
two, what is the "community"
the Baroque era spirit comes from three sources.
A, western expansion of the consequences of
three, Christian spirit, inheriting the legacy
the good and evil of Europe European
Baroque education system has been a series of

Baroque art in Wei people shoulders the Baroque architecture and
Palladio: Italy great architect
-- from the masons to architectural design master
A, personal
two and age, Palladio in the eyes of the ancient Greece and Rome.
three, Britain's new Palladio style
four, the British put new Palladio style to the North American continent
Palladio's "four books of architecture" and Vitrurius's "ten books on Architecture"
-- Baroque architectural philosophy and architecture aesthetics origin.
A, Vitrurius on the "ten books on Architecture": stereo vision and pursuit of quantitative
two, para The Austrian "construction of the four"
three, why only the ancient Greece Rome column symbol can spread to the rest of the world?
Baroque Music: windmill and carriage the rhythm of the times
-- chonghezhiqi, thinking and God
A, as the era of voice
two, Baroque architecture and empty basket structure, as well as the Baroque Music hermeneutics
four Vivaldi (1678-1741), Bach (1685-1750
five), Handel (1685-1759
six), Haydn (1732-1809
seven), Mozart (1756-1791)
nine, Beethoven and Palladio to the baroque musical instrument manufacturing famous family honor
windmills and carriage era rhythm Baroque painting
-- cover and contain everything.
a poem, painting in the music theme
three buildings in painting, painting in the Baroque God partly hidden and partly visible -- the nature of God or his nature
Baroque Aesthetics: what is beauty?
-- people the sense of beauty is born?. What is a beauty,?
two, Leibniz's "pre established harmony"

Baroque Baroque science philosophy
the end
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: illustration: the music of language itself, but also took an important change, opened the prelude to the rise of Baroque music, I refer to "polyphony and rhythmic rhythm". (this requires a symbolic scientific notation system as a prerequisite) original Grigore chants rhythm is immeasurable, not quantitative, because the speed freely, as in general, with the lyrics of natural stress. -- music to become truly "the art of time" (the building is an art of space), the rhythm of the quantization is the key. Around 1600 years ago, the western music (whether religious or secular) is a monophonic. When two or more voices began to bundle together, called "polyphonic music". -- this is new method of composition created works. It is through some say not clear change in the long historical stage, the twists and turns in the process before the formation of the (evolution). The first two lines in parallel for mobile (repeat each other at different levels on the pitch), is also at the same time in the same direction (here once again shows that music is an art of time). Then, gradually, the composer to change (life world is full of charm, it is a dramatic change in it), began to make the two parts in reverse, i.e. a voice up, another downward. In the rhythm of the two parts are independent of each other, that move in different directions, and at the same time. At around 1600, there were four key changes of western music, thus beginning the golden curtain rise of Baroque music, which in the whole history of human music is a major event, because it has enriched the human spiritual life. If the curtain did not open, which is later Bach, Handel and Haydn? And then Mozart and Beethoven come from?
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"Baroque" civilized community great content includes: standing on the shoulders of the great people of Baroque architecture, Palladio: a great architect in Italy.
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