The German Ideology and culture

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Germany is a country, nation theory thought, philosophical country, German academia has made a unique and significant contribution to the academic development of human thought. "Reflection and innovation" contains two meanings: one is the German academic is advancing in the constant reflection and innovation, two is Chinese academic must constantly move forward in the basis of reflection and innovation of the German academic and other national academic, and should be for the world, and make greater contributions to human. In the reflection and research, innovation, reflection should be thoroughly, innovation must have great courage. "The German Ideology and culture: Reflection and innovation" is the 20 years of problems in the field of ideology and culture of German research results of the assembly, to "beyond the Western Thought -- a new probe into the core of philosophy" (2008 revised edition) continuation and complement of a book.
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Liu Liqun, Professor of Beijing Foreign Studies University, was China European Academy of Social Sciences researcher Chinese; European Association, vice president and Secretary General of the German research association. Research field: Philosophy and social science theory, international issues; author of "beyond the Western Thought -- a new probe into the core of philosophy" (Revised Edition), "World states: Iceland", CO authored, CO translated the book of essays, edited books, published dozens of papers.
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Introduction I and the German Ideology and culture of
the first series of German philosophy and academic reflection on
German philosophy and culture on
Marx and why Engels did not use "materialism"? -- limitations and misunderstandings on Marx and Engels on the Yuan Zhexue problem of < br > Dialectics -- get rid of the dialectical the superstitious
on western academic tradition and style -- comparison of continental and Anglo American academic tradition
human not dominated by any law breaking -- "goals and the ways of realization of
" capitalist "theory of determinism" error
on social limitations and misunderstandings in some
theory of economics need theory of value? -- new research on the theory of economics
Science and religion can prevail? Relationship between atheism and theism -- a new probe for
Science and religion
second series of German history and culture and international
Western why ahead of the world and to China learned what?
don't fear the Westernization -- Thoughts on Chinese Yankee section
new philosophy and human history -- a comparison between Chinese and Western cultures view
de law on European integration of target for
the sense of national identity and European integration
German right-wing forces on
unnecessary conflict -- a historical progress and great power strategy decision-making errors.
100 China future 8 ask -- "global" magazine written interview
third series of translation and terminology of
Science of translating the univocal tendency of
language translation of the formation and the development of human intelligence.
"linguistics" should be renamed the "language -- re understanding of the relationship between language and writing
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The copyright page: inferences in accordance with the "community name surname endowment" logic, China engaged in reform and opening up, joining the world trade organization, and the western developed countries engaged in trade and investment can be referred to as the "save the western capitalism", "delay the decline of Western capitalism". This view is obviously absurd, because the main beneficiaries of reform and opening up since Chinese is Chinese people themselves. As a whole, since 50's of the twentieth Century western countries not only economically developed, and the level of social security in the world, and in nineteenth Century and the first half of the twentieth Century there is a fundamental difference between. The West now has not used the western end of the Second World War, that since the second half of the twentieth Century western is not the western, more than nineteenth Century, eighteenth Century western. In Europe and USA dominated Western in both domestic and foreign learn lots of experience, made a number of reform and innovation, has made many changes and progress. As China's serious corruption at present and "black brickkiln" event did not almost already in the western developed countries, not to mention the spit habit is a shame; China's gross enrollment rate of higher education in the university enrollment is still accounted for only 1 / 4 graduates, and the developed countries has 3 / 4 above. Some claim that the Marxist Leninist view that "only through a social revolution, the cooperatives, joint-stock companies, banks, large monopoly organizations, state-owned enterprises and all state planning and management mechanism, take over from the capitalism there, in the hands of the people, to establish the new socialist society" (see the Marx doctrine of "contemporary online the new change of capitalism and the development trend of the research on" one article). What is called "in the hands of the people", how to do this? Like Chinese now do this now, or should do? They have extremely "left" is to subvert the "capitalism", that "nature" is the title given to the people as a whole, to implement the "ownership", but the actual result is the people's suffering. This problem is far from simple and visible, the key issue is not caught, is based on the old dogma is a problem, empty, not what persuasion, also do not have practical operability, is completely bookishness, impractical view of a bookish person.
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  •   The core of things, reflection and innovation, is the philosophy of this nation the most brilliant side, but also all discipline, is very important, we have to learn German great reverence
  •   Should be genuine, film, book is also very neat and straight board is relatively thin about 300 pages, the book introduced this as "continued beyond the western thought".
  •   It has much academic value, recommended reading!

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