The drunken row

Date of publication:2010-6   Press: Shandong Pictorial Publishing House   Author:Yu Zemin   Pages:279  

Zemin wrote another book, called "Coffee shop to see Europe", allegedly sold well, word of mouth is also very good. I am sure that this is the truth. In bookstores in different city, I see the book was put on the key promotional shelf region, which can be cited as I saw sales basis. When it comes to word of mouth -- as a matter of fact, I have not read the book, I for its confidence from I Ze Min stubborn (actually I had wanted to use "almost blind", but worried about readers so that the preface too emotional, thus to me about the book's view and attitude of doubt) worship. Lay the honor, and in a thing, it is the task of writing an almost impossible, but was Zemin completed. Once, I asked him to write an article about my impression. He soon finished the copious and fluent, nearly ten thousand words. My impression to the needs of its magazine, won the editor's identity, and my friends and colleagues looked at, reactionRun in the same groove, say you this friend also know you too well, you write, tsk! It is more than a "penetrating", until now, there are friends to give me what to write, will Na Zemin of this article as a reference. People don't know is, Zemin at the time of this writing to me, and I hardly know, we just in an active site photos once, a couple of silent gaze, and then sat for one or two hours in a club like place, nor to a few period sentence. Now you can probably understand it, oh! I'm not too much Zemin respect. Zemin learning psychology, and psychology of art, this is he from the university medical professional after graduation as a professional study in graduate school, then go out of the country, footprints all over Europe, he was quick to learn, to be learned in books as a lifelong hobby, these factors, probably can explain the skill Zemin "penetrating" origin -- my implication: Zemin works, professional and allow all doubt. But this man is Zemin, set an example by personally taking part "personal independence of conduct".

This book is the author of "second masterpiece after Coffee shop to see Europe" and a appreciation of European cultural life. This time, he was the incarnation was a not addicted to wine, but wine knowledge, understand wine, love wine "drunkard", around the European nations, left to right, the pen, with a sweet smelling "European wine book". In the book, the author wrote Wine, champagne, Absinth, fennel wine, cocktail, beer, whiskey and other kinds of wine, not only to write the wine itself, also wrote wine legend, history, customs, anecdotes, art, means...... And the people who drink many interested him. He took us into the wine, intoxicated in the idyllic, gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind; take us away from the old tavern door of time, with Lautrec, Picasso, Van Gogh, Shuai g together look coldly from the sidelines at or drunk drinking revelry; in every kind of "wine" feelings with friends drink different atmosphere; and together we pursue wine brand growth path, the success of the shoulder; together with the sages wise "wine wine language before the word" appreciate sb.'s thought...... European wine is more than one hundred years in age, the author opened the bottle Zhai, authentic and you were. In the chapter first wonderful tells of Bacchus legend, the two sides of Bacchus, makes a deep analysis of two sides or wine; Matsuo Ichiaki and "drunk" and "wake up" two drinking as clever analysis. This dialectical mood throughout the book. This is called "drunkard" is different from "drunkard" self-cultivation lies: in the face of wine, "stay sober half of the remaining half drunk wine"; to write, "both drunk passion, and sweet smart". Turn the page, along with his departure, colorful European wine culture that reach the acme of perfection to show in front of you.
Author brief introduction

Yu Zemin, in 1989 graduated from the Department of clinical medicine, Beijing Medical University, the same year was admitted to China Conservatory of Music Department of music for a master's degree, engaged in the study of the psychology of art. In 1991 went to Hungary to work. During his stay abroad, as a doctor, illustrator, university teacher, newspaper editor, translator, tutor, tour guide, actor, and even fruit garlic farming etc.. Through the European nations, appreciate life, writing. Currently resides in Budapest hungary. He is a member of Beijing Writers Association, member of the Hungarian Association of journalists. Wrote and starred in the film "a Chinese" (the film festival in 1997, Hungary). With the Hungarian Sinologist translated "moral", "book of changes". In 2002 Nobel prize for literature, the Hungarian writer Kertesz's "the British flag", "destiny", "another person" and "the diary" and other works. Author of the novella collection "Hungarian Dance", novel "narrow skylight" etc..
Catalogue of books

The first chapter of bless Europa 1 Jose "cup of wine of 2 male womb release" born "lame" 3 easy Dionysus Dionysus rough fate of 4 5 to defend the blood of Bacchus' support second chapter I in the European history of drunkenness 1 club drunk Dance 2 hangover warm memory of 3 sacks potatoes and a bottle of 帕林卡 4 half the night in the pub over 5 beautifully the Dragon Seal Riesling chapter third Hungarian wine red and white 1 heaven spilt a drop of wine 2 get good out of misfortune for Tokaj 3 to buy wine to another lesson 4 nectar quietly into the China 5 is the curse of golden wine 6 bulls blood the preexistence and present fourth chapters with love, with who and best! 1 close almost eternal the familiar strange 2 extracted from beauty body inspiration 3 we taste can not be too picky 4 drink more wine Wine should thank the fifth chapter not drunk do not out of the red light district 1 Moulin Rouge Moulin Rouge Museum in 2 old drunk 3 drunk can instead of love 4 "bang bang bang" Cancan 5 why Moulin Rouge beer? 6 Welsh, buy a cup of champagne for me to drink! The sixth chapter Paris for "Paris red" 1 forgotten Paris wine rise 2 Wine Empire 3 bewhiskered vanity 4 once prosperous Paris wine 5 nostalgic Montmartre windmill chapter seventh rabbits, naked and donkey 1 future city vineyard 2 Impressionist rabbit 3 Cubism nude 4 futuristic donkey chapter eighth tickets in the Al Lv Xianzi encounter 1 Asylum 2 he lived here 3 -- how do you al people drink? 4 pairs of fraternal contemporaneous aesthetic by the ninth chapter of Mousika is the fate of 1 green Mousika 2 Mousika 3 Mousika 4 born by Mousika Mousika's 5 - 6 the resurrection of Mousika Mousika, the tenth chapter 7 on Amsterdam wine a 1 ship to Europe "Baroque wine" 2 indistinct origin 3 must say Americans 4 Amsterdam is the cocktail 5 here red light is green eleventh chapter bloody Marie and red HeineKen chapter twelfth. 100 years of Walker Johnnie chapter thirteenth beer such as pee as wine in Prague. Fourteenth chapter, Fifteenth chapter of Munich Shuaike The sixteenth chapter Noah brewing beer worship. Seventeenth chapter I in the European collection of Jiejiu recipe postscript I'm not drunk, but drunk
Chapter excerpt

Illustration: the first chapter of bless Europa 3 transvestite Dionysus the gods of Olympus, the most beloved has two, one is the human civilization is stolen fire prophet of God Plo Michel J, another is to teach human beings Wine Dionysus and the harvest God dionysus. Kindling development of human wisdom, Wine rich human feelings. But from the view of nature, Plo Michel J and Dionysus is different, the former fortitude, integrity, tolerance and unyielding, without any destructive character, the latter passionate, uninhibited, full of good and evil of its own contradictions; the former is a rational God, the latter is a perceptual God; the former to humans rather tied were tortured by exposure the eagle pecked heart, the latter does not have that kind of sacrifice, just go with wine, and the. Dionysus optimism and goodness, have fun with the citizens, for the benefit of the world be dogged by bad luck; he traveled east, brave and decisive, not a drop of blood flow to conquer India; he guides humans grow grapes, brewing wine, bless the farmers harvest; at the same time, he also told all the alcoholics, once drunk, out of control, showing the irrational cold side. He is due to drink a few wine, travel, lift the ass go, results so that he just returned from Naxos married to Princess Ariadne of Crete (Ariadne) keep 望门寡.

"Europe drunk for": Life nurturing culture, culture life. Series Yu Zemin "taste of Europe" living cultural works: "Coffee shop to see Europe", "European" drunk...... (introduced in) the person -- European settlement, into life, rich experience, more habitat quality, the paper -- fresh field, multi touch, Wen Ya attitude, personality, style of writing. The hangover simply described as "torture", "death" and "grave" is. Not fair, in the life some "cat resentment" can also be very beautiful, can call you away from the mundane, but also from God, let you push yourself to go into the door to walk. There, you are after the flood. The only survivor, no guilt nor salvation; no threat, there is no hesitation; no rules, no so-called constraint; only you and your loneliness scale, only the wine drunk with you together. Wine liquid culture of Europe, drink Wine is a living art, not only must have the feeling, also need accomplishment. Gerd said a humorous plate, accurate, very classic very wonderful words: "the only play to the utterly ridiculous, let a person look will be comfortable." In my opinion, cocktail is alcohol in the rococo. Wine sink happy ah, who really know you? If a person has to explain ourselves, need to pursue faster, need to heal like castles in the air, then he will believe in you, you theToo profound to be understood, hidden in the vines in the ecstasy of god. In the endogenous light shining, wine body is so great, big class from him from a season of youth, how hot, real! And he is so shocking pleasure and unbearable magic is how terrible, Absinth is probably the world's most poetic things, a cup of Absinth a sunset and what is the difference between them. For those who understand the real meaning of life of people, the champagne is a daily pleasure, success should be used to reward, failure to use it to comfort.
Media attention and comments

A sensitive, stubborn and deep affection wanderer to writing this way, even if the face is already cooling materials, he is also unable to restrain to personal experience strong sense. -- Zhou Xiaofeng (a famous writer, "October" deputy editor @##@) I don't have a hereditary gene for alcoholism, the no mother, no father's support. When I was young, my family lived in Beijing city now has been buried in the Financial World College Hutong, although my grandmother often letting me carrying empty bottles to Yuan Hu Tong East Road opposite the store called wine, but is the two two green plum wine. The label of the pattern I vaguely remember: two gold leaf and fruit, looks like a green rabbit. Grandmother had never drunk, only more love to laugh more than usual. Mother retired, occasionally like to take two small wine, but only for the spirit imaginary relaxation and as a doctor for his health delayed attention. She prefer red wine, but a bottle of wine to drink half a month to open. My brother is like a father, not only in appearance and posture resembles, even to the alcohol allergy symptoms are run in the same groove, as long as the use of chopsticks dipped in wine a sip, immediately his anger rose, red back, according to a white handprints. But he did rock that line, and was a drummer, and often I got bruising, but not a drinker. Say to me, also drinking Co., take Wine it: a drinks, rosy cheeked; two cups, speak quickly; three cups, a few words; four cups, drivel tear...... If you advised me to drink, I will be reborn Nirvana Liang, quiet like what did not drink, quietly lying, faint however sudden sleep, never drunk. Remember the second grade university summer vacation, I with the summer camp tour Taishan mountain, the south gate, I drank a bottle of wine for conceited, results didn't climb to the top of Taishan. Wait for a "list of small hills," from the top down, just a piece of stone on the road to find me, even the towing frame to put me back to the hotel. It is the first time I have ever drunk, physical pain can not remember, but psychological torture continued long: climbing is not reached, with ecstasy the night did not reach orgasm as full of frustration. After going abroad I have drunk a few times, the book was written, some did not write. 1993 New Year's day, lovelorn unemployment get legal status, is my most lonely hit mark, has brought me to the town he lived in, attend a gathering of friends. It was a small farm house, the house together twenty or thirty people, just under the snow, the trees drooped, but do not feel cold. At midnight, the small church bells, the young man holding a glass bottle nose dear dear face each other happy new year.
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