The dead

Date of publication:2010年12月   Press: Jilin publishing Refco Group Ltd   Author:[English] Bob Couzyn   Pages:328  

Dr. Bob Couzyn, child psychology, and then has a degree in history, has a great interest in folklore and mysterious culture, was among the early years traveling states, is now engaged in writers, cultural and educational consultant occupation, and his wife settled in northern ireland.
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The first chapter vampire 第拉 Hugo centuries later, these ancient terrorists with the other culture in an angry ghost cognitive together. For example, the Vikings (Viking) beliefs have 第拉 Hugo concept. Faith says 第拉 Hugo is a body of the Avengers, wandering around it in the country, violence against his partner or someone. These ghosts are lying in a like the tomb's tomb, the tomb distribution in the whole of Scandinavia (Scandinavian) region. The ghost could "live" these like a house's tomb, adventure to do bad things go out after dark. Although many of 第拉 Hugo story is considered to originate from Iceland (Iceland), but were soon across northern Europe (Nordic) and even further afield as. There are records of them in the UK and France, in Latin America (Latin) and Anglo Saxon (Angl0.Saxon) manuscript also recorded. These ghosts in the coffin at passers-by, often threw a stone at them. A black day they will enter into the nearby house, appear in front of people who live in them, scare them. Iceland written around thirteenth Century (even though the content appeared in the earlier zero zero pieces of works in the "Lex) multi IRA legend" (Laxdoela Saga) have about Rapp (Hrapp) story, it go out every night, from his grave to roam, damage to this area, and even kill for it the servant. In mid fourteenth Century, Hagrid Phil Abbey wrote "Eyre 比基亚 legend" (Eyrbyggia Saga) recorded many kinds of ghosts, Alfonso Rolf (ThorolfHalt foot) and a group of undead around the tomb, frighten it destroyed village villagers. Many stories about their reflects a restless spirits of the earlier stories of Greece and Rome. However, the superiority of a Christian factors that church, are now starting to appear in a restless ghost story in the west.......
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The first chapter second chapter third chapter vampire werewolf zombie and voodoo fourth chapter ghoul and clay figurine chapter fifth Howard Philip Lovecraft horror hybrid nightmare @##@ appendix This book is aimed at least some detailed description of life mentioned above, and the source of their possible. This does not mean that we must put them as a terrible thing to expel, nor for their excuse, not deny their fears. The book tries to show a picture of a terrible picture life threatening human all the time since, these life forms the general nightmare, but also motivate the elements of literary imagination in the dark. It also attempts to praise the lurking in the shadows or the rage, hungry eyes from dark to life lonely people.
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To understand the mysterious culture in the west, only need a series of international authoritative scholars, Boso Couzyn went to visit what one sees and hears around with the previous theory first hand information perfect show brings you the one and only reading experience if you like "Twilight", "Dracula" and "Harry Potter" words, please be sure to match the book reading!
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  •   Very good, for those who are afraid of it, or daytime look better without plastic film, plastic good, single material is good, not too much dust. Satisfied.
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