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Feng Zi, formerly known as Cui Ying. Chinese canadian. Ever beauty in the South Chinese, engaged in high-end fashion brand marketing, and wrote the book, made records.
2004 immigrants in Montreal, on Canada's oldest Mcgill University (McGill
University) study of marketing course. The local newspaper "seven days Chinese" column "Maple Leaf" woman writing.
Author brief introduction

The night of the full meaning, many city in city business card printing their own. Montreal is a what kind of place? It is the largest French speaking city in North america. Walking in the street, want to hear passed in English is really not easy. The people of Quebec for hundreds of years devoted efforts and enthusiasm of all to safeguard the authority and the continuation of the french. New immigrants choose to learn French, the cost of living is funded government not only in your study, but also help you subway bus monthly reimbursement. Montreal is also the famous "GrandPrix" F1 racing host city of June each year, this station is perennial fixed here. Season the short span of three days, whether it is the main venue for GillesVilleneuve, or in the famous bar street Crescent, everywhere all kinds of car, sexy fancy models, flags and wine, there is no shortage of the world's top racers vigorous figure. At the same time, she is the most important North American fashion base, American Canada and many parts of the world fashion is produced here. Because here lived mainly French descendants, European ancestry created beauty, she is also one of the world's ten largest city. Lightly in which high streets and back lanes, shopping bazaar, angel face a quiet and modest maiden than their own not to regard it as right or passers-by. Also, Montreal is the world of gay spiritual home, here on gay and lesbian inclusive and with are the most massive in terms of legislation or the general public psychology. The free atmosphere attracted from all over the world gay artist, Hollywood stars have settled down here. To say the characteristics of Montreal, it is too much. Of course, she is a personality culture open city. Here, the sex shop innumerable. When I was in the Kui big read French, from the teaching building out necessary a vertically phallus shop. This shop might have become a part of their lives, like sell soft drinks snacks grocery, everywhere, and no one will be surprised and upset. In Montreal, said of peaceful times. under can not sell, buy. Buy sex are illegal, the police caught is subject to strict. So we can say here is a worker's paradise. We had to come to Canada, we in the technology migration which is not a little stunt, to achieve the technology worked for the Canadian government demand scores. Hear a type stripper is skilled immigrants, as long as they can show the strip work experience, technology, can also take the immigration to canada. This line in the quite popular. Walking in the most prosperous commercial street StCatherine, everywhere has the striptease nightclub, it may be in a bookstore next to, or with the bank for the pro. This NightClub is more, it has long been ignored. As night fell, the street nightclub neon. But the point is not ambiguous, and next to the clothing shop does not have what difference. But their appearance is very small, probably don't need a window display of goods, but also can save the rent. Usually such shops are on the two floor, downstairs Street StationA strong man, play the role of the clients. Hui I picked up from the Rockies companion, she had no friends in Montreal, I will bravely take the initiative to invite her to live in my home, she certainly happy. This is not, in my this is not warm hospitality of a host, I will try my best to introduce my city to her. See strippers is a program essential. I accompany excitedly she walks to Downtown. I have seen five or six striptease, really do not have too much interest and curiosity. The first time was in 2004. First, a good friend of the couple with a husband and I, we two to four individual collective ventured into the club. The last dancer is performing stage. Her action is designed with music, dancing or flying leg, or crawl. Of course, the steel columns can not be ignored. She can fly pillars, with legs tightly holding, hand, light solution neon. Then a piece of cloth, for she spent one minute to return. One minute it seemed too long, because we can't wait to see the bra underwear off her three. Each dancer on the stage in turn, through a dance, her face, temperament, body, all take in everything in a glance to show guests, under the table, the guests can choose their favorite, called her to his table, solo. Her husband's face has a excited and happy, don't understand how a man on a strange body then input. I and friend wife began to find fault with the body. Indeed, they are too beautiful. These beautiful girls sat quietly waiting for the guests call, even after the guests table, is also a courtesy greetings and shake hands, never take the initiative to disturb and offensive. In order to better show the sexy carcass, they try to bring the body supply reduction, bra and underwear outside T shape, with a small handbag. But I found they were holding a piece of exquisite small towel, seated before putting square shop in the seat, then the Callipyge placed at the top. From their faces look not to the oppressed of sorrow, as if all are happy leisurely, enjoy their own occupation. This attitude is relaxed to let you have any contempt for them not to. A friend called two girls alone for their performance. The husband happy blossom like a flower, we two wife stood by and laughed at: this can be? For the rare strange. Maybe this is just a visual feast, man's over, everything returns to the reality, not what the big deal. But give us a ban, but counterproductive, but became an ideal man heart, always want to pursue. Strip club and bar not what different. Some also received five yuan tickets, some directly into the can. To buy a cup of wine, a few dollars. The only different is provided here, dance performance, also three points as the dew. Girls perform strip club, is the men's world. So when I and Hui leg to stride the famous SuperSexe, but the strong men stopped. They provided, female customers to enter the strip club, there will be a man with me, otherwise please. Let us how to beg, or figure out a way to follow other men in,. Seriously over Canadians are Ao however, seeing the customers they don't, but kindly tell us which near a allow pure women enter. The dancers between quality is not bad. Beautiful temperament is best not to mention, because each bright like Hollywood stars like. A corner of the stage sat a few old man, leisurely sipping wine, not to worry about the work of money. A woman, not young, an estimated thirty years old, with a broad smile, walked on stage. There is no vivid facial features, skin is not too tight. But she always smile. Kind kind smile, special cast to the old man. The kindly smile to the old man's bones are dissolved away, her off the stage, will be most willing to follow her to the small screen in concert. Here each stunt girl. Some people are like retired from the national team gymnastics athlete, can fly on the steel pipe, one arm up, before and after the somersault, doing these because the body without any cloth restrictions, appear more lightsome freely. Don't turn a somersault to show sexy side, in a soothing music and ambiguous lamplight, twist the waist, the radiation of the blurred eyes, licking a drop of red lips, with youthful carcass to lure them. At this time, there are one or two irrepressible, mouth of money, on the stage, let the stripper to the mouth to pick the ring steel collapse or notes. Don't turn a somersault and not coquettish, as pure students. A fat girl, wearing lab's white coat, wearing a pair of black eyes myopia mirror box, leisurely walked onstage. What a lovely girl next door. Plump carcass in a white coat is partly hidden and partly visible, also very sultry. I and you together in love with a girl. Tall, good temperament, small chest like a teenage girl hasn't started development. In a group of roaring waves, she is so confident. Don't flirt with the eyes, not exaggerated movements, elves gracefully dance. This is the girl that night was no chest guests by name in one of the most. Since her appearance, the two of us eyes followed her, not once had left. She came, asked: should I dance for you alone? We hasten to say NoNo. But then quickly close: we love you show, what's your occupation? She is very honest: I am a college student, studying fashion design. No wonder, such extraordinary temperament, can only be a send out to study fashion design student's body. Out from the ballroom, we a feeling: no longer own Asian figure of inferiority complex! To see that a few rely on the body to eat people, we are not great chest. This disco innumerable, but female customer service is scanty. So even the most famous of the "281", also only in week four, five, open six three nights. In Montreal, when asked which male strip club is the most famous, almost all of the people will tell you, go to 281. It is located in the most prosperous commercial street StCatherIne and the old St.Laurent street intersection. The surrounding is full of sensual place, every weekend, young men and women gathered here, in a nightclub front line, squandering endless youth, the release of the endless energy. "Le281" before moving to the site, the building where the Kui big is bought, so he became the only campus in the world with a strip club of the university! Such strange things can only happen in Montreal, this piece of the air is full of free and uninhibited spirit land. The emergence of the "Le281" born at the right. In 1980 the feminism as Sheng, like men appreciate women body to admire the man, is a symbol of the liberation of women. Here, women want to say without mincing words to express and desire the same men, when facing the male body, they are like a French singer Zazie in UnPointC 'EstToi goes: if you are a man, you take off the ground! "The first three years of the early 281" business, received a total of one million five hundred thousand crazy lady! I have been there two times 281. The reason is in the huge Montreal, I can't find the bosom friend. This love of male friends, it will only go to a strip club, not comrades, have no interest. But the girls all shy, reserved, who like me live say without mincing words, there is no secret. The earliest understanding of male strippers, source and a man. The day is blue, the grass is green, the maple leaf red and yellow. I wandered into the Montreal College campus. A person delude one to folly lying on the grass, holding the camera, shoot shoot leaves, blue sky, beat yourself. The distance spreads a greeting: "are you all right?" I looked around, I saw a handsome came from the horizon, elegant style. He said: "I see you lying on the ground, think you fall." I smiled, thanked him, asked him to take a few photographs of me. He asked: "are you a model?" I asked: "you just like a model?" He said: "I was a dancer." My curiosity came up: "you jump what dance? Ballet, modern?" He smiled: "not, I dance in the adult club." I seemed to understand and do not understand. He explained to me: "I usually dancing in a club, good luck, someone invited me to her birthday Party, or BachelorParty, so I can earn $1000 a night." I carefully asked: "what are you doing in Party?" "Do you ah, as they end to drink and snacks, one night will also perform one or two strip. After a while I will go to New York for a month." "Then you daytime show?" "No, I have my own business, I and a friend opened a sex shop, we are very busy, want to purchase goods, business." The photo shoot, he give me a kiss, send me a card, said: "I hope to have the opportunity to perform for you alone." Say wisecrack blinked, drive away. From now on, I am full of reverie of male strippers. A thought into the male strip club. Our two friends along the deafening noise, touch into a ballroom, security to me and her friends stopped, the two men inside. We were surprised when, they look strange to escape. "There is Gay, the man show man see." Strange to let us in, and such a place. Autumn, I put the baby back home a few months, good to read the rest of the three courses. Thinking this may be the last chance I have free, and so I graduated, to put one's heart and soul into with the baby. So I must put the unfinished wish to achieve in this period of time. I asked several "side count not so serious" friend, to accompany me to go to a "281". Grinding for a long time, but my old friend A Qiang, reluctantly agreed to accompany me to the. It seems to me I owe him. Perhaps the occupation habits, factor also to have the character of it, I always not familiar with their own, very interested or larger and their national cultural differences people or things, always want to find out. "281" this place in the Chinese is not seen, nor heard of. Life in a foreign, not understanding on the side of the culture, is very regrettable. "Be totally different 281" inside the guest and I met at a strip club before. Female a strip club, are to join the middle-aged man. In the "281", to my surprise, to see so many young girls. Of course, the atmosphere here is also completely different. The female dancers dance, a swing waist, with a beautiful lyrical atmosphere. And here, standing in the doorway, also didn't buy a ticket, had heard exclamations and screaming inside one wave. Security in your hand stamp at the same time, carefully explained the rules here: not allowed to take photographs, not allowed to photograph, don't touch the dancers. I and a guilty to sit in the last row, upturned neck, looking through the front hairline, dancing arm, in order to look into the arena. At that time, only to see them perform well, take off clothes, no real feelings. See a male guest point to, kneeling in front of them acting alone, I also ready to make trouble: I want one. Jiang said angrily: if you do, I will go. Helpless, we took less than an hour, just walk away. I also get angry: you're not my husband, not my parents, why limit me? Here in the Chinese community website, there are discussions about sexual topics. One big question: what do you think of China girl your boyfriend? The above argument into two pie, be quite distinct from each other. Some women say: foreigners and considerate, caring woman, refined and courteous, will create a small romantic. Of interest, of a happy life. So to find a foreigner boyfriend, willing to marry a foreigner. And the men said: our sister how can take to foreigners bullied? They treat love is not serious, just want to play with you. Stop right now, repent and be saved. Heard a joke: a white woman looking for black men, Asian woman looking for white men. What about the Asian men and black women? Here,Asian men is not easy and Western women come together. So the men of their psychological to the west is very inconsistent, not willing to see their sisters love unto them. Let a foreigner to siblings to undress in his nose, a can not accept. In Huilai, I finally find like-minded people. We had dinner in the CelineDion often visit the barbecue shop, on the evening, be in the best of spirits to "281"! No door, heard the screams and cheers has resounded through the hall. You could not conceal his eagerly looking forward to, a face of longing. The handsome boy led us to our seats, Hui looked at his handsome face, said excitedly: I think he! On the stage the muscle male is like the sunshine smile, confident display their bulky muscle. Under the stage the girls screamed crazily, in succession toward the stage waving. If the man walked to the edge of the stage, just stand in front of you, it is him, several Taiwan and girl would be finished: Spirit suddenly out of control, a madness hysteria blurred shape, on the male, to take him down tear. Men and not overdo sth. back, to be neither friendly nor aloof, provocative to put his hand into his pants, do not want to cut out. It is urgent the dead which! We are interested in two were picked up, each have a beer. Lend wine strength, bravely look to their body, screaming. This atmosphere can't make people mad. Like a stripper, men are to be individually to undress, accept your identification. They were significantly more professional, more occupation spirit. My friend Justin is a student in the Mongolian University of French is a male stripper. Listen to the people say, because the Montreal male strip club is not much, so the market demands for male dancers is relatively high, not who wants to give you the opportunity to take off, handsome appearance, tall of stature, is a necessary condition for the most basic. In addition, they also have artistic talent, will create the atmosphere of the scene, understand and interact with the audience. My guess is "281" should be a professional choreographer. I saw them or the original slave dress appearance, dressed in hides and skins, sets of chains, torches spear; or tramp, plumbers, construction workers appearance, with a ruler to measure the girl bosom; or swimming pool lifeguard, for tourists to do artificial respiration; or the bartender, put the glass on the key the girl pretended bartender position; even played Professor, of course, on the physical health classes, to give a live demonstration of female students. Hui is the university teacher, came to Canada to participate in international conferences, paper presented at the meeting. See the show, she has a new inspiration: the next time the theme is as, on Canadian popular men's underwear brand. We see, these men are wearing underwear basically concentrated in two brands: CK and Diesel. The next door girl waved called a handsome boy. He held a board walk, on the girl's face, kneeling. No matter how shocked the music on the stage, the audience how fanatical, handsome male only focus on its own performance, and the girl affectionate look, touch his strong body, "pa" slapped her ass, told the girl: how to meet the muscle! The 20 year old girls, first awakening interest in the opposite sex, staring at the handsome man affectionately eyes, eyes followed him wandering hands. Or nervous, and like to enjoy, and charming, and joy, teeth clenched his lips, clear eyes full of burning desires. The handsome men gave her a courtesy of Kiss, a smile to stand up, meaning that: after the performance. Also immersed in the dream of girls, cruel to wake up, also took out 10 yuan, be reluctant to part with her to see once through two minutes of handsome men away from her, his affection for another girl. Here, the stage is the scenery. Sometimes, under the stage scenery is even more interesting. I always thought that should come to watch the male body are old women, did not expect the fact table is sitting is mostly young and beautiful face, just like 20 years old, gathering in crowds and groups, fashion Jiaoqiao, or scream booing, or torsion pendulum swing. I have not many middle-aged women, also not resigned to playing second fiddle, Pa Pa Pa pounded the table, to release the inner ecstasy and excitement. Next to a table of people seem to give a 40 year old lady birthday celebration. They ordered a man for her. But no matter how face our focus, want to put her into a state of professional spirit, she was always shy to keep smiling, laughing, lying on the table. She didn't dare to face the man, even if is only the naked upper body. Whenever she tried to smile with convergence, raised his head, eyes and over a contact, and immediately fell down. Around her like this that we can laugh together. This is cheap the man get throught a thing carelessly, as 10 dollars. Many women have classmate party, birthday Party, farewell single Party events held here through the "281" Webpage, found that there are some social activities are also specified to here, such as alumni reunion. Lived nearly 40 years old, never thought I would have a chemical reaction that on a pair of strange body. Grew up in a conservative age in the US, accept education in this respect is zero. We have been told that the most noble soul communication between the sexes, from physical sensory stimulation is the most lower level pursue, no different from animal. So of course we choose the noble soul communication, what appearance of muscle ah, ah, from a contemptuous disregard. Western people's consciousness and view of the world is sometimes quite the contrary, draw further apart. We used to know a person fall in love all, including his character, occupation, hobbies, family background, and everything and he linked to things, to investigate how to spend the last half a year of time, and then determine the love relationship, and then through the reserved and trial period time, began to have physical contact. In the west, they pay attention to eye, if you first met each other crazy, to go to bed, before beginning to understand the long process. Both not ripe to cooked wrong, just because there are differences so great, causing the existence rationality here a ballroom. You swear, certain points tonight a handsome to jumpDance, otherwise after return will regret in life. She likes the blurred vision of man, so eyes will kill her. I was fascinated by another young man, on the head with a black hat, mouth revealing unruly evil laugh. He came to me. I nervously as the body tilted back, legs closed, side to him. He smiled and took my chair pull forward, let me make room for him. He put the whole face came, accurately maintained and my face half mm distance, a pair of eyes stared at me, full of affection and love. His mouth in the face before wandering my dear, coming up, but there are half a millimeter away. The hot breath on his face, like a dose of ecstasy, the man was passed. He opened his hands, on my body gestures, like to see one of the outstanding works. The rest I what all don't see, because I have been drunk his breath, eyes closed, immersed in the illusion. This man and I be strangers to each other, after two minutes and will disappear Not the least trace was found., I should give him an illusion created by the head, drunk in the past. Attraction between human body how strong, in the face of temptation, many people's resistance is, cannot answer. Montreal is famous of North America, strippers paradise, but also the spirit of the people a free and happy world. Here, the nature of humanity is awakened, the pursuit of human beings to be respected. Such a beautiful side of the land, even the air is free of fragrant.......
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I in that group of sisters @##@ Montreal Montreal is a bilingual city the largest in the world (English, French), inhabited by people from all over the world more than 80 countries and regions of the people. In this multicultural city, people are open to the idea, attitude is inclusive, that is why it can become a place like this: one of the oldest city in North America; the famous fashion; one of the world's ten major beauty city; the world gay spiritual home; cultural open the city....... Here, the nature of humanity is awakened, the pursuit of human beings to be respected. Such a beautiful side of the land, even the air is free of fragrant.
the immigrants angles description of living in Montreal, on the East and west culture impact shock, the acceptance process about the culture of curiosity and learning criticism. The book consists of four chapters: Maple million, Quebec culture, Maple Maple language words, once upon a time in Mengcheng. I believe this book will want to understand the culture of Quebec, Quebec and Canadian immigration plan to have, and the exotic learning or life interested friends help.
Chapter excerpt

Montreal is a city full of elegant, French style romantic; Montreal's winter is very long, there is a world of ice and snow during the first half of the year. The book is a living here for years intellectual female writer on the city's description; is a simple woman in the expression of the city deep feeling of love. In Montreal, her unique vision, diligent in writing, and committed to explore, therefore, accumulated a lot of wealth for her life and her writing career. If you love literature, if you want to know more about Quebec and Montreal, if you enjoy exotic style, if you pay attention to the overseas Chinese community, you can benefit from this book. Read the exchanges and maple maple, son, you can like me, was a "true" move.
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  •   The recommendation of a friend, to see that after depicted in the book of the local customs and practices of California really attracted me, is the exquisite writing by ~ like Anna~ mentioned in the book very want to have one that is obstinate but kind-hearted warm neighbor.
  •   Mother love.
  •   The book is not big, but the content of many, very practical.
  •   Suitable for people to go abroad, psychologically prepared in advance
  •   Haven't seen, at the beginning of a slightly turned over, the general feeling
  •   In another perspective to look at a bilingual city. With the female perspective to interpret Montreal our eyes.
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  •   Go to Mengcheng right now, this book is not endemic culture introduction, but it is still used in some
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