The chrysanthemum and the sword

Date of publication:2011-4   Press: Yilin press   Author:Ruth Benedict (USA)   Pages´╝Ü257  

"The chrysanthemum and the sword" is the author in the aftermath of World War II was ordered by the government American, analysis report for analysis, study of Japanese society and the Japanese national survey, in order to guide America how to control after the defeat of the japanese. In 1946, Benedict put the report was published, aroused strong repercussions in japan. In 1951, the book was included in the Japanese "modern Parenting Library", are classic modern Japan about Japan as the originator of. This book is also considered the study of Japanese nationality must read, is an outstanding example of social science research and applied directly to the political practice.
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Ruth Benedict (1887-1948), a famous contemporary USA cultural anthropologist, poet. "Encyclopedia Britannica" said her theory "in cultural anthropology, especially has a profound effect on this field of research of culture and personality". She won the respect of the world with deep insight into their own and extensive knowledge, the representative of "the chrysanthemum and the sword", "culture", "race: Science and politics", "the human race".
Catalogue of books

the first chapter: the Japanese research task.
second chapter in the war of Japanese
third chapters each with respect to its
fourth chapter Meiji Restoration
fifth chapter of history and society the
sixth chapter gratitude in the case
the seventh chapter "the most difficult to bear" repay
eighth chapter his name cleared

tenth chapter ninth chapter It's only human virtues: be in a nice hobble
eleventh chapter self cultivation
twelfth chapter examines
thirteenth chapters following the surrender of the Japanese
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: in all cultural tradition, there are some orthodox ideas about war. Regardless of what specific differences between western countries, some countries orthodoxy is common, for example, to the call, the stability of the military part failure circumstances, war dead and surrender the proportion, the treatment of prisoners of war conduct etc.. Those in western countries in the war is predictable, because they share a large cultural tradition, this tradition is even suitable for war. Japanese War concept in many aspects with the western concept of war deviation, of these deviations are some data, can be used to analyze a firm belief in their outlook on life and they were all responsibility. Our objective was to systematically study Japanese culture and behavior, therefore, they are those who deviate from the orthodox ideas of our thoughts are with important military significance, is to be of no great importance. Any thought they might be important, because these ideas put forward some questions about the Japanese character, and we need to answer these questions. Japan used to prove its war of justice the premise and American exactly the opposite, the international situation is different with that USA. American turn this war due to the axis invasion, Japan, Italy and Germany to its conquest, offend the international peace, is not justified. Both the axis is the fact that in pseudo country of Manchuria or Ethiopia or Poland, they seized power, has embarked on a bully nation evil journey. They violated the international criteria, namely, "their own survival, but also to let others live" or, at least, is a violation of free enterprise "open the door" to international standards.
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"The Chinese translation of the classic 007: the chrysanthemum and the sword" is one of the classic Chinese translation.
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