The central idea of collision

Date of publication:2011-6-1   Press: Renmin University of China press   Author:(Law) Chartier, (Law) Mar Chez   Pages:288  

This is a meet the Far East and far west one one China as Europe's other, is Francois. On the object and the author of the book, even to think. They thought, philosophy should carefully study Chinese, one point one point stripping Western projection in Chinese body farfetched color analysis, have a look how Chinese resist Western, find out how the west wall, touch the wall is what, and why Chinese will have nothing to say on the west.
book authors to get rid of the old habits, the Chinese concept as a theoretical analysis, in order to put forward the difficult way, re establishing the important issues of Philosophy (such as philosophy, religion, the evil boundary of truth, common things), and come very naturally from the arts to analyze problems, exploration of "intangible" "elephant" and not "naked.. Then by way of exceeding one's expectations, communication, management, management of these areas, open the door, let people listen to Chinese productivity thought. Here is a detour, and implied; both processes, also speak efficacy.
meet is necessary, is of positive significance. It makes Europe more clearly see their own characteristics, in order to maintain the dignity and culture and thoughts. At the same time, Chinese should also to others as a reference, in order to better see yourself, but that is not just someone is good.
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Translator: Yan Suwei Dong Bin "editor's note: (France) Pierre Chartier (France) intercalated 素伟 ladder Yeri Marchez, born in 1950, Hebei Gaoyang people. In 1981 the French language and literature from the University of International Relations master's degree, doctorate translation theory in 1994 won the Paris third university school, a professor of French Department of University of International Relations. Translation works are "saints" (French Francois Julien) accidentally, "sociology" (Edgar Mo, "Sutter Blue Book) century, philosophy research" (Bernard Henry Levi). Dong Bin diligently, aspiring young translation studies scholars. To pursue a master's degree in French language and literature of University of International Relations, to "from the translation (Bible) received a master's degree in translation of the text can be a text understanding". Now he teaches in the Foreign Languages Institute of Electronic Science and Technology University of chengdu.
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and Francois. Even to breathe.
a philosophy of key problems of
adventurous thought patterns. In contrast to the
Francois even analysis key method
one one philosophical "the shadow:" shortcomings "or" negative "" reading notes
new "methodology": on the universal value of the generated
two art of shock
have a look elsewhere
invention China
Western nude
static sound, or the sound
three purposes, practice, management of
center offset of art, or Francois. Even in the Chinese how to clarify or trademark cultural intermediary between
the China economy strategy interpretation of
"Metis" strategy
four displacement, the overflow from the outside (
Korean identity reconstruction) of
Francois one one. Even in the works of political use of
distort or Japanese foreign
contact the uncertainty in Anthropology of causal one one vietnam.
five difference, completely indifferent, not respect: psychoanalysis and meet
psychoanalytic completely indifferent.
analytic differential
the analyst's completely indifferent: Chinese witty
six of the research on Sinology debate
"political said past" flaws
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The copyright page: illustration: painting activities affirmation and positive existence as the basis; this is from the appearance of the category and all associated with this category of extracted. This makes me directly back to my first suggestion, that is China from some way is critical to the appearance of, or even a place outside of this criticism, because this place is always (or almost always is) based on the factor of non representation. I think, the reason why it is necessary to invent China, or re invention Chinese (say from a certain meaning, is to take a present form), Is it right? Because there is a need to find something to say, something completely beyond the critical structure. I also want to, these valuable "something China provided to us" (Francois Julien said that history gave a gift to our), Is it right? Is in its behavior from practice different transcendental mechanism -- because China practice, we don't need after the key "time"; on the surface looks, this moment is must pass through, but always endless, disappointing, also seemed a bit bleak. I thought of it, because Chinese indeed repeatedly played such a role. Played such a role China in seventeenth Century and eighteenth Century the theological and political controversy. In the revolution of the Marx doctrine period, twentieth Century 60 time also played such a role -- everyone thinks Chinese (please see Chinese was invented, from what meaning be re invention, or even simply does not exist) beyond the difficult, or beyond the Soviet Union on behalf of the revolution of Marx's death the alley. Because of all this, I would like to put a question to Francois Julien, a sudden question, namely in this matter, what is your desire? Do you think -- this we know -- through the system to a China, and guide us in the process of invention. However, the significance Is it right? Said, in the original structure (and therefore is in the structure of non critical), in our category, even our transcendent, you could arrange something else.
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"Collision central thought: from research to" Francois even in the philosophy should carefully study Chinese...... To one point one points to two in China peeling projection on the not harmonious farfetched color, have a look how Chinese boycott of the two party...... Read Francois in the book, the strongFeel like to touch the boundary, as in mark and measure a difference. It is very passionate moment: we caught our thoughts never appeared.
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