The bustling city

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By pumping system know to Guangdong and Guangxi military activities and must ensure that the pay situation, is actually the fiscal relationship between Guangdong and Guangxi, further, and Guangdong finance is closely related to the problem of. It can be through the forest rich it releases to understand, forest full of Jiajing eight years. Please reopen for Portugal harassment and disruption to the trade, he put forward four advantages: first, the reopening of trade mentions previous pumping are specified in part, by pumping points of a goods over the capital, can help the finance, this is just to impress the court. Since second, Zhengde, town Constable requested to ensure that the pay issue. Lin Fuyi engaged in military activities, including ideological repression rebel en two Fu and mountains of western Guangdong, in open please open trade, proposed one advantage is can use trade benefit charge to pay, this is behoove. The problem of raising the military is closely related to the financial situation and the problems of guangdong. Lin Fu pointed out that the Guangxi finance rely on Guangdong, especially Guangxi's military is greatly dependent on the Guangdong finance income, to make a long story short, most of the military and the local fiscal revenue from guangdong. Most revenue Guangdong is obtained through taxes and corvee KEPAI, so the burden of pressure on the Guangdong where a people. After the mid Ming Dynasty's tax system reform, while to correct the tax burden gap as the goal, but added the middle exploitation on officials, but intensifies the various funds burden. If the trade benefits to pay the words, finally can reduce suffer from heavy taxes in a Guangdong People's burden. Lin Fu put forward third advantageous trade reopened, can ensure goods with some officials% Feng pepper, also called for, if this part and then passed on to the Guangdong People's words, will be unbearable. These third advantages, to show the financial situation of Guangdong exist, from which we can see that this is based on the perspective of guangdong. The fourth advantage proposed by Lin Fu, the foothold Guangdong view highlights. Lin Fu stressed that the disruption of trade Guangzhou city before the flourishing trade and people's life, think trade if reopened, Guangzhou city's economy will restore prosperity. In fact, after the mid Ming Dynasty, the city increased corvee burden, its degree evenAnd the countryside in a match, the city of Guangzhou was in the doghouse. In Guangdong suffer heavy taxes and corvee situation, the disruption of trade developments. Thus, trade disruptions that already suffer from taxes and corvee burden of city residents lost their means of livelihood, into a difficult predicament. Especially to depend on trade for Guangzhou people, reopened the trade is their long cherished wish. Such a thought, Huang Sai Lin Fu to write it. It is of great significance. Guangdong and Guangxi town patrol officers required is to ensure that the maintenance of military activities in Guangdong and Guangxi military. Masanori years Chen Jin's questions please also dedicated to this point, so is the second advantage Linfu proposed. However, the third and the fourth advantages, showing the financial situation of Guangzhou City Guangdong especially financial predicament. Maybe that adding only the local talent thought. Write Huang Zuo lived in Guangzhou city taxi doctor, should be familiar with these problems.

In 2009 March, from Europe and the United States, Australia, Japan, Singapore and Chinese Taiwan and mainland scholars, about East Asia city together in the life history of the symposium. We chose an inspiring the title for the meeting, called "urban downtown". Although now sweeping the world "financial tsunami" to the heart to be anxious and fearful, although modern after the city also let people full of doubt and worry for the city life, but when we look back the history of East Asia and the Chinese, but still the city life of confidence. If, in a certain sense is the modernization of city, so, although the "Modernity" has been all sorts of criticism, but it makes life come out from the traditional, especially when we review "one thousand five hundred years east city life history", in the ancient capital city Changan, Luoyang, Nara, Kyoto, Bianliang and the modern city of Ling'an, Osaka, Suzhou, Guangzhou, Shanghai, you can still feel the once prosperous and bustling city, profound change to the traditional bring infinite pleasure, and to bring to life. We discuss "city life in general meeting". As we all know, the city history research now, is no longer just on the "city no" city. If the past history of the city, often give a person rendering is a map of the city, so now the city history, trying to draw is the "Riverside Scene at Qingming festival". In the past, we often examine ancient city originated from the literature and the remains of the ancient city, to explore and architecture from the archaeological materials, the imagination of the city spatial pattern at the time of the restoration, the discussion of social, economic and life, through the city development now, we want the city history social history, art history, history of thought are mixed in, the life, art, literature data are introduced into this field.
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Where the city, why is East Asia, people how to live? The new building, a Lian Qingshan -- in the city of Changan and its symbolic meaning of Changan in my mind: the structure of his "Changan ancient" living in Tang Changan square and more (and digital restoration) in Northern Song Dynasty, Kaifeng jade 清昭 should palace and burned -- on Song Zhenzong to Ren (Liu Taihou) activity in community capital surface changes during the period of the political culture of the Song Dynasty in the view of the song and Yuan Dynasties, Nanjing City -- the foreign policy and the Guangdong and Guangxi on Song Kang Fu restoration society significance to study the process of the construction of Beijing in the Ming Dynasty Ming Dynasty society in late Ming Da Yu Anqi in Ming and Qing Dynasties -- the city social activities and the social circle, city space belief: out of bounds, development and function of Anxi Chenghuang belief conversion garden show, elegant win: Ming Dynasty City build park atmosphere and the consumption culture from the view of Tourism: travel to change 16 to the early twentieth Century Suzhou tourist activities and space in the early Qing Dynasty the actual state of Suzhou chamber of Commerce and industry of Beijing in the Qing Dynasty used to store coal and ecological environment under the White Chief: Nineteenth Century Nanjing Chronicle "do not want to see Hu Jingfu Harvey instrument --" Qing Dao Guangnian (1821 ~ 1850 The social life of Beijing) North Korea envoy acting observation and imagination in the movement of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom on the eve of Yangzhou city's daily life in the Qing Dynasty in Fuzhou city of Ryukyu eye -- with existing Ryukyu Mandarin textbooks as the center in the early Republic of China a capital of Manchu family etiquette life -- an anonymous diary book "urban" method of modern Osaka -- to the inheritance and transformation @##@ Chinese city space space space poetics cases of landscape and imagination -- Chinese City Canglang Pavilion and film shape and image -- one thousand five hundred years The development of the city, brought opportunity and convenience to people's life, also caused a "contradiction post-modern style". How to understand the historical process of the city development? Holding special Fudan University literature and History Research Institute seminar, the theme is one thousand five hundred years of East Asian city life history. The scholars comprehensive archaeological literature, data, image, drawing on the rich city life picture scroll. The city living picture of the restoration, the City Association, amusement show again, on the details of life back to the city, the ancient prosperous city life as a real image display in front, a birth of a dream and imagination.
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"The prosperous metropolis: 1500 East Asian city life history" was published by Zhonghua Book company.
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