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Before people have seen a sea sign posted, when he was called "Love," lovely, affectionate, under canvass he was a student in the objective, or even to medicine, surprised me. In fact, the literary writing of medical professionals are often higher than the professionals are more likely to break a new world, such as Lu Xun, Japan also has a love expert Dr. Junichi Watanabe quite famous. They are all abandoned medicine from the text of the famous. Remove some professional scholars own moan and groan without being ill and sour gas, medical people write things more cut many rational and scientific analysis, with a fresh and rational. A sea of the article is so plain, between the lines is not fancy, lyric is not rampant, but touched people's hearts, causing a near resonance. And become attached to a sea and Japan there is a bit of history. I was a Japanese movie lovers. It is so a drizzle met. We Freemasonry, warmly discussed movies and Japanese culture, even cannot bear to part from each other together creating some essay topics. The first contact with Japanese film instantly be captured. Do not make a proper metaphor, the Japanese film aesthetics brings is a perfect goddess charming beauty, it really satisfies man's all fantasy -- pure like virgin, customs give a swift glance and practise fawning. With the popularity of Japanese film, Chinese on Japan's image no longer like the past that kind of unilateral. Japan, not only we have in the past patriotic movie a blood feud of object, Chinese also slowly face specific Japanese culture and its aesthetic value.

Although Japan in the geographical location is our neighbor, but for most Chinese people are very strange, even misunderstanding. How to know about our neighbors, "tell you a true Japanese" gives unique method. Like the was regarded as the classic "the chrysanthemum and the sword", "tell you a true Japan" in continuation of the classic. There is "the chrysanthemum and the sword" 60 years ago, 60 years after the "tell you a true Japan". Like Japan, different interpretation. "Tell you a true Japan" to a close younger simple strokes, described some of what we don't know the details of the Japanese culture, and trying to tell us to hide what different secret and essence in the developed countries...... Deep analysis, accurate comprehension, remain within doors can enjoy the pure japan. Reading "tell you a true Japan", you will understand the lurking in the depths of Japanese secret heart.
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A sea, Japan in 8 years, Osaka University phd. A disposition of boys, in the study of the microscopic world and at the same time, but don't forget to look around, has published many works. The "12 strategies" to obtain the numerous fans constellation psychological support.
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The possibility of city between education from the copycat to King's critical juncture does not yield to forget means betrayal science do what Bushido and militarism how developed the information age as the foundation of illusion who protect environment in peaceful dreams the dignity of life who save conscience service is a kind of belief in Japan the new cultural aggression you young cynic what ecstasy Japan Feng, the goddess of love and sick from the Japanese entertainment CO line runs the Nagoya people who are our national treasure horror film after the success of Japan in the era of globalization of business behavior art ninja and clown queues Hand-Pulled Noodle shop Izakaya fatherhood society indulgent island dispute in the future, not the book postscript
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Illustration: is an amazing story, but this is not a speculative gambling results. I heard him the answer detailed interview, he said, is one of the Chinese lived in Japan for all to see, can think of, it is a Chinese normal thinking to drive car sales in Japan curious and puzzled by the. The key question is, he thought, and always remember. This experience is not more than the domestic job seekers, even those American back talent can not be compared, because they cannot see the situation in Japan, however, is also the most living in Japan Chinese cannot be compared, because we are proud of the students is disdain to ponder such boring questions the. They want to learn knowledge, to the pursuit of the supreme goal, but lost to the thinking of the old. Japanese student life brings me a lot of change. I have suffered, hungry, to learn, to see a different world, I know that here each step forward hard, but the Japanese did not change my bones for their national prosperity expectations, did not change his mind to achieve the ideal. I don't envy the students for the life of ease, but not envy people achieve success and win recognition of other countries where the road. Japan is the Japanese special, we in this culture are similar to us, and we close distance, will be able to see more clearly of our own national problems, see every one of my personal problems, it may be that no other country could do. The Japanese society, Japanese economy, Japanese life, this may be our successful appearance, may also be after we lost way, anyway, here we can think about things too much. Here can let you gain more broader view. And this, is what I think of Japan's biggest international significance. It is possible to support you in the next life is stronger than the others, the real source of achievements albert.

About this series of articles, in fact I in bean published the most relaxed series. Because this can hardly be called creation, but this is my years in daily life to see, think of some feeling, the feeling is like do good work, always on my mind. I would like take them out, hit into a word, for everyone to see. To see so many friends support, I feel very happy. Because as an ordinary student, my knowledge and ability is far from enough to explain the degree of japan. So, I can not give a convincing data chart, also could not give those who make eyes a bright deep. I can only from an ordinary foreigners in Japan's perspective, tells the story of the show from the problems of daily life. But, advantage, my article not everything deep analysis to the human, national, international relations so huge obscure explanation angle, I presented is the ordinary life, each person in Japan.Significance and problems to be observed in small things behind the possible. These events, these problems and our country, there have all kinds of connections with contact and our way of life, or let us see our own shortcomings and needs reflection.
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"Tell you a true Japan": the most comprehensive interpretation of Japanese society, Japanese history and culture deep mining. Uncover the truth to explore the island dispute, Bushido and the Yasukuni Shrine meaning behind.
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  •   Said a real Japanese
  •   A different perspective of Japan is true worth detailed to understand Japanese friends at
  •   Really like, read the first Japanese write so full and be full of wit and humour to read a book.
  •   Fast delivery ….....
  •   I have many friends in Japan, and Japanese have a lot of contact and has been to japan. After reading this book feel the author is holding, seek truth from facts and objective attitude to write this book, like a!
  •   After reading the book, really know our backwardness and lack of understanding, to the outside world is so rich and colorful
  •   The book is also good, but a little perspective a bit left
  •   The content of the whole really well, but there are many typos, really good sad......
  •   Have the Spring Festival days, watching the. The general feeling, also some new stuff, bought and read set to regret.
  •   Haven't seen 1/5, even in this book has found some typo, punctuation errors even beyond count. This kind of mistake, sorry.
  •   The content of good, but the binding and layout quite a failure. If it were not for read the net post, this book is definitely not attract me... But it's well written, from a student's point of view, there are introduction, perception, thinking.
  •   As a recognition of the Japanese Society of reading, language is very interesting, at least let people see after a "ah, so this is the real japan!" Sigh.
  •   To understand the Japanese or help. Illustrations too shabby, the republication of change. A picture is worth a thousand words!
  •   After looking to Japan, found a lot of things are not like the book says. To be honest, this book I think the Japanese beautify ~
  •   Generally speaking, in general. When at one's leisure magazine to see on the line. Did not write what depth. Some of the views of the author, the supporting arguments are untenable.
  •   The authors observe carefully, analysis, quite deep, benefited from reading.

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