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Elegance, custom and human feelings, understanding life, be in a leisurely and carefree mood, associations and so on and tea vocabulary a superb collection of beautiful things, in fact, these can be completely to sum up in a word, that is "tea", an "eat" word, is too cool to reflect tea context soundly dripping. The men of literature and writing are almost always does not have a tea show special preference to, in their writings is the tea mood depicted beautiful Huan peerless.
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Chen Fu, editor, freelance writer, text published in newspapers and magazines, published "when the flower cap -- beauty and sadness of his" in the
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Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: the cup water, tea set, still is gorgeous, is not floating on the surface of. But the boiling water a overnight old, died. We now have no conditions have "the best in all the land of spring" or "world second spring", eat only a rushing stream to tap, tap, tap water in the seven stone VATS had to store all night. For second days eat is burned. Freshly boiled water is flowing water, boiling for a long time, although no overnight boiling water so old, but also one foot in the grave. Tea water, nature is very important. Especially the "Spring Snail" this two eight years old, a young spark is not a how terrible. Wrote here, I think of sue for a meat dish, called "Bi Luo shrimp." every "Spring Snail" tea listed, some restaurants have launched, as seasonal vegetables. I lived in Suzhou for many years, have not eaten with tea flavor a back, it yourself to eat, and a good innovation: shrimp paste, put in the fridge for half an hour or so, in order to make the slurry hangs, the pot, to drain water shrimp to with gauze. These are the basic law, innovations I is in the pan hot, copy a "Spring Snail" put people in the pan, "Spring Snail" after heated, will be daisy like stretch, golden color. This pan is overflowing tea, curl up, the neighbors hear. The furnace is very important, "Chrysanthemum" fish out, at this time, it is brittle, crushed and mixed into the shrimp, let them drift with the current. My "Bi Luo shrimp" really is "Spring Snail" tea flavor. Culinary authority over a drink, taste this dish, is a compliment. It is said that "the past Spring Snail" called "sweet tea, tea Sharen" when, just let the maiden to mining, mining before the next bath, pick tea paste on his chest, virgin skin temperature can increase the tea incense. Later, Qian Long of Jiangnan, eat "Hong Sharen tea".
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"Tea!": the ups and downs of each piece of tea, is a kind of predestined relationship, not empty is not obscure. After tea, we once again to the world, with the tea fragrance, love is pure, the heart too. DrinkTea, we once again into the dust cloud, with ease, bags are light, walking is also light.
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