Strange neighbor

Date of publication:2010   Press: Shanghai people's Publishing House   Author:Gu Yan, Richard Koo   Pages:156  

Illustration: pass by New Delhi, see a lot of the old building of violate the rules and regulations, in the half century the government has ordered the demolition of nearly five years, it has been pulled down more than ten thousand blocks. The Yamuna River (Jamlma) on both sides of the slum is the main goal of the action, many people in Shangjie to protest, synchronization and add more capital chaos demolition and demonstrations. But with the alleys of the old house in Old Delhi, New Delhi's appearance is beautiful, air is fresh feeling slightly. Old Delhi street, cattle and sheep flocks, manpower vehicles, bicycle, motorcycle, three small locomotive with the old bus, various kinds of mixed traffic tools ignore rules, rampage, seize every opportunity, roadside piles of garbage, pedestrians jostle one another on the way, traffic is can't do anything; in New Delhi, although have horns and interleaving bawl. However, the vehicle can move. 8 in the morning arrived at the Red Fort, closed the door, but on the street for an hour, poor old dirty, residents, make people uneasy. The Hindu, Sikh and Christ Church street, it is said that this area Chinese more, known as the Delhi Chinese city. I did not see the Han Chinese, but there was some tibetans. If you really China City, but I have seen the most dirty, broken, the worst Chinese city. The garbage in the street, the street and sit, have nothing to do, a good portable kettle, give us water, sit on the ground of the homeless out black dirty hands, together with water to drink, the scene is impressive. Said the queue of people waiting for the temple satMiao alms food and drinking water, is a scene from old delhi. The Christian Church in this area do nursery, children's wear uniforms, is the rare clean surface, but the nursery door security is particularly fierce, irrelevant personnel shall not be close to the gate. Most Indians can only speak Hindi or local dialect, will say a few simple English, but can't read. I saw some people on the street for a table, watching X optical film, the tour guide said this is doctor. India hospital is little, population is much, too, a lot of people waiting in line in the streets. The poor medical security become one of the major social problems. In New Delhi with a responsible health officials met, he talked about the principle, the government provides free treatment for what people, but only two in the whole country of thousands of hospitals, clinics and community health service center small also but more than twenty thousand, although private clinics and hospitals, but only to have the ability to afford the medical expenses of the people. In the public medical system fund shortage, inefficient, poor management, poor medical care difficult to guarantee free. In recent years, AIDS has been popular in India, said more than 6000000 people sick carriers, the proportion of patients with very poor. So many poor people, so bad environment, so I don't have remembered in the metropolis of the rich and educated professionals, the contrast of the big, really is be hardly worthy of belief. While the red fort is not open around the moon, near the market (Chandni Chowk), rows of shops, clothing, shoes and hats, daily groceries have everything that one expects to find. Market Street is narrow, underground sewage crosscurrent, the accumulation of refuse, hanging on the wire be midair...... Also from time to time, the local people approached, named Zhidianmijin, is actually soliciting slaughter, do not buy it is difficult to get away.

Gu Yanshi (Richard Koo), born in Jiangsu, economists, accountants, professor. Since Taiwan, after the United States to study for a master, and doctorate in law. Has Ren Keqin accounting firm responsible for the overall business executive, Keqin, UN financial experts, California Deputy Secretary of state, people's Republic of China State Council Tax Reform Project Consultant, China Overseas Friendship Association, China Federation members; and he was a professor of University of California University, and Peking University, Fudan University, Professor, Zhejiang University school honor the professor or advisor; as banks, pharmaceutical companies such as the board of directors. Books, including "the hometown of the dragon", "America tax", "the Soviet Union", "national", "the country tax planning" best-selling books. In the "Time" (Times) on American "melting pot" in an article called "USA immigrant success model", "Losangeles times" (Los Angeles Times), "Washington Post" (Washington Post) and other newspapers and magazines have made special paper reports.
Author brief introduction

Mr. Gu Yan is a famous USA California near Losangeles, one is my 20 years of good friends. His years as my tax returns, financial management provides a lot of help, this time heard he published travels in China, he offer oneself as he wrote the preface. When brother Yan's genius is that he not only famous accountant, but also the political figures in Losangeles area. Many America politicians such as the first Chinese California Secretary of state of Yujiang Bay, both during the election campaign. When asked for help brother, on election expenses and acquisition of Chinese votes and won his assistance. America politics the so-called KinaMaker, is the "hero", there are many people assist politicians early, but in the background, but they often far-reaching, where not only wide connections, and have kept their promises, brother is such a person. When. In addition to assist Chinese participation, brother of national consciousness is very strong also Yan, a country has any public activities, are not his shadow, in his professional work, can be so committed to the motherland and the public welfare undertakings, it is praiseworthy for one's excellent conduct. Brother over the years around the derivatives world, with his unique insight to write too much lively and in-depth blogs, such as records of the perception of China "the hometown of the dragon", "the description of Spanish country", this time to complete the "strange neighbor", talked about his experience in India and neighboring countries travel the.
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Sequence of a sequence two chapter prosperous livelihood difficulties on his New Delhi second chapter legend ancient capitals Agra Millennium crassicarpa Taj Mahal third chapter scenery pleasant savoured Rajasthan competes the extravagant chapter fourth Sikhs hero to the India Pakistan border Punjab chapter fifth Tibetan Buddhism resorts of Himachal tourism Sepang sixth chapter tea ball said celebrity Smao Gala by more than seventh chapter Assam species precious ancient Sikkim subjugation but eighth chapter preaching Buddha pray pilgrimage Xiang River in the ninth chapter the eternal constant religious shrine Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh carving art tenth chapter art treasure more monuments Gujarat Yang reputation eleventh chapter culture technology leader in Maharashtra chapter twelfth Portuguese old colony do not have amorous feelings in Goa thirteenth chapter are flourishing and rich in humanistic education the fourteenth chapter Khanna Tucker C Kerala. Silicon Valley of India Sheng famous chapter fifteenth South Indian science and technology in Golden Triangle a great reputation 安得拉第 chapter sixteen science and technology culture Golden Triangle Taibang ancient legend seventeenth chapter Mountain Buddhist custom thick advocating dragon words Bhutan eighteenth chapter many beliefs enjoy the ancient Nepal Asia The nineteenth chapter of China's poor Zhijian development Mizusawa town Bangladesh twentieth chapter tea products in Sri Lanka gem more peace twenty-first chapter scenic island such as the Pearl of Maldives @##@ resort. This book is a sense of wise a poetry of India and the South Asian countries access, mysterious journey, art, philosophy is the precipitation depth of ploughing. There is a strange customs, colorful religious culture, beautiful natural scenery, unique products. Appeal in the narrative, the reader can appreciate the beautiful scenery, exotic deep history and strong exotic sentiment. Like the history of the people can be pleased to see the remains of every civilization, like hunter can floating in the curry aroma, Yang Zhao feel this national ebullience Sari charm of the local customs and practices, the art of love can experience the soul tremor in the fine carving, magnificent; ornate; fascinating castle and temple building. The author took thousands of photos in ten time travel, the book selection of hundreds, and with a caption, let the reader as if personally visit, obtain visual pleasure.
Chapter excerpt

Finally after a tax season, South Asia Journal and book can finally to tidy up the accumulated static under heart has long. The breeze turns a thick stack of diary and data on the desk, lazy and bright sunlight through the window into the room, out of thousands of photos a disorderly and orderly telling and repeated stroke and footprint of the past, just a good Darjeeling Black Tea aroma is dense, the furnace smoked sandalwood will destroy, the familiar smell again thoughts and my memory back to the mysterious and distant the subcontinent of South Asia. The ten South Asian tour, feel and experience accumulation often haunted, spilled nib, although the content is still thin, style of writing is still green, but in the face of the ink is dry book, published the impulse often with heart, especially the status of South Asian countries on the world stage is increasingly important, India, Pakistan, even Bhutan, Nepal, have attracted more and more our Chinese readers. A friend invited me to the end of 2010 and a trip to India, curiosity and desire to learn driving, so I readily agreed, people also have the opportunity to make fun of me this gradually people gaohuang South Asian Fetish. For India, I always have a special feeling, both concerned also have concerns, may be due to China from. It is strange neighbor, also is a potential rival or even potential adversaries, hometown and like the Dragon Kingdom, is so close, it seems so far away. But in any case, know yourself as well as the enemy, always remain invincible, no permanent friends, nor eternal enemies.

"Strange neighbor: India and the South Asian countries travels" was published by Shanghai people press.
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