South Korean diplomats on the cultural exchange between China and Korea

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"South Korean diplomats on the cultural exchange between China and Korea" revenue content although is the author of a microcosm of the many efforts for three years, but it is hard to pay the best witness. In this thesis the author expressed hope that the Chinese people can correctly and objectively look at South Korea, and hope that China can in South Korea a road for the development of bilateral relations and wishes to. All the income of
in the book, the author has published in Chinese, which needs to be part of the translation is completed by the Korean cultural service in China, miss Shen Haiyan, and then through the strict proofreading the final. Excellent translation thanks to miss Shen Haiyan, if the translation problems is the author of negligence, hope to understand.
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The wing and former South Korean diplomat, political science, South Korea, "Chosun Ilbo" Chinese network editor in chief, Professor of the Anyang University of science, member of a Korean, South Korean Grand National Party, International Commission of the Republic of Korea embassy minister counsellor and cultural Dean (2009-2011).
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Chapter excerpt

In South Korea, Ondol gradually by the modern human cognition is very useful for heating by means of a case, we should take Ondol as a new cultural industry, its efforts to spread all over the world. Particularly noteworthy is the role and effect of the cultural industry can not only create economic value, it also brings the people recognized through the long course of historical development of accumulated cultural value and excellent results. Therefore, the Ondol world is urgent task did not hesitate. Therefore, we need to make the following efforts: first, to ensure that the rights of Ondol. We should try to make the social cognitive Ondol in South Korea and China Kang is different, it is the Korean inherent. The formal marker Ondol should be unified for 'Ondol'. Ondol as a sovereign state, with a sense of pride to actively promote Ondol is as a new cultural industry to the world and began to play the real value of On-dol. Secondly, to strengthen Ondol's scientific. World leading technology of boiler field in the traditional Ondol and South Korea have as basis, efforts to develop to improve the heat efficiency, durability and safety, and low pollution, low fuel consumption of the tip of the Ondol system. Especially should be committed to the development of Ondol and South Korea proud of Ondol automation world top IT technology and digital technology. The combination of the creation of a new level of living culture. Finally, establishing a perfect system for the development of Ondol. The world of Ondol, with the joint efforts of the government, academia and industry as the premise. Especially in 2008 March, the international organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committee adopted the international standard in seven areas related to the Ondol report, to arouse the importance of institutional efforts required in the Ondol world. We should take the international standard as the basis, and strive to achieve the Ondol system planning and setting standards, to live for domestic and foreign countries heating standard.......
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