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Date of publication:2004-1   Press: Foreign language teaching and Research Press   Author:The Liu Fang / Ye Bendu   Pages:396  

This book of the German Department of Beijing Foreign Studies University professor Liu Fang, Ye Bendu co authored the comprehensive introduction to the German general Chinese books. The author has similar books -- "German sentiment" one book, over the years by readers. Entering the new century, the world is experiencing the development change rapidly, new focus, new social problems, "love" in Germany has been unable to meet the needs of the readers information. In view of this, the author of "love" in Germany comprehensive revision, supplement, increased German intercultural communication and other important chapter, with the title "Rhine surf -- German Society", in the face of new readers to offer a "German encyclopedia" book rich in content, informative, novel, is divided into 15 chapters, covering the German history, political, economic, cultural, educational, holiday, folk, environmental protection and even clothing, food, shelter, and other aspects of the situation, show in Germany more than 50 large, in the small town, charming style, more received many authors personally collected in Germany and experience first hand information, cover and contain everything, lively and interesting, beautiful style, to provide readers with a colorful, unique charm of the Deutsche picture. Still worth mentioning is, this book also contains beautiful photos, a total of about 60 images and postcards, photographs were taken by the author himself, visually presents to the reader the modern Germany's beautiful scenery, magnificent building and human customs, fascinating, is worth to see.
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Liu Fang: German professor, awarded by the State Council as the expert of special contribution. Born in 1936 in Fujian Xiamen, 1956 graduate in Qingdao No.2 Middle School, the same year was admitted to the Beijing Foreign Language Institute (now Beijing Foreign Studies University) Department of German language and literature, graduated in 1961, staying any German teacher, 70 years have been for the prime minister Prime Minister Zhou Enlai and Deng Xiaoping as interpreter for many talks into senior politicians for interpretation, in 1984 by the German castle foundation research fellowship, "de Hanzhoung language manual" is her first books, published in 1981, 20 years to continue to sell well not to decline in 1995, have been invited to speak at CCTV education main entitled "the road", the German entry talks. His major works include "Chinese English Handbook" "good luck" "the German modal particle research" "literary world dictionary" in German speaking countries, "Beijing North" -- China tourist handbook, (De Wenpian), "the German sentiment" "Lang 氏德 Han dictionary" "the complete works of Kafka" part of translation, translation "action to Germany" and hundreds of papers and essays.
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The first chapter of history of German national introduction two the Pope of Rome was crowned emperor Carle three German nation holy Rome Empire four Martin Ruud and the reformation of five thirty years war six Bismarck and second German Empire seven the Franco Prussian War of eight iron blood Prime Minister Bismarck William S in nine and the first World War ten Weimar Republic eleven 特特勒 debut from twelve to the war maniacs the cause of the Second World War Germany thirteen to leave how on the fourteen post-war Germany, One divides into two. divide and rule, the second chapter two German unification, a new chapter in the history of Europa -- the German, or German style Europa United -- the unification of Germany in 1990 two do not, the Berlin wall three Brandenburg gate four reunification who bear five series a career is just kicked off the six unified sequel -- old problems, new difficulty seven West German guy, Ossi, along with much trouble eight dangerous sign nine after the reunification of the town ten Tera Mark to revitalize the eleven German letter a letter twelve continuation of the history here The three chapter polity, society and polity -- German regime of the first element after unifying the basic two national five major elements: legal and law of second elements: third elements: Society of Republic and federal system of fourth elements: the local autonomous management of fifth elements: the democratic elections in 1998 four three 98 five hundred day campaign anecdotes ruling the problem of six civil servants system seven the social market economy system eight five German constitution mechanism the fourth chapter of German landscape charm where a geomorphic overview two rivers and lakes three wind weather, be richly endowed by nature in four European "green roof" -- the Bavarian Forest five road six road seven Munich romantic Fugue, cosmopolitan -- eight beautiful Baden Wuerttemberg nine "father Rhine" ten Wine Xiangpiao miles, taste the wine into a bosom friend eleven fairy home trip twelve teaching and church architecture art thirteen unique charm of Isaacson's fourteen inspiration and reference of the fifth chapter of religious and folk festival a new year's Eve and new year two Sam Festival three Carnival four Easter five falls Festival six festival in May seven to protect children's day eight striker Festival October nine Munich Beer Festival ten Wine Festival eleven at Holy Sunday twelve Santas Festival thirteen Christmas fourteen other German folk festival list fifteen folk silhouette sixteen weddings and funerals tradition diet culture from the perspective of the sixth chapter of new dining -- contact the feelings of social mode of two German day three meals a day three college students Coffee hall four bar culture five SIP tips six smoke words health chapter seventh German contemporary communication etiquette etiquette new challenge two public politeness three polite and say hello to four and Lady five how to master to a proper extent of polite society of six considerate seven distant neighbor is better than eight how to be a good host nine welcome here, but don't surprise attack ten ask common into countryside, an overview but do not have to blindly accommodating eleven conventional social courtesy of eighth chapter German concept of living and living culture of two categories of housing construction and housing three four off the wonderful five Hei Sen Lin Nong She's rural beauty six student housing -- everything is ready except one crucial element seven housing policy eight residential construction one's own knack in nine ideas, groovy advanced intelligent design of the ninth chapter of the German -- to study German and German readers with two German, the three language to learn and be happy, happiness within four German secret agent, not over five scholars to six to get rid of the bottleneck, to improve oral English will leap -- the lifeblood of the tenth chapter of traffic -- a summary of the two modern traffic three fire weight favored, car no charm from four German railway management traffic from the city bus five German traffic six traffic accident seven traffic and the eleventh chapter of the national rise and fall in education, public participation, respecting the universal basic education occupation education two three four live, learn, new education lifelong education five universities, six William von Humboldt and seven Efficiency comes from diligence. forever after the reunification of the eight university reform in new century, the new millennium, the new challenge nine "broken shackles" ten Germany honors The Nobel prize scientists and scholars, the twelfth chapter of green, a sign of life -- the German environmental protection cause at the end of twentieth Century, two environmental challenges facing humanity measures grim and policy three German environmental status of four people -- five "Friends of nature to protect the climate alliance" and the United Nations Environment Programme six inspiration and reflection of the thirteenth chapter changes in the Sino German culture vicissitudes, the changeable two German cross cultural understanding three German new idea of intercultural communication in German four characteristics of the five learning each other's language, set up fourteenth chapter of economic and social cultural bridges to understanding economic recovery "20 golden age" of two after the Second World War, the German economy three Erhard and money the reform of four economic status of the five labour union fifteenthThinking of cultural differences on the study in Germany of a university for the two and three chapter of the basic necessities of life prepared four regulations for five ultra right forces of juvenile students six hot seven student in Germany Germany is facing new initiatives in Appendix 1 to the major German Enlightenment era of literature and important writers in German speaking countries in Appendix 2 Appendix 3 famous German musician Appendix 4 German philosopher education basic structure table references
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"Rhine Surf: German Society" is the general reader from Germany, German history, politics, economy, culture, folklore and other aspects, showing Germany more than 50 town style.
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