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Date of publication:2011-6   Press: Life, reading, New York   Author:Lin Da  

Lin Da as the two authors with the pen name. They are in the
1952 was born in Shanghai, in 1978 to enter the university. Now living in USA. "Look American works" series of close: "deep concerns", "history of the president is unreliable", "I have a dream", and "take a book to the Paris". He has "Hanna", "Clara case", "war cabinet" Gabby secret etc..
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The copyright page: illustration: Quincy, is a familiar word. It is a place name, new England has a Quincy Bay, it is also the name of a small town, the town of Quincy Bay in the south, so named because of the Gulf, only seven miles from Boston, it is a personal name, was born in Quincy town this person, is also born here's father, give him the name. They also make American town famous, fame and even beyond the American. In a democratic election system of the state, they are rarely American history and America president -- second President John Adams and the sixth President John Quincy Adams. Quincy is a beautiful town. For foreign travelers, it is almost trying to meet all the expectations: rich in historical and cultural resources, quiet residential neighborhoods and the waves beat the shore scenery. In addition to his son Adams, as chairman of the meeting in American because, during the war of independence, and some historians have called the "real American first president" John Hancock was born in here. So, Quincy has also been called "the president city". In the time of their lives, Quincy is a frugal town. Adams and his son is born here, just four years of presidency is over, they return to civilian life, still for a long time in Quincy's old, regain Xiang Tu Xiang. In the early American colonial development period, skilled labor in the colonies plays an important role in. With the "May flower", came to the Plymouth colony Puritan had craftsman. Based on the James estuary of the Virginia colony, also asked the British sent craftsmen. The early colonial town smithy, is often a place of gathering the townsfolk. America labor from the beginning, there are local affairs master consciousness. "Announced the declaration of independence" in principle, everyone has a "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness", behoove to include all the labor. Early North American labor and brought from Europe by industry trade unions tradition, such as carpentry, masonry, union union printing workers union. In the course of the industrial revolution, all workers organized a lot of small scale of trade unions. To 1881 years, when the United States and Canada Industry and Labor Union established, Edison invented the electric light, just two years, the first telephone test just five years, technical conditions of social production and dissemination of information today is far from. However, the effect of the British trade union movement, USA labor on the national organization of road. In 1886, America "AFL" was born, Peter Maguire holds the position of secretary. The AFL called on the workers to fight for the eight hour working system, and pay special attention to female participation in the trade union movement launched. There are three hundred thousand members of the AFL launched strikes, some failed, some successfully for eight hours working conditions. The AFL launched the strike is peaceful struggle, although in that era, most business owners are not aware of the need to negotiate with a union, it is necessary to make concessions. Every achievement of the union be not easily won, but the workers self consciousness is in a step by step awakening. Very rare, the conflict in the tense time, but the confrontation between the two sides have realized, the intensification of the contradictions are not the only way out, people must use reason and wisdom to solve problems. In June 26, 1893, three grass Illinois governor pardoned the rest of the set square event the defendant. He said, the three men were pardoned not because they have had enough of sin, because he believes that they are innocent, and those that have already been executed, hysteria and judicial victim of injustice.
Catalogue of books

God arrangement of communication
national re United -- Appomattox
General bury ground -- an interview with Virginia, a small town Lexington
the last cabinet meeting absentees -- Interview with Georgia Washington town of
war don't know romantic -- American national POW Museum records of
the end of the civil war a victim -- American state prisoners of War Museum in mind two.
a doctor's story
tears Road starting point -- an interview of the Cherokee capital "new AI 乔塔"
"Stone City" story
washed away the blood -- Salem town and the witch trials of
American the cradle of the colonial era -- interview to Williams Fort
for Gaudi
Smithsonian mysterious gift
when WAL-MART came to the town of
fee town rebirth
Song of the home -- Natchez town court basement of the newly discovered
chestnut tree story
re-examine the monkey trial
Foley, Mason -- Free Masons

reading instant CLS king, Qing abide by your promise.
the British House of Commons chamber of
America Capriccio The town of pillar -- the Federal Supreme Court
labor day age
ninety years ago today
will be less than
rules of sinful collective Si Yi
in the face of life and beliefs of the dilemma of
American government and John David contest
for your enemy to him of his rights.
the idea of
reading a Book
truth and truth -- on the cultural translation and
history without forbidden zone
Christians read "the Koran"
behind closed doors, democratic died necessary evil
"under God" or "God and independent
the far right --" the democratic system of
leniency to those who confess to keep a promise inviolate
-- USA Supreme Court for a ruling. Plea bargain
Georgia hope project

@##@ postscript America is a short history of national development, early days, and can quickly seek to settle, so the village is always less make do with whatever is available, Oriental and European towering monuments. However, to much, feel symptoms country also has its special charm. Have a group of European thinkers it pioneers. They are from the European heritage of the thought, the North American wilderness, fade fine modification, but there is a real spirit. This is Linda a new book about the local customs and practices, USA, European history, civilization and social book. Author consistent continuation of the writing style, the America and dozens of European famous city and rural, characters and events throughout history, easy to read to understand the American history and society. Linda's writing itself is a beautiful journey -- knowledge and thinking, wisdom and generosity makes good observation and reading eyes. Through the author's sharp eyes and gently strokes, one took place in the story out of historical and cultural transmission of exotic, war situation, the development of civilization and social evolution information. With the lead, "the new realm of read ten thousand books, traveling thousands of miles" to start slowly.
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"Read on the road (Enlarged Edition)" by the San Lian Shu bookstore publishing.
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