Out of the north Caucasus

Date of publication:2006-6   Press: Jiangxi people's Publishing House   Author:Wen Yi   Pages´╝Ü246  

Smell, Chinese World History Institute of the Academy of Social Sciences researcher
the main writing: "the Soviet past and present" (soldier Press) 1980. "His biography" (Jilin Education Press) 1988. "Soviet History" (1917-1937) (co authored, people's publishing house, 1991). "Soviet History" (1953-1964) (co authored, people's publishing house, 1996). "The history of the world popular romance: Modern volume) (World Knowledge Press, 1992). "Approaching Russia" (SDX) 1997. "The disintegration time" ("Russia complex" trilogy of Northern Literature and Art Publishing House, 1998). "Leaders" (who plan for the Northern Literature and Art Publishing House, 1999). "Russia" (featuring the world knowledge press 1999). "To return to Moscow" (Sichuan people's publishing house, 2000). "Outside the castle hill" (Qingdao, 2000). "Russia" (deep "Russia complex" trilogy of two Northern Literature and Art Publishing House, 2001). "In the Soviet Union" (Shandong people's Publishing House in 2003). "Stunning" (Taiwan, Russia, Wadsworth publishing company) in 2003. "Soviet Industrialization: history, experience, problem" (translation, commercial press, 2006).
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Digest when I walked out of the cabin, one foot on the Beslan land, the dazzling sunshine and blue sky from the infinite deep sky to the world over, lush trees and extending to the distant green beauty makes me intoxicated, a warm, lazy leisure feeling to flow through the body. At that moment, I forget this is a month ago happened in Russia and have never been the history of the world has had, with hundreds of children and mother hostage terrorist crime of land. A month ago, in October 1st, the Beslan hostage incident, I join as a guest in the Phoenix Satellite TV, the three day of the event live. When I saw the picture too horrible to look at picture from the picture, my heart in a burst of austerity. I really want to go over the land in an instant, to experience the people there are in the pain, grief and hatred. Why? I don't know. Maybe it is because I am a study of the Russian people, with compared to others more understanding and look forward to more of the country and the people of the land, they have more emotional care. So, I went to Moscow, he decided to go to school. Moscow's friends said, do not go, there's no peace. All that makes people be confused in mind: the terrorists to aircraft launched missile met on the road how to do? How do terrorists? No traffic tools how to do? How do the boundary check? It seems, Moscow people really flustered, because they have never experienced so much fear and upset, even though they could have a thousand miles distance. In their eyes the Beslan really become a hell on earth. However, by wind or driven me to the school. Of course, in order to others about my safety, to Beslan incident, had I to relatives and did not mention the word. This day, the atmosphere be on one's guard for Moscow airport, to increase the number of customs officers, special inspection strictly. Pass, the upper part of the body to off only a shirt, even the shoes are off to check. The inspection instrument like a big brush like to take possession of you on the back as a times before. Later, I read the newspaper on the plane, I know it is from October 1st onwards, the implementation of the new inspection procedures of customs. Really lucky, I have to catch the first bus trip! The plane full cabin, passengers are very quiet, no one particularly uncomfortable. This and I was in Moscow feel totally different. Yes, since the decision to fly the Beslan, that is not what good hesitate. Only the first few rows of seats and a female passenger I saw more several eyes. Her dark skin, hair is black, with two long braids, divided in two shoulders. A black skirt, is a traditional BANDANA over his shoulders, very attract sb.'s attention. Probably because of Beslan's sake, how I look, how she like those pictures "Female the human bullet". Of course not, Russians who never gave her a glance, and there she was quietly reading the newspaper...... Beslan airport is calm enough, no special inspection, not be on one's guard for customs, nor with rifles and staring at the soldiers patrol. The exit of the airport station many drivers, when they saw the passengers out, went to solicit the business. Beslan tragedy, reporters from around the world instantly pushed to the town almost retire the centuries. The taxi has become the most fashionable city, is the most flourishing industry, drivers a day to earn more than the past few months to earn more. These drivers are also became news most informed people, they hardly know what happened in Beslan City Beslan, know all the people, they also seem to know the foreign journalists came to town. They will tell you: "live to the 'Fra Caucasus hotel' go! Reporters live there!" as long as you ask, they chatterbox will open, and they will take the initiative to open the case, then they have become the town of Beslan spokesman. The driver Hassan a soft, shiny hair, ruddy face, the ornamental and the combined plain properties, unlike standing there waiting for customers as drivers of rough. However, he and their hospitality and talk. He watched from afar, put his car "Ford" small van and drove too fast, and said: "you know? In August this year, I have a good feeling, I always feel to what event, always feel to have what catastrophes! You ask why? Well, I tell you. In August, we here do not usually under heavy rain, but this August was heavy rain doesn't stop, even the rain, it isn't done, is really strange! Under the rain, is windy, windy, the crops are down, in the corn is almost nothing! Those factories for processing of corn stopped working, the chimney does not smoke. And, also, with the smell of water from the mountains down, red, blood......" I inserted the sentence: "you see?" he said: "not really! I heard it. However, one August evening, when I drove through the field, my eyes a terrible sight, everywhere flashing a black, red and white star, like the devil in the eyes blinked. I have misgivings, finished, finished, catastrophe will come, since then, in my dreams I see these old color flickering flashes......" Suddenly, the roadside emerged from a black, red and white scene, suddenly it makes my whole body trembled. I said to Hassan: "look, look!" Hassan did not look at the ground says: "very difficult! Calamity! God bless you!" this is really Hassan dreams show? Said Hassan Shinto ghost look on me, I stopped him, felt austerity, to a covered with black, red and white land went. While Hassan was curled up in the cab, eyes stagnantly hope this already in his dream seen before. P3-4
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After the Beslan village cemetery -- missing loved ones put a bunch of flowers at the school gate affects the World Gym people ah, don't forget to Beslan boundary line spring and autumn season -- occupy the Caucasus Caucasus Fra boundary line of Russia's feng shui treasure -- five mountain and Mineralnye Vody for Russia's "ancient warrior" from Beslan to accept in chick out of the north Caucasus and "leaders" to "Alfa" former commander of the neighborhood known rehabilitation centre half a century tomb, quietly for a moment All is well. Moscow vodka, can or can't help? -- the dollar and ruble superposition of Chinese fashion an embarrassing make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks Ralph Lu Shen Si based Hu Tong legendary Su this poem Dahl -- Arbat Street a holy wind chasing Lenin rare sign for seven people, Hu snow on Christmas Eve the Kalmyk steppe frozen Astrakhan Ellis tower -- on the sand city goodbye, reflected a probe "historians" total order @##@ Russia Beslan hostage taking incident shocked the world. The author starts from the visit of Beslan Town, after the Republic of North Ossetia Yu capital Fra Caucasus, North Ossetia and Ingushetia Republic of kabardino balkar boundary, a boundary in the northern Republic and its capital nary chic, Moscow, and so on, and the way in shaping character. As a Russian experts, the author also visited in these areas. Will you for the region of the history and reality of the anti interest and understanding are skillfully combined, based on historical prose, weiweidaolai. Come very naturally to thaw of Russian history, culture, customs, traditional moral, in between the lines. Perhaps, love, hate, love can be summarized in four words, Qiu North Caucasus history and reality of all relationships. But between such country, nation, people love and hate is the key to understanding the point on the land side the Russian national historical evolution and development. It is for us to know and understand the north Caucasus and Russia yesterday, today and tomorrow of mirror.
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Beslan hostage taking incident shocked the world. The author starts from the visit of Beslan Town, after the Republic of North Ossetia Yu capital Fra Caucasus, North Ossetia and Ingushetia Republic of kabardino balkar boundary, a boundary in the northern Republic and its capital nary chic, Moscow, and so on, and the way in shaping character.
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