"One" and "many"

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The inevitable "governed by" thousands of lust, and sometimes will forget the law of nature, so it requires "philosophers through the moral law", to "advise" he, is also "remind" human should change the "will of God" in the range of natural laws allow, the basic starting point is the laws of nature; but, except as a "wise man" should follow the guidelines, the different geographical environment and climatic environment of human society should follow the rules determined by these factors, he said "the law should and the natural stateRelationship; relationship and cold, hot, warm climate; relationship quality, situation and area and land...... The relationship between the degree of freedom with law should and could tolerate regime; and the religion of the inhabitants, transsexuals, wealth, population, trade, customs, habits to adapt ". So Montesquieu thought in the "spirit of law" in the same league, by nature of the state, especially the republican system country, because in the Republic, the national spirit is "peace and grace", while the monarchy and despotism of the spirit is the war and expansion. Montesquieu in this book are all characteristics of tyranny, autocratic and Democratic Republic, that democracy is the best system, because in this system, everyone with equal status in the society and consciously abide by the law, treat others as equals (also the citizen's ruling and ruling. Different beliefs, between the different races, between equal). Montesquieu thinks, in the democratic republic system, the function of education in addition to learning knowledge, culture is a very important political character, the character "is the love of the law and the reunification of the motherland. This kind of love requires people to constantly put on public interests personal interests; it is a source of personal qualities. Individual character is to public interests ". Montesquieu thinks, the monarchy or tyranny, love the motherland is a monarch or ruler, people didn't care, because they did not own the rights under such a system, and therefore there is no responsibility; while in a Democratic Republic, the government is composed of every citizen to responsible ("is this love democratic country specific. Only democracy, government by each citizen is responsible for "), education is the key to" establish laws and state of love in the Republic ". Montesquieu used a lot of space to discuss moral education republic system, think love is love the motherland democratic republic system itself, love democracy is love itself, because the democratic country representatives -- the government is representative of the interests of their institutions; Montesquieu thought that, in a democracy should also encourage "love is simple:" "when a society to equality and simple provisions in the law, equality and simplicity itself can greatly arouse the equality and the simple love...... The monarchy and despotism, no one longs for equality.

"" one "and" many "-- the European economic, political, legal coordination in the cultural background of" a series of international cooperative research project. The foreign language school of Wuhan University associate professor Liu Siping Nie Zhenzhao, Dr. Yang Tingfang, Professor of Huazhong Normal University, Professor Liu longer foreign language school of Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Professor of European Research Center Michel de Shesheron of France Paris third University (Michael de Saint Cheron), Professor Michel Lemary Lille Second University this book part put forward some important opinions. My children to Dr. Luo Bin for several years in Paris as it is a collection of related data. I especially want to thank my wife Tian Jinglin; the process of writing this book is actually in her illness to finish the operation in the process of chemotherapy, when, I am writing at the Wuhan University Zhongnan Hospital, her sick before I know, sometimes she is very painful, but always forced smile to comfort me, say: "Okay, okay., you write your......". I would also like to thank the Department of gynecological oncology, Zhongnan Hospital Professor Jiang Daqiong and other doctors and nurses in this, there are careful treatment and care for them, I was able to have time to calm at ease writing. Thank them!
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The first chapter from the "concept" to rational one, "Europe". Two, Europe's geographical environment and early European culture three, geographical Europe or culture in Europe? Four, the European civilization to the east of the source five, dialectic and rational cultural spirit of six, "the Greek community and the European culture" second chapter "goodness", "evil nature" and the "contract law" culture background, Europe's "good" and "evil" memory, "two European political" three, knowledge and rational natural law and European legal concept four, "Wan Guofa" and Europe's concept of the rule of law third chapter of humanism, "Christ" and "European identity", humanism and Europe two, humanism and Christianity in three, "in the name of Christ" unified Europe four, "Rome law" -- the personality right and property right of civil law "five, six", Rome law and the "holy Rome Empire" seven, the Germanic law and property law group eight, Christian traditional values and the European Union's political, economic, and cultural order. The fourth chapter "in the name of Christ United World" -- Christian traditional to Europe and the European Union of Jewish origin, two, Charleyman the great and holy Rome Empire three, European religious wars in Europe's political, economic and Cultural significance of four, division of Christianity and "secular" five, "the spirit of Christ" secular and European Renaissance six, "Christ" and "Europe", "the dilemma to define seven neither the Pope nor emperor" "secular" European Union eight, the hundred years war and the "new Europe" nine, military thought reform and the development in Europe ten, Per Siti Pollard and the "new Europe" the fifth chapter Renaissance and Renaissance Europe, and "human nature" of Europe two, Grau Huges "big European coordination" and the concept of international law three, "the Protestant Ethic" and the development of capitalism in Europe four, Henry IV "plan" and the integration of Europe five, Leibniz's "World Christian organization" the sixth chapter of enlightenment thought and the European construction, father San Pierre "lasting peace in Europe two plan", Rousseau's social contract theory and the European Union idea three, Rousseau, Montesquieu on the "small territory and population" ideological similarities and differences with European integration, four Montesquieu's "Union Republic" and Europe five, Hobbes "Jun min interests Theory "and the six European," nationalism "and the European construction seven, Kant:" rational Europe "and" perpetual peace "in Chapter seventh, the French Revolution, Napoleon and the European one, human rights, the French Revolution and two in Europe," Napoleon and the French Revolution in Europe "three," Revolution "and" Napoleon of France the four European Code ", the constitutional monarchy" utilitarianism "culture and Europe five," civil society "concept and" European citizens "eighth chapter" a spectre of communism in Europe, hovering over "a Saint Simon's" industrial system "and European integration, Fu Liye's" two francs, "(Phalange the ninth chapter) and European integration" nation "and" the idea of Europe "," social Darwinism "and two in Europe, Hugo, Nietzsche and the" United States of Europe since twentieth Century tenth chapter "ideology and the European construction, a Russian Soviet socialism and the European construction two," the League of nations "and European integration," the idea of Europe three "four," the revival of European citizens of Europe "-- the modern European integration dawn five," Poetry Man politician "Churchill's European view of six," the European Coal and Steel Community "-- the cradle of modern European integration seven," Christian Democratic International "and European integration in Chapter eleventh, European Constitutionalism --" one "and" many "paradox, civil rights and constitution of Europe two, Europe" grand blueprint "exclusive and inclusive culture idea three, Europe post modern culture" generation "and European integration status and Prospect of @##@ reference. The book as "one of the European Union Studies Series", the European Economic and political legal coordination in the cultural background of in-depth study. The book is divided into eleven chapters, including: from "concept" to rationality; humanism, "Christ" and "European identity"; the Renaissance and Enlightenment thought and Europe; European construction since twentieth Century; ideology and European construction etc..
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"" one "and" many ": the European economic, political, legal and cultural background of coordination of EU": Study Series
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  •   The book is very good, is a bit dirty, there was a big footprints cover, their whole day, and on the bag leather. Hope Peihuo go to read a book is neat and clean back, let a person feel bought a new book.

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