Mysteries of ancient Egypt

Date of publication:2011-1   Press: Shaanxi Normal University press   Author:Li Xiaodong   Pages:213  

Professor Li Xiaodong of Northeast Normal University Institute of classical civilization in the world.
, a PhD in egyptology. The main research direction: Egyptian Literature, Egyptian Archaeology, history and culture of egypt. Author of "the ancient civilizations of Pyramid -- Pharaoh of Egypt" "mysterious Pyramid" sun ship "Inscription of Egyptian history" and other works, and has translated many.
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The copyright page: illustration: Egypt is one of the four ancient civilizations, to mention it, we first thought is its landmark building in Pyramid one one. The Pyramid of Egypt more than one seat, but the most famous is the Giza Plateau on the top of the Pyramid of Khufu Pyramid one one. It is with Olympia mountain of Zeus, Rhodes on the island of gods, fallows lighthouse on the island, the hanging garden of Babylon, and said the seven wonders of the ancient. The seven wonders of down, the collapse of the collapse, are now gone, only the Khufu Pyramid stand as firm as a rock, through space for thousands of years to come today, quietly watching tens of thousands of years of human staged a Thespian, become the only remaining wonder. Hu Fu Pyramid was built in 2500 BC, now has 4500 years of history, in the 3600 years, it is a human creation building the first peak, one hundred and forty-seven meters high, is a very high human buildings. Hu Fu Pyramid on the later the impact is very big, until now, people talk about it, still indulge in elaborating on, whether it is any widely about its discovery, or a little guess and legends about it, will immediately become the focus of people all over the world town talk of the streets. Pyramid found what? Why the people of Pyramid have so much interest? I think, the legend of thousands of years of history and some building mystery data on the deposition of coincidence, just spurred the curious psychology, which is one of Pyramid's enduring interest in one of the most important the reason. Around Pyramid, there is many attractive legend: Pyramid energy, the curse of the pharaohs, the alien legacy, these legends and Atlantis, the Bermuda Triangle, Bible prophecy, Martian face to remind people of the endless reverie. One is standing in the highlands of Giza of the Pyramid of Khufu mystery of some data, it is enough to make people ponder. Pyramid weight multiplied by 10 ^ 15, is just the weight of the earth; Pyramid tower height multiplied by 1000000000 is the earth sun distance (150000000 km); the square is equal to the area of triangle tower bottom surface; perimeter and height is equal to the ratio of the circumference and radius ratio; two times the bottom week long equal to the equator indexing Pyramid is located in the tower; the continents of the earth gravity center etc.. Whether this is a coincidence, a hotly debated. Of course it whether by coincidence or the ancient Egyptians really know these numbers, will let people carefully to suppose that in 4500 before the ancient Egyptians, how do they know the weight of the earth, and how I know from the earth's distance from the sun. This is simply unbelievable things, if they really know, why don't you text add these numbers recorded for posterity, but to be hidden in Pyramid this mysterious building it? I read a book written by Europeans shortly before, called the "energy" mysterious Pyramid, say that the relevant Pyramid mysterious energy marvellous things, including one experiment in Pyramid. He found himself a migraine headache problem, then entered the Pyramid of Khufu, inside a few days later, found himself in a good mood, migraine headache can disappear in smoke, feel everything is so comfortable. There are some plants, such as Pyramid, have put on a few days, flowers will bloom more brightly. Very much, such things then, what the hell is this? Of course I. They didn't do experiments to verify these are true or false, but in any case, whether true or false, around Pyramid, the story is more and more mysterious, more and more attention.
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The first secret of Pyramid second about the mystery of the Mummy 3 amulet fourth King Scorpion legend fifth speak wisdom? Sixth Sphinx seventh Egyptian queen legend eighth tenth break the curse of the Pharaoh ninth holy book about doom Prince eleventh speak in seaman twelfth papyrus legend thirteenth seek Toth God Book fourteenth lectures in fifteenth ancient papyrus pottery love about Cleopatra sixteenth speaks of God's eternal world @##@ wedding seventeenth Towering Pyramid, why they built? And Sphinx, who is the prototype? Sleeping for thousands of years of mummies, when to return? Curse fear of Pharaoh, to achieve true? Brave king scorpion, foxy Cleopatra, together with the rise of Sirius, mysterious hieroglyphics … … this book based on Oriental TV "world civilization" forum "the mysteries of ancient Egypt" transcripts of finishing polish and become, take pictures, vivid and interesting about the life of ancient Egyptian civilization.
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"Mysteries of ancient Egypt": rubbish and expert Professor Li Xiaodong, together with Eastern TV "world civilization lecture room", the authority of the ancient Egyptian civilization life.
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