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Date of publication:2011-7   Press: Phoenix publishing media group Yilin press   Author:Shanghai Museum, Chen Xiejun.   Pages:88  

Deep in the South Pacific, Bai Yun Xiang people. They ride the whale, boat to boat. Of their oral myth, spread so far. Natural injection of pure soul for them, create brilliant art and civilization.
Maori culture, together with the ancient belief, such as a piccolo played the songs, invite square.
one hypothesis, from China maori. Or by the sudden disappearance of the Hemudu south to, or with today's Gaoshan homology. The results from the recent Y chromosome, Maori people and Chinese Baiyue people very close to the mainland. Therefore, Chinese concern for Maori history, culture, religion, custom and so on, in the curiosity of many more intimacy.
for New Zealand, Maori culture is very precious heritage, which make the island's history is more thick, more pluralistic culture. New Zealand Otago museum with top margin collections, including wood, stone, jade, Knits, bone, painting and contemporary art.
book income of more than 100 pieces of Otago Museum provide Maori treasure map, attributed to the 26 China readers interested in (see screenshot below directory entries below), the portfolio in the domestic similar publications in rare, and pictures from the rare degree reduction, printing quality, and written authority, no comparable to similar products.
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The copyright page: illustration: in Maori legend, in addition to across the ocean to the navigation in New Zealand, there are all kinds of fantastic and sea related stories, such as "Whale Rider" school based sub story. School based sub living in Maori origin summer Wilkie, his brother Lou Alpa Tu wanted to kill him. Lou Alpa Tu dug a hole in the new board, and then on the cover off at the top, the boat away from the coast, he moved the feet, the water poured. By this means he has drowned her 5 brothers, but sent Kia managed to escape. He sings a song a long and famous songs, brought into their own guardian monster whale Tani method. Whale will he back to New Zealand, after he married settled in 旺格拉. In this story, he is also the ship and crew guardian, they incarnate whale or giant shark in the sea, in the land of lakes in a big lizard. When the crew got caught in the storm of sub sea, they will cut a hair protection and thrown into the sea request Brittany method, also have the opposite view that this ceremony is to get rid of Brittany method, because it is the bad weather the initiator of evil. And some people say that, when the distinguished people need help, he will put their canoes on the back; and when they died, he also will float on the surface of the water, is an important symbol of the funeral. (Liu Hui)
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Land of the long white cloud "
hand woven bags and baskets.

flat stick dance Europe

Fishing gods jade Choker

Cape James Cook tribe

Maori tattoos......

Maori archives @##@ animal world As Chinese top of ancient art museum, exhibition Bo in the important aspects of the introduction of foreign important museum outshines. In recent years, Bo held "the ancient Olympic movement and art exhibition" (cooperation with British Museum), "the North Star Golden Age: the Russian Empire and Ekaterina II Exhibition" (in collaboration with Elmi Tash Museum), "Italy Uffizi Museum exhibition", "civilization of ancient India: a glorious temple art exhibition" (with the British Museum, Vitoria and the Albert Museum).
2011 summer, Bo launched a grand "Maori world: New Zealand Otago Museum of cultural relics exhibition", exhibition is longer, from 2011-7-22 to 2011-11-06.
for better interpretation of the exhibition, but also for the multicultural world to the public, published on Bo cooperation and Yilin press the "A-Z" gross profit.
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"Margin (A-Z)" published by Yilin press.
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  •   The Maori culture little book, this book is very good, the picture data is also very good!
  •   See the Bo Maori exhibition in the exhibition hall book, feeling in the excellence on more price. Regulations clearer, and more easy to understand content. The point is, is LV Jingren studio responsible for binding, bold use of braided geometric Maori style design, make reading fun.

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