Date of publication:2011-11   Press: Chongqing University press   Author:[method] Michel Deplakota   Pages:435  

As early as in the Spring Festival in 2003, I'll get the book, a publisher in Beijing sent the book, about I will translate it into Chinese, that version is launched in France found press after 16 years of the new millennium, as the author says in the preface, is a new version, the author on 1986 the first edition and writing a thorough revision of the. After nearly a year of hard translation, the book Chinese version finished. But because of various reasons, the book was not published. Time and again over 8 years, let this book lying in the drawer to sleep, my heart has unwilling, because the translation of this book is really let me pain imprint is engraved on my heart. An accidental opportunity, I and Mr. Chu dust mentioned this book, didn't expect him to immediately contact the press, buy copyright, to complete a series of cumbersome procedures in a very short time. A new version was sent to my hands, the original French Suy press for authors published third versions, the author makes a supplement and revision of the new version, and added a postscript at the end of the chapter 3. According to this new version with reference to edit comments, I 8 years ago this was amended. All efforts have not been wasted, finally presented to the readers a be full of wit and humour, humorous works in specific cases, a large number of books and the reminiscences of everybody, let the reader in the joy the growth experience, learn how to identify the authenticity in hypermedia cultural atmosphere. The development of science and technology change rapidly, we are entering the modern society, utilitarianism has spread to all fields, and the progress of science and technology also makes the pseudo science and scientific fraud unabated. There are famous scholars in the dissemination of telepathy, propaganda to space travel benefits; a reputation in the media of "inventor", privately or removed, or mix the spurious with the genuine, the fabricated into the achievement of science and technology; also has the creative talented self-taught, some "alternative" theory, and then to take on Darwin and Einstein theories. But how do we see through the scientific hoax? How do you not to blow as if it were raining flowers "science and technology" as cheerful as a lark? This lively and informative books offered an answer. Since the first draft of the translation of this book, I have been in focus on scientific hoax reports, the South Korean biologist Hwang Woo-suk the most shocking is the end of 2005 media disclosure "stem cell fraud", but this event is disclosed in the newspapers at the time, the third edition of this book has been to the bookstore, or the author of this book may according to this event to write another article be struck with fright reports. In fact, scientific hoax and pseudo science is not detached from our society, it has become the new standard of knowledge, I also became a tool of swindlers Huyou good. In another book I translated, there is a very interesting description (now would not disclose the book title, because the book has not been published), a writer always like to strangers about their occupation, says he is in what what of, say some people really take me into the tax money for you to do these things, so the writers began to talk each other: "if you had cancer, I this not curse you, but if you have cancer, I have to find a way to let you live in freezing conditions, for people to master methods of cancer treatment after you cure this damn cancer, then you will not be due to I that pitiful salary and regret, after all I spent so many years of effort to engage in research in this area......" Have a look your Is it right? Also fooled? This book not only through scientific hoax textbooks, but also can be said is a popular science book. The book cover and contain everything, covering a variety of subjects, such as physics, biology, chemistry, astrophysics, medicine, psychology, linguistics, philosophy, people in increasing the scientific hoax immunity at the same time, but also to understand the basic knowledge of various disciplines. Author disclosure is also very shocking, he wrote about the fraud in Harvard University,: "the reliability of scientific papers, at least in the fierce competition in the medical field, survey the two 'trace the cheaters' result set people thinking. Biomedical newspaper magazine has 1 ~ 15000, the annual academic paper published reaches 1000000! This excessive expansion of the medical profession commonly used words is, 'if you don't have published papers, then you're dead', which exposed the defects of global medical community." In Chinese, pursue the quantity of published papers not only the medical profession, has been reported, the number China paper has in the global leading position, I hope the quality can also ranked in the forefront of the world. Yuan Junsheng in June 26, 2011, in Suzhou

This book selects the human history the most unbelievable startled Day hoax, with a unique perspective, interesting language, hit off about major fraud very figure processing very period. These scams are too long, gradually become a part of the fairy tale; some have shocked the world, become a political event, causing foreign conflicts and a national debate;Fraud, people can actually be a country in the hands of play and retreats; some scam, could deceive the numerous living beings over thousands of years, but people still half believe and half doubt; but some scam, whether the hoax or the victim, for a variety of purposes, has so far refused to admit the the hoax......
Author brief introduction

Michel Deplakota was born in 1954 in Cannes, France, in the "science and life" magazine, "Thursday" and "Observer" reported the new journal Science and technology columnist. During this period, he wrote a large number of comments and special reports, and the major themes feature report is modeled, wrote "water memory" and "secret war" tobacco. After the book was published, he began to engage in science and science fiction, wrote "artificial intelligence" "no" "navel woman of great danger" violence "and" gene.
Yuan Junsheng, 1955 was born in Beijing in March, 1979 in 1984, the headquarters of UNESCO (Paris), vice professor of translation. The main works are "John?" "Christophe mill letters" "a bomb unhappy solution" "the legend of Casanova" "Zidane biography" etc..
Catalogue of books

The real problem, by you to ask questions.
the cause is prior to
Big Bang not observed what? The greatness of
Pyramid is? Why not five kinds of consciousness

scientific charlatan scientific answer the real question?
how to make traveling train derailed?
false science and pseudo science

second practice speaking frontier, carefully selected by you.
take cover bathtub secret
selection remains to be developed in the field of skills
Cyril bell curve?
Di Sir Bert Murray and Herrnstein and IQ
the hammer? "Gay gene"
a quick temper scholars shortcut
Antoine? Puri orr cancer machine
3 traditional science, by you to boo
geophysicists are idiots?
the earth is not a popcorn
embarrass Darwin
vacuum was filled with energy
water memory
the traditional scientific barrier

Fourth news media practice, by you to the art of innervation of
will be installed in the test tubes in the sun?
lab fever
is error or fraud?
how to see through scientific hoax?

> Computer depressed in scientific era and the media time swimming in the womb.
丽伽? 扎拉伊 dissolves in medicine?
Roswell figures
only the truth and not enough

fifth practice speaking the truth, by you to manipulate
is a fraud or false news?
to the "Piltdown Man" tribute "
Mendel pea and how to cheat to useful
Paul Kammerer midwife toad?
the abb é Leroy duck
Gil gudgin abnormal water
Walter?" Stewart debunk achluophobia "
Summerlin" dyeing transplantation
Carle? The first attempt to IL Muncie and cloning of Harvard University
fraud case.
a Nobel winners of" misbehavior "
can avoid the Greek tragedy? Exercise
sixth tell the history
, by you to re write
AIDS: a retroviral virus
"at the battle of 4H disease"
HTLV virus.
the meeting room?
"HTLV-3 virus is Ralph virus"
Robert? She cheated?
patent battles
AIDS and blood
1976 1983:
1983 hepatitis B vaccine in August: the cry of Montagnier ignored
1984 year 6 - October: Pasteur Institute wasted four months
1985: a disastrous year
HTLV-3 virus
what is the true face of a good scientist? Exercise
seventh about God and the gods
, by you to worship
the boar's canine
Save master mind in light or
waist hip line you like a wave
nose why chairman in the middle of the face?
physics "Tao"
"God hypothesis" what is the use? A single
the world like a hologram
knowledge is impossible
people Is it right? Cosmic purpose? Exercise
eighth elves and spirits
navel paradigm
, by you to pray for
credulous scholars, the skeptics and illusion maker
Joseph telepathy?
Alan Laing and scientific parapsychology
the mental capacity of the recession of

Alfa the rescue plan "Dempsey sect"
physics absurd
the spectrum is a big cat's Requiem in
Einstein criticized the quantum theory of
twin photon? As worship Is it right? Another tex? Avery?
chase crazy squirrels
accidental, causality and magic
back to the concept of "flat earth"

ninth practice speaking the language trap, by understanding you go around the
Harper on
duality of language
the captain how old?
How based on homonym for establishing a theory of
how to weave
how to get along well with metaphor of analog
how to organize a fuzzy inference
quantum gravity interpretation
on Mathematics in the erectile organ
mathematics can melt in the language?
the map is not the terrain

tenth exercises that you are undeniable.
the dreamer's paradox
Carle? Pop in the eyes of the scientific
Rupert? Heldrake can be refuted?
all scientific theories can be refuted?
"heads I win, tails you lose"
why science can succeed?
there is no "non pop" science?
may have "offbeat" science?
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: first say the real problem, you can ask the first notice: Scientists and gentlemen, can you explain the origin of matter and energy? We can. The second reason: Scientists and gentlemen, can you explain the origin of gravitation? We can. The third reason: Scientists and gentlemen, can you explain the thinkingOrigin? We can. The fourth reason: the "Big Bang" theory is not possible, because the original energy both attractive and repulsive, so we don't have the super gravity. Do you know how to verify the news. The fifth reason: theologian gentlemen, God is not the creator of the universe, but he is to achieve the goal of the universe. Since the origin of the spirit of discovery, we can prove this point. The sixth reason: a consciousness is not quenched (its origin is proof). It can be bred to the body of the brevity of life (as we know it); - it is this pair of communion to achieve its origin envisaged objective. Therefore, consciousness, reincarnation is scientific, reliable. Do you know how to verify the news. The seventh reason: the birth of a new science (self theology, the spirit of Science) is a great event. If you are a great reporter, please contact us. As luck, the real question is can hold on. This question is answered, neither need special methods, also do not need reliable secret. Flexible, feel, feel is indispensable. Entering this liar should be clumsy thought from the Cartesian philosophy that rough appearance of liberation. He should try to awaken some forgotten characteristics, which will enable enhanced five his consciousness, even beyond the five senses. Lightning analogy consciousness will be two there appears to be no link mysteries together, such as the dinosaur extinction and is located in Peru city (laville d'Ica) Eka stone, if separate the two puzzle, it did not get any answers. But the two puzzle like lightning to analog, can not only get the answer, also can be used as the real problem. In fact: 1 Eka city of stone is very old, but very old, certainly before human beings appeared in the world. The mysterious pattern is characterized by the other people in the world, in order to teach us these cold. 2 in a stone carvings, people can clearly see that astronauts are doing surgical operation for the dinosaur, dinosaur to reduce his huge bulk. "In order to large animal life and the greed, terrible harmonious coordination, the operation is essential." A man named Ou Jie Ronaldinho '希拉古萨 people wrote in a brochure on the way, he claimed to be "people". 3 therefore, dinosaurs did not disappear, but smaller a if no alien physician care, maybe dinosaurs is so large, we would have been swallowing them alive to. If can of words, people must know Eka city whether there is the ancient stone. According to physicist Henry Brock said, stone carvings is probably "Lima Academy of Fine Arts early graduates creation", these works must be later than the cretaceous. The details may not distract us from the real issue: whether we are ready to receive the highest wisdom instructions? The hidden reason why do we fear the earthquake awareness? Not because of fears that the opposite after the collapse of buildings may hit in our heads. Although rabbits are rarely live many-storied buildings, they are so afraid of earthquakes. Undoubtedly, this be rather baffling fear is caused by hidden reasons. Find the reason is not as people imagine so difficult, because there are hidden causes 3 types: electric, magnetic and low frequency. Let us think: Earthquakes produce infrasound, that is to say the sound wave frequency is too low, so can't hear the sound of it. The reason why the Japanese since ancient times the goldfish for alarm system earthquake resistant, it is because the goldfish can detect infrasound. When the goldfish swimming wildly in the fishbowl, people are convinced that the earthquake was coming. The animal kingdom so frightened earthquake, infrasound is probably the primary suspect hidden reasons. Bass's psychological and physical have mysterious effect. Leo Watson as a basis, citing examples of Marseille Engineer Gavro, Gavro every time I go to the office feel nauseous. Watson said 加夫罗 found across the street, equipped with air-conditioning, and his office is connected with the air conditioner on resonance, its frequency is 7 cycles per second. In order to get to the bottom of this matter, the engineer or the installation of a two meter long roller flute, compressed air to drive. According to Watson, the engineers to do the first experiment fell down dead. "Autopsy showed his internal organs were resonance Daocheng solidified amorphous." Our writers wrote. I did not find the description of evidence, but according to ((Encyclopedia "explanation:" a high intensity noise (160 DB is equivalent to 1 watt / square cm, and 170 DB is equivalent to 10 watt / square cm) and close to the ultrasonic sound can produce enough energy, make people feel epidermal fever, and will let the exposed to the acoustic wave under the animal died quickly." We note here did not mention the low frequency, because of the risk mainly comes from the ultrasonic, especially high frequency sound. A reasonable result is: the higher the frequency, vibration energy is bigger. Moreover, frequented nightclubs or go to a rock concert knows, it is the high frequency of the eardrum the biggest impact. A strange feeling of infrasound may produce resonance, but does not cause hearing loss. Infrasound can become human viscera coagulum is really amazing. On the contrary, from reason, people can not help but make Lenovo: earthquake rabbit who feel a low frequency sound, they are probably aware of the occurrence of the unusual circumstances, it is enough to make them feel fear. But the supernatural was openly jeered at reasonable, mocking acoustic Law: "(wave) frequencies and make people uneasy, sickening frequency tally, accompanied by the earthquake hit, this is enough to explain, be rather baffling intense fear." Watson concludes, he reverse causality, the approach of random surprising!
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