• Dongba culture really nationality

    This book describes some contents of the Yunnan Lijiang Dongba culture, she belongs to the National Federation of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list. Her mysterious look attractive, the Dongba culture, there are many cultural image of antecedents is distant, nature is mysterious, but as long as we put it on the human cultural corridor to core categories,

  • America mass culture

    USA mass culture, "American mass culture" is a movie about American mass culture readings, collect the relevant and popular culture consumer culture, advertising, television, sports, music, movies, pop idol and other aspects of the various articles. On the one hand, readers can understand in recent decades USA mass culture from the aspects of these articles,

  • Ukraine

    The history of Ukraine, geographical, ethnic, religious, political, economic, military, social, cultural and education have done a more comprehensive, system and briefly introduces the objective. Readers: embassies and consulates, target business organization in China, the major travel agencies, international research and teaching work,

  • The history of the World Expo

    "The history of the World Expo (phonetic version)" content brief introduction: what is the World Expo? Why should hold it? It is from what time to start holding? Which countries participate in? The Shanghai World Expo will show people what good action...... In many senior preschool education under the guidance of experts, we carefully prepared this set of parent-child,

  • The Anglo American culture

    The Anglo American culture, "American culture" of the British and American cultural background and social conditions, in order to assist interested in English language learning and cultural students of the two most influential English language countries initial contact and understanding. "American culture" consists of ten chapters, each chapter contains knowledge, knowledge of probability prediction,

  • The darkest hour

    This book to your law shows is thousands of years come to various disasters on the planet, you can see the ships, aircraft to sink of, hear the roar, roar of flood volcano, feel the ground tremble this book to your house and also is not only a disaster, you can see human fight, hear,

  • Cross cultural dialogue

    The second session of the Sino US Cultural Forum, "cross cultural dialogue: the second session of the Sino US Cultural Forum" include: [beauty] Andrew Jones Berkeley of the University of California Professor, Department of East Asian Languages and literatures, the host language, [US] Yu Baolin America academic organization Federation Chairman, Chinese modern value of traditional culture, Yu Dan Beijing normal university,

  • 2010 see Expo

    "See the World Expo Shanghai World Expo 2010: Bo concept guide" includes: the theme pavilion, Japan Pavilion: Purple silkworm island in science and technology, China Provinces Pavilion, Uzbekistan Pavilion, Pakistan Pavilion: Century caravan fairy tale castle, the Israel Pavilion: "sea shell" in the Eastern wisdom, ambitions and expectations, Qatar Museum India museum,

  • International human (Second Series)

    "International human" (Humanities International) is the College of Humanities of Xiamen University established a comprehensive international academic journal of humanities. Our aim is to promote international exchange and development of Humanities in the new era of social background. This print will be published from the world,

  • The Romans

    "The Romans" is "one of the Horizon Series", including a small story, Rome, the capital of the world, the bustling Rome, busy street, in the office, wax on the rodeo, Rome small gods, color, the water in Rome, the bustling streets, living in the city...... "The Romans" through the pictures, with the help of,

  • Jewish Culture

    The Jewish nation has a long history and special history destiny, in the long process of diaspora in the world for thousands of years, manufacturing and presents the history of mankind is very strange, complex cultural history. This book to culture in view, historical facts, has the typical significance, key elements of Jewish cultural evolution combs resolution,

  • Foreign life details

    "Foreigners details of life" featured well-known writers, scholars, visiting foreign correspondent, students, Chinese writing about the details of the foreigner social life wonderful essay, so that readers can understand human customs exhibition overseas, overseas every aspect of social life. ,

  • Japanese culture and etiquette

    "Japanese culture and etiquette culture and etiquette" mainly consists of two parts, a total of twenty chapters. Culture covers Japan's geography, history, politics, culture, literature, economy, education, religion, customs and habits, social life in many areas; etiquette article introduced the basic etiquette, business base,

  • ANZ and social culture

    "Australia and New Zealand and social culture" in the content based instruction under the guidance of the concept, relying on the national philosophy and social science project "for English Majors at the fundamental stage content based on the teaching reform of" launched a series of English content based materials. This textbook for students is a middle school English based students, is not only suitable for,

  • Canadian Multicultural Perspective

    "Canadian multicultural New Horizons" in the 30 years of contacts with the Canadian friends saw, heard it, experience as the background, introduces the multicultural country this is Canada's vast, rich and peaceful. "Canadian multicultural New Horizons" consists of 11 chapters, including multiple canadian,

  • Into the Shanghai World Expo

    "Into the World Expo in Shanghai (phonetic version)" content brief introduction: what is the World Expo? Why should hold it? It is from what time to start holding? Which countries participate in? The Shanghai World Expo will show people what good action...... In many senior preschool education under the guidance of experts, we carefully prepared this set of parent-child,

  • You don't know Japanese

    Japanese culture style map, "you don't know Japanese: an introduction to Chinese and Japanese control" content: This is japan. Space is not strange, memory is not strange, the reality is not strange, does that mean the true understanding of Japan, fine thought, we are Japan, also know how much? For example, in Japanese cuisine "thunder six", or the great,

  • Castle Peak roaming, scan Europe

    "Castle Peak roaming, scanning Europe wishes to read" the world with rational thinking and artistic feeling, read the human culture. Europe is the birthplace of western culture, through the "scan Europe", hope gradually insight into western culture is deep and mysterious. Through the European landscape, walking in the European charming town,

  • History of civilization in Europe

    From ancient times to the modern stage, history of civilization in Europe: from ancient times to the modern stage, ISBN:9787536141773, author: Song Xiaokun,

  • The Nanyang Kangyo will Wenhui

    "Nanyang Kangyo will Wenhui" around the Nanyang Kangyo will related documents many held during and after, from the selection to host the Nanyang Kangyo will for the most influential and representative reporting, approval, proposal, summary, regulations, monographs and so on a total of more than 20 articles to collate notes, together with the Nanyang kangyou event,

  • Study of cultural change and cultural construction process in the modernization of Japan

    "Introduction of Japan in its modernization process of cultural change and cultural construction of" content: with the rapid development China modernization, people more and more profoundly aware of the importance of cultural construction in the harmonious development and sustainable development. Report of the Seventeenth Party Congress and accurate grasp of China's economic and social development of cultural construction in the new,

  • Report the development of cultural industry international Vol.

    "Report of cultural industry development international (Vol. first) 2007" the main content: check annual information era, prediction of future! "Report of cultural industry development international (first volumes) (2007) (with CD-ROM 1)" includes authoritative international organizations, industry associations, government agencies and experts and scholars of cultural production,

  • The Loire Valley, king of the road still

    "The Loire Valley King Road still" 12.5cm is a vertical wide-angle lens, a papyrus of ancient paper, and can also be side by side distance or hidden world picture. The width of the 12.5cm, let the distant Egypt, Rome, Istanbul...... Be close to. This pocket book look,

  • The second generation of Sophists

    Early cultural phenomenon of Rome Empire, this book is the western study of second academic generation Sophists first monograph, filled a gap in the ancient Western literature history, makes a fuzzy literary history period is becoming clear, not only helps us specific understanding of ancient Rome Empire early history, especially help us to understand the definition of "magic formula" to write,

  • Management guideline for world cultural heritage.

    "The world cultural heritage management guide" to the value from the concept, connotation, cultural assessment of world heritage, world heritage site management regulations, protection planning, resource management project, maintenance planning, staffing, treatment measures, authenticity, protection and inspection methods, and historical town planning, are all,

  • See Chinese characters tour in Japan

    "See Chinese characters Travel Japan" content: common Chinese characters 24 [] tourism situation, "see Chinese characters Travel Japan" common situation, a list of 24 Japan Tourism for example: airport, restaurants, Izakaya, duty free shop, station, Castle, Huang Ju, shrine, amusement park, Japan street head, Department store... Etc..,,

  • Traditional and modern France

    "Traditional and modern" French with exquisite language and exquisite picture, the creative in the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, magnificent; ornate; fascinating in the French National Museum of architecture, design idea, exquisite exhibits, this is an exhibition of museum the most worth a visit, not to be missed. At the same time, also introduces the country,

  • Ecological Discourse into the jungle forty humanities scholars

    "Walk in the woods: forty the Humanities Ecological Discourse" is the forty scholars of the humanities in the collection, is also our country scholars, writers, critics as "new attempts to restart dialogue between man and nature" of the. One of the text, not only focus on the ideological, theoretical and academic essays about, also emphasis,

  • On the other side USA dream

    "The other side" the main contents include: American dream USA president romantic history, Rockefeller and Gates, USA "privileged class", the president of behavior and leadership, gossip, rumors, celebrity and politics etc.. ,

  • Europe's world cultural heritage

    The book is divided into nine chapters, the main contents include: overview; in Greece, the source of Western civilization; Italy; France; Spain; Britain; Germany; Russia; Europe and other countries and regions of the world cultural heritage. ,

  • Colorful ball touch culture

    "A brief introduction to the main content of culture as" colorful touch: "culture" is a word, broad and profound. To put such a grand theme plug in a small volume, it is difficult to. Out of the window of a falling leaves, green was still bright, but means another season, is unexpectedly "banner". This is also the understanding of the cultural,

  • Expo file

    "Expo file (English version)" including the 1851 London International Industrial Products Exhibition, 1900 Paris World Expo, 1904 Saint Louis World Expo, the 1915 San Francisco Panama Pacific Expo, 1933 Chicago World Expo, the 1937 Paris world,

  • The origin of western culture

    "Western culture" is the origin of research on "the history of western culture" monograph, is based on the author's doctoral dissertation on adaptations, the book focuses on the two major cultural origin -- the biggest influence on Western culture in ancient Greece and Rome culture and Christian culture. "Western culture" for the origin of relevant research works,

  • Go and return: Greece and Chinese dialogue

    Greece and Chinese dialogue, book by French Greek philosophy scholars, Sinologist even in the related research Chinese thought as the foundation, with the form of dialogue to explore some of the problems in the aspects of communication and exchange China thought and from the Greek tradition of Western thought. How to treat the exotic culture, why deep exotic culture, analysis differs itself,

  • Collection Expo

    "Collection Expo: introduction yesterday story" content: Shanghai World Expo opened, the festive atmosphere more and more strong, renovation construction site everywhere, the road widened, building in the paint, sea elf everywhere. As people living in Shanghai, seems to think, I can do what for the Shanghai World Expo? ,

  • Kiss

    "Kiss" from the perspective of the origin of human category and etymological point of research and discussion of the formation and development of the source of customs, kiss kiss, and the handling of cultural history and literature, made interpretation. The book has received 56 pieces of the Communist Party of china. ,

  • The Russian society and culture

    Russia is a long history, vast country. It has abundant natural resources, beautiful natural scenery, rich religious faith, unique life custom, the magnificent building, rich and colorful cultural heritage. Whether it is thousands of years of cultural deposits, or it has a political and economic system,

  • The performance of Sino foreign cultural exchanges

    Star Science, medicine and other, is the author of the book study of Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges a memoir, relates to the star, medicine, literature, translation. Order "order" on the front of the book, but is usually the last to write. This sequence is no exception. This book collects twelve articles, blog, some gap was twenty years. But the topic,

  • To explore the USA culture change

    From the evolution of the Puritan culture to consumer culture history, edited by Zhang Xiaoli "American cultural change -- from the Puritan culture to explore consumer culture of the historical evolution of the Puritan culture" in the industrialization, urbanization and immigration process gradually shift to consumption culture in the historical process, analyzed the social, political, economic, cultural and religious factors such as the cultural transformation. ,

  • Civilization development strategy

    "Development strategy" world civilization, civilization theory synopsis: a comparative study of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Research Center of world civilization "presided over the world civilization theory", through the cooperation of 20 scholars, which lasted five years, hard labor, the results finally readers and met. This is the second of the research,

  • Chinese traffic culture.

    "Introduction" China traffic culture is the general education teaching materials bachelor's degree, introduces the origin and development, evolution Chinese traffic culture to modern history, great change, help students form the whole concept of Chinese traffic culture. The book introduces the origin, evolution of vehicle, traffic development, development, business,

  • Future

    "The future Chinese: 2010 Shanghai World Expo" through the graph, real clear detailed and vivid characters, all showed the 2010 Shanghai World Expo architectural design a five kilometer Pavilion, the first time for the mystery of the world opened each pavilion, pavilion and the local museum exhibition hall, this is,

  • Chinese translations of world literature

    The Chinese translation of the world literature, "Chinese translation of" world literature, the main contents include: introduction, Oriental mystery, Homer, Greek tragedy, philosophers' wisdom, history, biblical inspiration originated, Rome code, the Renaissance, the academic evolution, a total of twenty-four speakers. ,

  • The world 150 years vicissitudes of life

    "Communist Manifesto" published since the main changes happened in the world, "the world 150 years vicissitudes of life": composed of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, President of the Academy of Social Sciences Li Tieying Chinese in language and a comprehensive report, eleven Research Report, a total of about 20 words. Preface emphasizes the Marx doctrine should change with the development of the times; comprehensive research report,

  • Ukiyoe

    Cognitive Japan series, "Ukiyo-e" content introduction: Ukiyo-e is depicted in Japan during the Edo period and the ways of the world customs scenery, mostly Kabuki and teahouse life scene, detached relative and birth, showing a "life is too short to enjoy pleasure in good time," thought, therefore is called a "ukiyoe". Its connotation is not only,

  • Ancient Western civilization Tour

    "Western Civilization: a journey of Egypt Achenge Hira Roman" from the history of civilization, civilization, totemism, password, immortal, architectural art treasures of Egypt civilization site, Aegean Sea, Greece, Rome and other Western civilization development process, then still in existence today's ancient civilization attractions, as,

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