• Japanese Books

    "Brief introduction of Japanese book" content: the author Miyamoto Takehide, Ruth Benedict, Niiwatabe Ina is "the chrysanthemum and the sword", "Bushido" and "five round" three books about Japanese culture classics collection. "Bushido" known as the "Japanese know one's limitations", "the chrysanthemum and the sword" is known as the American "side,

  • The Japanese say

    "Various versions of Japanese Kyogen" by precept script includes finance flow and flowing. The main reference Zhou Zuoren and Shen non learn first the results of translation translation, and to the individual words are revised. Not in the China published by the author himself translation ravings repertoire. Because the "Noh" "can" is a single word,,

  • Europe: a rich humanities courses

    Modern people should know the western history, literature, art, music, philosophy and culture, it is a European for Europeans to humanistic knowledge dictionary, encyclopedia is in fact to answer such a question: as a person who lives in the modern society, a teaching a civilized man, should have what kind of knowledge and accomplishment? For example, in social life, why must know Shakespeare and Van Gogh, but,

  • History of Japanese culture

    "History of Japan": you can't read American history, but can't read Japanese history, if not understand Japanese culture, it is difficult for us to surpass japan. The understanding of Japanese and may be necessary China especially in his special status, but in fact they are not, we are contemptuous of Japanese culture, thought is the ancient imitation,

  • What is the Japanese

    Exploring the Japanese from the age of mythology to the behavior principle of modern Japanese history, gene decipher contradictory character of "cultural roots behind the chrysanthemum and the sword" hidden as "Chi Yamamoto Japanese school" the grand design, book, open field of vision, the abundant capacity, the Japan society, history and culture such as the explaining the nuanced. This,

  • The historical perspective of Japanese culture

    "Japanese culture in historical perspective: the former enlightenment textbook research" use of multidisciplinary theories of history, sociology, pedagogy, on Modern Japanese before development process, is widely used in traditional folk enlightenment teaching materials, function and characteristics of the modernization of Japan's role and influence and so on, made a systematic, deep,

  • America

    Four most America City, four of the most American expression Washington Tourism Bureau, Chicago Tourism Bureau Las Vegas Tourism Bureau Tourism Bureau of San Francisco recommended USA past City Washington D.C. • not connected not postcards gas of the fresh cut flowers and decorate the bag, it has its own cause and context,

  • The chrysanthemum and the sword

    "The chrysanthemum and the sword" content brief introduction: the Japanese life both aggressive and kind, both martial and beauty, both rude and polite, is stubborn and can adapt, both good and angry at being pushed around, both loyalty and betrayal, courage and cowardice, both conservative and new. These characteristics all have extreme performance. ,

  • In American abyss

    Ginny North American life story, in the popular Chinese American writer, parenting ideas "opposition" tiger mother caused a media stir; in 15 years of American life experience, experience, revelation of different life in North America; perspective in third party, attention focused Chinese reality, culture shock; expression in observation, sensitive and subtle free and detached the,

  • Mass culture in Japan after the war

    Postwar Japanese popular culture, the culture of any nation, no not in communion longitudinal the inheritance of the traditional culture and the realistic culture grown up. Japan is a fusion of eastern and Western civilization and successful example of benefit bandit shallow. From absorbing the advanced system of laws to fashion basic necessities of life, Japan has been dubbed the "improved" reality "",

  • Occasionally in Japanese history

    "The accidental in Japanese history" is the author of many in Japan during the working life of observation, interview records, with the thousand character mostly consists of thirty-eight parts, about eighty-five thousand words, content involves the social life aspects, such as the famous yuan Japanese daughter Festival, Japan's case, Japanese consumption, Japan travel,

  • Red and white birch

    Yao Dianzhong, Zhou Ruchang Liu Xinwu, poem, preface if not Russian, humans will be dull and superficial to the wise elder brother on Russian culture search for seclusion and beautiful scenery, not the general tourists than...... Gui Zhi brother stayed there for two years, and use the holiday to make travel more extensive, with beautiful delicate writing,,

  • Japan '

    ձ ִ Ҫ net, Japan is like Hamlett, ten thousand hearts, ten thousand about the image of japan. From "Strawberry generation" to "neets", from "metrosexual man economy" to the "monster parents", from "Japan teenage sex status report" to "mass generation regeneration"...... The contemporary young people, the Japanese pop culture and truth",

  • In the backlight

    Italy culture for a walk, no country can be so much so that the Germans like Italy. Any other places are not like Italy, the past and the present, so wonderful together, all strange and seemingly familiar surroundings can be posted so near. Joachim Feist did not follow the usual route to travel,

  • The drunken row

    "Europe" is the masterpiece of drunken row after following the "Coffee shop to see Europe" and a appreciation of European cultural life. This time, he was the incarnation was a not addicted to wine, but wine knowledge, understand wine, love wine "drunkard", around the European nations, left to right, the pen, with a sweet smelling "European wine book",

  • The stars and stripes USA dream

    Wealth desire for life, "the stars and stripes American dream: introduction and wealth desire life": the rich content American fabulously rich, USA poor on one's uppers, this is the reality of the USA, is also true America. Of course, American society is middle class as the main body, the social structure presents the rugby shape. This form is not only a social group,

  • Van Loon geography

    The geography books can also write to be full of wit and humour! At this point, who can do it better than van Loon? "Van Loon geography" is associated with earth science knowledge, but also contains a wealth of knowledge in human history, these two kinds of delicious together, a pot of delicious soup pot of humanity, let us drink after lead a person to endless aftertastes. ,

  • Human text

    Building, reading, music and memory, Professor Li Oufan is the 性情中人 hundred-percent, his wisdom is always full of fun and the milk of human kindness: architectural design, he saw the Beijing Olympic Stadium the bird's nest designer Herzog motives of all is not the building itself, but in a packed audience; read literature and history, he found USA president in the first flow,

  • Printing press as an agent of change.

    In early modern Europe. And culture change, this book consists of two volumes, a total of three parts. The first part is mainly from the hand copied to the culture of print culture transition in Western Europe, trying to outline the main features of this spread revolution. Relations between the second part and the third part discusses the revolution in communications and other social development, these changes are generally considered related to near the medieval,

  • The book of tea

    The Book of Tea, The Book of Tea, Oka Kura in early twentieth Century during the journey of Anglo American mind, aware of Western ideas and misunderstanding absurd to the east of the world, therefore have English wrote "Oriental ideal" (The Ideals of the East, 1903), "the awakening" (The Awa,

  • Chikamatsu Monzaemon.

    "Shakespeare", the famous playwright -- Chikamatsu Monzaemon and Zhou Zuoren among the Japanese classical literary translator -- Qian Daosun classic in the history of Japanese literature translation in loose net looks Li handed down versions of puppet net looks glass is a form of drama in japan. Show special forms, sitting on the stage side,

  • Tell you a true Japan

    Would not have so a moment, can you imagine yourself in Japan, live here? Walk in the Roppongi high-rise to see dressed in bizarre fashion young man walked past, or sit under the trees to sit down and talk, or sit in the Kyoto Izakaya, listen to the Kabuki sing doesn't know. The charm of Japan, with its,

  • World Heritage suspense

    "World Heritage" suspense "the world heritage list" for many years for the world puzzle of the eternal mystery, the problem with the world miracle made and comprehensive analysis, which touches the prosperity and decline of the ancient civilization, especially those who be in suspense seems beyond the conventional, difficult to understand of the people,

  • City Painting

    "City of painting: City in the world's classic beauty" include: meet the incomparable beauty, half water half of the flame etc.. There are bustling metropolis, rentoucuandong, streams of people busily coming and going, lively and extraordinary, make city exudes a fatal temptation, New York, Paris, tokyo...... Is the representative; there is little chic,

  • Ha, Japan

    Twenty years of zero distance observation, you ask Japan's history, he can tell you; you ask Japanese customs, he can answer you; you ask the Japanese literature, he can say this phenomenon is prime; even the little trifles problem, also can give you a satisfactory answer. Li Changsheng wrote drinking, write write write whaling, streetscape, bookstore, write the Ukiyo-e, write songs and died, fine,

  • The chrysanthemum and the sword

    The collector's edition, the first book of modern Japan, global sales of more than 30000000 volumes of deep, fully reveals the hidden world of Japanese character accepted modern "Japan" source of Japanese national characteristics of the most authoritative book "Chrysanthemum" is the Japanese royal family crest, "knife" is the symbol of samurai culture. America anthropologists lu,

  • The Japanese people

    Chapman said, the Japanese can be divided into two kinds: coarse "gangsters" and "otaku". In simple terms, is "full of fight warm blooded person" and "live like stability of autism". So the Japanese festivals can be roughly divided into two categories: Lotus eater held "lukewarm type Festival", and in order to make,

  • Japan border theory

    Japanese dietary environment theory, then we investigate the national character of Japan, "Japan border theory" is not open around the works. Japanese writer our pension Meng "Japanese border theory" as the representative work of the Japanese famous scholar Uchida Ki, is so far the Japanese National Master of the. The book won the 2010 Japan's new,

  • European human map

    Map is not only the aggregate land, sea, city and so on geographical elements, it can also be poets, artists, scientists, novel character images. "Bloom day" in Dublin; walk in a mathematician named Paris street; visits Ingmar Bergman died in Slovenia, the Faroe Islands,

  • After the last sky

    The lives of Palestinians, After the last sky, "after the last sky: introduction content of Palestinian life": in this world, no one day will be less of the Palestinian news. Their image seems to be fixed: or is vicious terrorists, or miserable refugees. Their real situation little-known. Sa Yide's words together with kyrgyzstan,

  • A brief history of Western civilization

    The fourth edition, this book includes: "a brief history of Western civilization (Fourth Edition) (I)" and "a brief history of Western civilization (Fourth Edition) (2)", the complete system, clear, widely used to Ivy League schools of Western civilization history textbook, delicate strokes, explain profound theories in simple language, with the most vivid language of Western civilization panorama the picture, content rich,

  • Take the world culture

    Leisurely in Sweden, the Swedish "leisurely" by Brian Nordstrom, by Tao Qiuyue: in our impression, Sweden is a highly unified country, has a "from cradle to grave" welfare system; where people live long, blond hair and blue eyes white skin. They are gentle, Dairenchushi temperature,

  • Strange neighbor

    This book is a sense of wise a poetry of India and the South Asian countries access, mysterious journey, art, philosophy is the precipitation depth of ploughing. There is a strange customs, colorful religious culture, beautiful natural scenery, unique products. Appeal in the narrative, the reader can appreciate the beautiful strange,

  • Discussion on the USA civilization

    "America civilization on" brings together authors published in recent years about the America civilization. The content relates to America as a British colony founded many important historical events, history characters and social cultural phenomenon, through the main line of which is the American habit of thinking and political philosophy, and the sequence of events,

  • Russian forest

    "Russia" in Russian author sketches to experience from one side to show a history. This period of history relates to the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the Russian privatization reform process and the transition from Yeltsin to Putin, and then to the "Mei Pu era", let the reader understand the Russian Revolution easily read with interest in,

  • The national character

    J һ, the scholars thought highly, the popularization of the popular language, and in the long-term practice, to the delicate brushwork, tells the story of USA historical background for the reader explain profound theories in simple language, evolution and origin, let us from the history, life, love, economy, literature, art, social and other aspects of a comprehensive, three-dimensional the bird, system,

  • The cultural history of pregnancy

    Pregnancy, medicine and culture (1750-2000), this is not a traditional history sense of medical history, but in the interaction framework in the medical and cultural interpretation of "pregnant", is a rare cultural history works. This book by British two hundred and fifty obstetrics and Gynecology file, pregnancy instruction manuals, literature, popular fiction and visual image, deals with the topic of package,

  • Changes in India

    The state of India in twenty-first Century, "changes in India: an introduction to the content of twenty-first Century India state theory": China and India is one of the four ancient civilizations in the world, China has a long history, splendid culture. In the past the long river of history, China and India people's intercourse, mutual learning, the people of the two countries of cultural exchange, not only for the prosperity of mankind,

  • Lu Shi Qi.

    Smear words ikebana, "Lu seven eyes: introduction to spend," said ikebana: ikebana, in Japan called wisdom, also ikebana, or flower, flower, flower arrangement. But Chinese characters ikebana if reading is otherwise, a long way to the stage of Kabuki, or sumo sumo wrestlers into deficit in three-phase robot field channel, also is take,

  • The seventeenth Century Holland civilization

    "Seventeenth Century in Holland" is the masterpiece of the famous European civilization and cultural historian John Huizinga one. He has opened the two mystery to authoritative scholar wisdom, world vision, profound history and unique soulful leakage: (a) how can such a small Holland border to create a miracle in the history, in the,

  • Tokyo town of vocational life

    Negishi place belongs to Tokyo Station East, still retains the Edo period passed down the "town" style. The book by way of interview, recorded the local eight vocational or craftsman from our fathers inherited craft, with Ze Tian 重隆 slender smooth, simple and exquisite illustrations, showing a and the fast pace of modern,

  • The chrysanthemum and the sword

    "The chrysanthemum and the sword" is the first American anthropologist Ruth Benedict in America governmental life, for analysis, study of Japanese society and nation to do military investigation report. But this book since the publication in 1946, has caused a strong reaction in the America, Japan and other countries, known as the modern "Japan open,

  • The chrysanthemum and the sword

    "The chrysanthemum and the sword" is the first American anthropologist Ruth Benedict in America governmental life, for analysis, study of Japanese society and nation to do military investigation report. But "the chrysanthemum and the sword" since the 1946 publication, has caused a strong reaction in the USA, Japan and other countries. Known as the "science of modern japan,

  • Japan.

    "Japan passing (new revision of the" author Collection) Japan, four years, completed the purgatory and go beyond the self tour, wrote dozens of blooper a clapping praise, often read often new. With a hint of bitter story, in a humorous style of writing fun. In this picturesque island, all present the contradiction of,

  • Chinese and foreign culture common sense book

    "Chinese and foreign culture common sense book (China volume (2010) the latest version)" content brief introduction: the essence of knowledge of human culture is not a fragment of human thought, but the transmission of the light of wisdom. "Chinese and foreign culture common sense book (China volume (2010) the latest version)" set intellectual interest. Scientific,

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