• Five thousand years of history of the Jewish Civilization

    This is a strange history. Martin to write in the form of written history, especially to write a great nation with 5000 civilization history, in the field of history may be unique, or at least very rare. The book consists of 141 letters, describes the whole process of the development of the Jewish nation, has another qi,

  • The world intangible cultural heritage

    Non material cultural heritage, is the new family of UN World heritage. Non material cultural heritage in a wide range, involving all of human history and all forms of culture style, including oral culture (language, spoken language, music, art, vocal verbal), culture (hair, clothing, body tattoo, dance, mime, people,

  • The overseas social phenomena

    "Overseas social phenomena" introduces the reader to the overseas a strange people, a pile of strange things, one of which have great originality, and full of traffic management, all sorts of strange things judicial anecdotes, puzzling world singular mystery, breathtaking natural wonders, five colorful universe of 1,000,000,000 universes. Content is extensive, far,

  • The news was America

    "News" to see American news perspective, leading the reader omni-directional, multi-level understanding of USA technology, education, society, culture and local customs and practices, the last two chapters also featured a dozen papers on Chinese reports. If the "news at American" is a popular tour guide, it must be because of his enthusiasm and thoughtful,

  • Asia

    Cultural communication and explanation of value, "Asia: cultural communication and explanation of value" content mainly includes: Forum for Asia, the late Qing Dynasty China "historical memory of the continuation of Asia" -- as the "other" of Japan and Korea, comments, Northeast Asian Environmental Culture: communication and transplantation, comments, the cultural exchange between China and Japan in the late Qing Dynasty the values of the differences, review,

  • The history of Western civilization

    "The history of Western civilization" as the general course of contemporary college students, aims to introduce western civilization, the development of the system, the historical process of evolution and the achievements as well as the impact on the development of world civilization. The book has 9 chapters, comprehensively introduces the ancient Greek civilization, civilization of ancient Rome, medieval europe,

  • The Republic of Czech

    "Treasure of Czech Republic, civilization Chinese: 2010 Shanghai World Expo will be the main content of Czech Pavilion" Introduction: pearl in the world is considered a symbol of perfect and eternal value. The Republic of Czech civilization treasure undoubtedly have pearl these qualities, but my mission is selected from the Czech,

  • Japanese

    "The main content of Japanese": formation and development in Japanese culture, there are many looks very contradictory phenomenon, but also a harmonious together, thus forming a unique style of East Asian culture, this situation can be said to be a rare; only a good fight and gentle humility; both military and,

  • The cultural conflict

    Intellectual library, the book is Japanese American theorist three will be an important book of husband. In USA and Japan both have extensive influence. The main contents of this book is the Japanese diplomatic missions in nineteenth Century in USA historical experience. On the basis of corps members records, according to America aspects related to this document, and,

  • International Cultural Trade

    International cultural trade is an emerging field, in the modern context, international cultural trade phenomenon and its status as a form of discipline of Chengdu has historical inevitability. Although the international cultural trade has been in the market economy and under the background of globalization has unfolded with vigour and vitality, but on the international cultural trade academic status,

  • Can not understand the world

    "Can not understand the world: introduction Wuzhou quest" content: visits around the world the mysterious landscape, strange phenomena, as well as local local customs and practices, from different point of view about various or little-known, or of a legendary story, with a large number of detailed picture, to bring you the novelty, experience and knowledge. ,

  • Cross cultural communication theory

    "Intercultural Communication" is a general textbook of intercultural communication. Teaching Chinese as a foreign language majors as the main object, also can be a reference for Chinese department, Department of foreign languages of undergraduate and graduate students and teachers. The book is divided into ten chapters, mainly introduced the cultural differences, verbal communication, nonverbal communication, cross-cultural communication, cross,

  • Life in Japan

    "Life in Japan: an interpretation of" Sino Japanese cultural differences are used throughout the child is father of the man, by means of the people love to see and hear layer, legends, anecdotes as the breakthrough point, talking about "Fengshen Kingdoms", said the Chinese and Japanese people on Fox different attitude, talk to the reason of naked festival...... Author Wei,

  • The story of the world

    The origin and the meaning is very rich, is also very complex. The name, or has a long history, heritage unchanged; or with the political changes, frequently change. Some of the native cultural tradition, while others are immigrants settlers imposed. The meaning is rich in cultural meaning, but also active self interesting legend,,

  • You should be 1200 complete understanding of Western allusions

    For the convenience of the reader to more detailed understanding of the Western civilization, "1200 Western allusions complete works" you should know by Song Ge made reference to Western abundant historical materials, widely drawn mainly selected, will more than 1200 common allusions included, editor of the "1200 Western allusions you should understand the big,

  • The mystery of the bottom Griess and the Euphrates

    "The mystery of the bottom Griess and the Euphrates River" as "one of the world's River civilization" series. China Youth Press and Beijing continental bridge culture media brand TV program "legend" Qiangqiang jointly, build "legendary classic series" books. "The world River civilization" series largely drawn from australia,

  • Into the World Expo

    "Into the World Expo (Expo knowledge question 150)" the book is divided into "do not know the World Expo", "2010 roaming Shanghai Expo", "Chinese and Expo", "everything begins with the Expo" four chapters, and everyone loves the Shanghai World Expo mascot "Hai Bao", you have to become Shanghai the world expo,

  • Fuji mountain and Japanese

    For Chinese, rich could not unfamiliar, it as a tourist attraction be well-known, far and near. But Fuji mountain to the Japanese is just the one for people to watch and climb the object? Not so. In different times, have different symbolic meanings Fuji mountain. In the painting, the artist gives it a different shape in japan,

  • Western culture

    "Western culture" mainly introduces the two cultures (Greek&Hebrew), to help the students understand the origin of western culture, humanism, divided into 10 units, each unit has common sense learning, arrange preview, lecture, review feedback and independent development of four projects, the students through a semester of study,

  • Introduction to Korean culture

    "Zhang Xiang stacks, introduction to Korean culture" is divided into the first chapter "natural environment" of South Korea, the second chapter "symbols of Korea", the third chapter "Korean history", the fourth chapter "the South Korean politics", the fifth chapter "the Korean economy", the sixth chapter "art" of South Korea, the seventh chapter "the mass media" in South Korea, eighth,

  • After the Asia Pacific urban civilization and modern

    "Civilization and modern city", "Asia Pacific International Metropolitan Cultural Comparative Study Series" one. For domestic and foreign scholars, the paper collection. The temperament and character, different characteristics of urban development in the Asia Pacific region, the Asia Pacific urban development experience, also put forward facing the Asia Pacific urban development opportunities and challenges. ,

  • European flavor

    This book is Feng line in each of the independent European human customs, customs, religious consciousness, interesting life, with vivid depiction of the European range in more than 40 countries and regions in the world, an important character of ethnic customs, religious culture, famous people, cultural attractions and so on. Read the book,

  • The Chinese sage

    "Chinese sages through" the main content description: view this Jian Gu, no ancient without now. Open country, social transformation, the materialism prevails, moral crisis, traditional culture of serious disconnection realistic circumstances, "saints" of the Chinese from the aspects of Chinese ancient logion of review, on the other hand, into the new thought,

  • Cross cultural communication in Western Literature

    Between "East" and "western" cultural exchanges across boundaries in an unbroken line, 苍黄翻覆, ancient legends in the initial re interpretation of continuous, mutual influence depth always show new negotiation staggered and increasingly irresistible. Although the common experience of human cross-cultural communication process with many tears of blood stained towel,

  • Edge and between

    Edge and between the "edge", and "the Humanities Series" books in the. The book includes 11 academic papers the authors, is introduced. Between the two things kind of cultural characters and city, it has become a common phenomenon in the globalization of today, very worthy of attention. The book is divided into three parts, mainly including: "between",

  • Sumo

    "A brief introduction to the main content of SUMO sumo wrestler": why so fat? In fact, the day after tomorrow lifestyle resulted in Guinness are plump and sturdy., rather than innate. Because the Japanese Sumo match regardless of weight class, but more fat more easily win the game, so the sumo wrestlers are try various devices to gain. Their only concern is,

  • Singapore

    "Singapore" is one of the "World Series" national customs, this book is a useful to readers of the book. The book knowledge, practical, interesting and academic as one, covering both wide, each project description is sought, important materials are not missing. The author or editor of china,

  • Thousands of years of Russia

    From 10 to twentieth Century, the art of life and customs, a specially written for China readers of Russian art and social and cultural history, covering both since tenth Century this great nation in architecture, painting, music, literature and other aspects of the artistic achievement, also on Russian social culture, especially the Royal, noble and civilians etiquette and custom made detailed description. ,

  • Innovation Expo

    "Innovation Expo" content: to promote the Expo, the Expo, held in 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the Shanghai Library of Shanghai Institute of science and technology information make full use of literature and information advantages and functions of knowledge navigation, in 2003 January set up a "Shanghai World Expo information center". The center set of information collection,

  • The knight system

    The medieval chivalry, is not a purely military system, it and the feudal hierarchy, the feudal manor system and feudal serfdom is closely related, it even with the Catholic Church and monastic system also has have all kinds of connections with contact. In short, it is an inseparable part of the Western European feudal system,,

  • The world cultural Quest

    "Introduction to the world cultural quest" content: each generation our duty to inherit and carry forward the human civilization, we only expand horizons, to understand the inherent value of world culture, can feel the culture of the Pearl for human shining light, this is the respect for ancestors, but also for the future development direction. "The world,

  • Social memory and global communication

    "Social memory and global communication" includes: several basic problems, research on social memory problems of propagation, the internationalization and globalization, information communication technology and the British abolition of the slave trade: 200 anniversary celebration or remorse, is the memory of the Second World War in Europe: structure, photographic memory,

  • South Korea at a glance

    This book is for South Korea's curiosity and thinking. Know Korea started from 1993, I always have a lot of questions. For example, Korea why many Chinese characters? Why Korea known as the "East Asian Tigers"? The Korean aunt, uncle, why so humane? But the girl why,

  • The city pass

    "City pass: an introduction to the world famous historic silhouette" content: understand a city, always from the outside to the inside, after seeing the city face, want to further approached the city, will continue to explore the city's history and culture, to explore the historical evolution of city, city are like this now, is inevitable because of,

  • Research by Australian multiculturalism

    "Australian multiculturalism study" in addition to the preface and epilogue, is divided into two parts, a total of eight chapters. The system analysis theory and policy in the first chapter and the second chapter on contemporary world cultural diversity and cultural diversity, for an in-depth analysis of Australia after the Second World War culture,

  • Knowledge is knowing

    Chinese and foreign cultural ideas, "the main content of common sense knowledge": "very familiar and I", "appear wrong" is "common sense" is known as you understand the principles and characteristics. "Common sense" adhering to the "common sense is known to change the mode of life, problems caused by the purpose of thinking revolution", wide set in recent years, the degree of social concern is higher in the western culture,,

  • The foreign culture and literature collection

    "The main objective of Higher School of Jiangsu Province excellent textbook series of foreign culture and literature collection" is to find a larger coordinates to foreign literature, a broader background, in other spiritual culture and literature, similar to the reference, literature is more thorough and accurate interpretation. From this meaning,

  • The perspective of ethics etiquette

    The book begins with the analysis of status of etiquette morality in the traditional moral, in-depth and systematic study of the etiquette of the moral essence, moral construction, moral function and operation mechanism, and summarizes the integration of etiquette and ethics intension, reveal the ways and mechanism of the moral autonomy and the moral heteronomy combine moral function,,

  • Japanese culture.

    The main content of the Japanese culture "tutorial": Chinese and Japan is a narrow strip of water between the two countries are friendly neighbors, has a profound historical and cultural origins. Since 1972, the Sino Japanese joint statement, bilateral exchanges and cooperation in various fields development, learning Japanese, the rise in the number of people required to understand, japan,

  • China and Expo Trilogy

    "Chinese and Expo Trilogy (1) interpretation" for "World Expo and Expo Chinese Trilogy" first. "Chinese and Expo Trilogy (1) explain the World Expo" with vivid characters, concise language, a beautiful picture, introduces the background, theme, profile, exhibition hall, exhibits, reminiscences of previous world expo,

  • The European Museum

    "Introduction of the European Museum" content: The Legend of a person must be a lifetime of hard things, to know your past life. How had the fate. A meaningful life story, a sad time Sonata is to be strong, dare to think constantly of? The family of blood as a sacrifice,

  • Sino German Cultural Dialogue (first volumes)

    This book is the first volume of domestic and international scholars in philosophy, history, religion, literature, culture, media and other areas of comparative study of China and Germany as the core content, by the two countries, in the German experts in related fields by Chinese essays. The collection of essays on the topic "Sino German cultural dialogue", the thesis research group at,

  • The chrysanthemum and the sword

    "The chrysanthemum and the sword (Classic Illustrated Edition)" content brief introduction: "Chrysanthemum" is the Japanese royal family crest, "knife" is a symbol of Bushido culture. American anthropologist Ruth Benedict to reveal the contradiction between the Japanese character of "Ju" and "knife", which is the duality of Japanese culture (such as beauty and militarism, courtesy and good,

  • The world city cultural theory

    "World city" is the "spiritual culture on the comparative study of international metropolis culture series", comparative research on the urban culture of the series, under the global perspective, attempts in the globalization and the new city century, comparative study on the characteristics of different global city spirit culture, which reveals the global city,

  • Ugly Koreans

    "Ugly Koreans" is a book from the perspective of cultural writing South Korea's masterpiece, the author as the third generation Koreans born in a Chinese, after graduation from the university to go to Japan for deep research, and many times to visit South Korea, culturally does not belong to any one country, so it can analyze the various countries the most objective angle,

  • Americans and their culture

    On the cognitive, thinking, behavior, values and the traditional interpretation, "Americans and their culture: on cognition, thinking, behavior, values and the traditional interpretation of" content brief introduction: There has been a growing emphasis on cultural studies over the,

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