• Take the market as the guidance of Japanese culture and creative industry

    "Market oriented Japanese cultural creative industry" by more than 20 Japan in recent years on the cultural and creative industries research results, and in recent years, "digital industry in Japan white paper", discussed the development trends of Japanese cultural creative industry the latest from the cultural and creative industry market point of view, and the related policy of the government. Yes.

  • Walking scenery

    The 15 country culture impression, "walking scenery (15 country culture impression)" for the world countries blogs. The author travelled to America, Europe, Africa and other countries, with the cultural perspective of the people enjoy the flow of scenery, with delicate brushwork to depict the flow of Chinese culture, the author of the book, the ancient theory today, thinking in walking, from politics, economy, history,

  • Western Cultural Classics (top and bottom)

    "Chinese Cultural Classics (set of 2 volumes)" was divided into two volumes. Including: Poetics, poetry, confessions, painting, about the realism creation theory (selected), Shakespeare, "Lyrical Ballads" preface to the two article, on artists, the so-called art, naturalistic drama etc.. ,

  • The world cultural and natural heritage (four volumes)

    The world cultural and natural heritage, "world cultural and natural heritage (Photo Edition) (set of 4 volumes)" on behalf of the earth evolution outstanding example of an important stage in history: an important representative of the ongoing geological processes, biological evolution relationship and human and natural environment: an outstanding example of the unique, natural phenomena, rare and wonderful the landscape or have a rare,

  • The lost civilization

    "Lost civilization" mentioned in ancient Greece, would we mind emerges out of moving fairy story; mentioned in ancient Egypt, would we mind emerge out of the immortal Pyramid; mention Babylon, would we mind emerge out of the tower of Babel towering into the clouds and beautiful decoration. "garden in the air"...... No,

  • Van Loon geography

    "Introduction" van Loon geography content: van Loon for interpretation of world geography, not limited to discuss the physical features of the earth, he did not list the dull figures, noun not spelled esoteric, but treat them as the focus, to explore the survival of human destiny, trying to find the common way of human happiness. Van Loon with literary techniques of fu,

  • Collection Expo

    "Collection Expo: introduction mounting story" content: Shanghai World Expo opened, the festive atmosphere more and more strong, renovation construction site everywhere, the road widened, building in the paint, sea elf everywhere. As people living in Shanghai, seems to think, I can do what for the Shanghai World Expo? ,

  • Civilization wonders of the world (the lower)

    Civilization wonders of the world (three volumes boxed), ISBN:9787541547799, author: Gong Xun,

  • Van Loon geography

    Someone wrote letter to van loon:"...... I learned a large city in various countries and borders, and various population, I also learned the names of all the mountains and they have much high, annual output of coal, and for these, I learn and forget as fast. Separate each knowledge point....... My generation,

  • Japan

    "Japan" a book first published in 1928, has been regarded as a study in Japan an important reference book. Even in the more than 70 years later, the book still has some help for China readers to understand Japan, national character and customs. ,

  • The world heritage in Asia

    "World Heritage" Asian civilizations in the part of introduction to the ancient oriental civilization as the core is introduced, more distinctive, broad and profound, has a long history of Chinese civilization, the mysterious ancient India and Mesopotamia look attractive, to fully display the charm of ancient oriental civilization, help,

  • The chrysanthemum and the sword

    Patterns of Japanese culture, "the chrysanthemum and the sword" is the study of classical works in Japan, by Japanese academic culture known as "the originator of modern Japanese Studies", has been translated into English, law, day, in the west, more than 20 languages, the total circulation of over 10000000 copies, is the understanding of Japan and the Japanese. The best reading. The chrysanthemum is the Japanese royal family crest,

  • The probe radius

    "A study of Chinese and Western Culture: Decoding" tells the story: in the past thirty years, Chinese experienced the great historical process of reform and opening up. In December 11, 2001, in this process, Chinese, after 15 years of difficult negotiations, officially became a member of WTO. After China "into the world", economic development,

  • Fifty three times

    Fushi · Ukiyo-e, this book represents the Ukiyo-e Edo period in Japan all circles of Kagawa Hiroshige. Author along the way, a draw, with its travel experience and poetic inspiration from "depicts Pingqiao" to "scenery and society three bridge". The book was an important food for the spirit of Holland artist Van Gogh. ,

  • Cultural correction series

    "Good" content brief introduction: culture is the key Chinese correction series books books publishing house, is welcomed by readers. This series includes: "Chinese most misleading history knowledge", "Chinese easy wrong idiom", "the most readable Chinese wrong word", "Chinese most easily misspelled words" etc.. Comprehensive introduction,

  • Explore the ancient Greek civilization

    "Explore" overview of ancient Greek civilization of ancient Greece, the bronze age, the dark age, age of archaic, classical and Hellenistic nearly 3000 years history of civilization, discusses the occurrence, and the development of the ancient Greek civilization declined from all aspects, and in the process of invention and creation. · city and Empire. Religion,

  • Russian and Heilongjiang culture

    Influence of Russian nationals of Harbin, the book was written by a Russian and the culture of Heilongjiang Rong Jie, "(Russian nationals of Harbin"). "Russian and Heilongjiang culture (influence of Russian nationals of Harbin") content as follows: "Swan under the Pearl", "Oriental Moscow", "Oriental Paris small"...... Concentrated,

  • Maya Millennium forecast book

    "The main content of the Millennium book" Maya prediction is: Maya, an ancient ethnic group has been active in the southern Mexico and Central America in the tropical rainforest. 1200 years ago, even before China's Tang Dynasty, in Central America now Guatemala area, had a brilliant ancient civilization -- maya. In the seven or eight century,

  • The mystery of the ancient civilization

    "The ancient civilization Mystery (latest version)" to "explore one of the mysteries" series, presents the history of the ancient civilization had not solved the riddle for readers. The book for you a detailed account of the Egyptian civilization, the Greek civilization, civilization in Rome, Mesopotamia civilization, civilization of India River Basin, the Inca civilization, the 特克文,

  • Research on the cultural security in the era of Globalization

    "Research" to discuss the safety culture in the era of globalization is the question of value conflict in the cultural field, therefore, to understand the problem involves the concept of culture. In my opinion, the essence of culture is the activities and results of value creation, is condensed to mankind created material wealth, spiritual wealth of certain value system as the core, to,

  • At the foot of Sphinx

    "Introduction" in Sphinx at the foot of the content: stand Millennium civilization monuments, hiding what kind of historical mysteries? Thousands of years of civilization flowing rivers, recounting how wisdom heart? Lin Danhuan compiled the "foot of Sphinx" in the selection of the article, some remembrance of civilization and monuments, some criticize social ills,

  • Jewish Studies (eighth Series)

    "Jewish Studies (eighth Series)" content brief introduction: Jews and Jewish related aspects are very attractive, this periodical emerge as the times require. This print tenet is extensive, in-depth study of the Jewish religion and philosophy, history and culture, ethics and law, literature and art, ideology and political system, customs,

  • The world cultural and natural heritage (the lower)

    The world cultural and natural heritage (all three volumes of box), ISBN:9787541546723, author: Gong Xun,

  • In the era of globalization USA

    "In the age of globalization USA" is a compilation of papers in 2008 held in Sichuan University "in the era of globalization American" International Symposium on the submission, authors from home and abroad for USA problem research. "In the age of globalization" USA selection over 50 papers, in accordance with general assembly issues into the globalization respectively,,

  • The story of mankind

    "The emphasis in human story" a book in the ancient Eastern and modern europe. In the space marked by the development of Western civilization. On the Chinese culture, van Loon only in the "Buddha and Confucius" chapter relates with not much space. As western scholars, van Loon was more concerned about the process of modern western culture, it is this,

  • The world culture 1000

    "World culture 1000 Q (super Platinum Edition)" is a receiving knowledge Encyclopedia of world cultures, practical reference book, is an indispensable leisure life in the fast food culture. Provide the most want to know, the need to know the world, should be aware of the cultural knowledge for you. A book in hand, let you enjoy the world culture,

  • Shanghai Expo creative reading

    "Shanghai World Expo creative reading" to analyze, around the Shanghai Expo creative depth includes: topic tracking, creative solutions, pioneer of Chinese wisdom, practice, different style, expression of six parts. Among them: "topic tracking", analysis of world significance briefly explains the theme of the Expo and the five theme pavilions content. ,

  • Borrowing spree

    "Borrowing Spree: Anglo American Culture Festival" as one of the "English Campus Culture Series", the theme of the Anglo American culture festival. The book consists of 12 units, with time as the main line, select the common 12 important national holiday of the year, each unit to the holiday of guide human, then describe in detail the festival began, the excavation section,

  • To see a list of -150 World Expo wonderful anecdotes

    "The Expo to see the list: 150 years of World Expo wonderful in" synopsis: from the 1851 London "10000 State Industrial Fair" so far, the World Expo has gone through 150 years of ups and downs. The 1.5 century, Expo brought together to show human achievements of the material civilization and spiritual civilization, witness,

  • Europe's most mysterious Church

    "Introduction of Europe's most mysterious church" content: religion is an important part of life for europeans. So the church throughout the urban and rural areas, has become an important part of the city. And a long history. To europe. The church is a must visit, is also worth visiting. The church has a long history. In europe,

  • The course of German History

    "The course of German history" content brief introduction: during the Allied bombing of Germany, cultural treasure than the loss of homes destroyed more let Hitler with deep hatred and resentment. Hitler aides have trumpeted the fact, because they believe that, this will let you see a Hitler rich feelings. If you do not understand Wolf,

  • Jewish Studies (Ninth Series)

    "Jewish Studies (Ninth Series)" content brief introduction: Jews and Jewish related aspects are very attractive, this periodical emerge as the times require. This print tenet is extensive, in-depth study of the Jewish religion and philosophy, history and culture, ethics and law, literature and art, ideology and political system, customs,

  • Asian folklore studies (eighth Series)

    "Asian folklore studies (eighth Series): a brief introduction to the main content of Hebi Spring Festival Cultural Forum album": reconstruction Ancient Chinese Literature Search and festival culture -- inherit and develop the traditional festival, festival, problems of inheritance and national cultural positioning the traditional festivals of the rehabilitation and reconstruction of national culture, a multi perspective it,

  • The French life

    "The French life" content brief introduction: romantic French is not should always be a leisurely? Why in France even sell fish, butcher, Baker practitioners should test the license? In fact, the French personality -- seek truth from facts. Only trust the professional knowledge, even the education also pay attention to training professionals. France many brand, service,

  • World Culture Expo (4 volumes)

    The world exposition, "cultural encyclopedia, World Culture Expo (Photo Edition) (set of 4 volumes)" broad and profound bring you a taste of the world culture, culture and experience the power and charm, enjoy the spirit of the feast, concentrated essence of world cultural knowledge. Intended for readers to improve culture, rich life connotation, add knowledge reserve, ready to write,

  • Into the World Expo

    The knowledge of 150 asked, "into the World Expo Expo knowledge: 150 ask (Paperback)" content brief introduction: the Shanghai World Expo, is becoming a hot worldwide. In 2001, during the Shanghai World Expo, had compiled a "approaching World Expo" booklet, introduces the basic knowledge of the World Expo for the readers, to,

  • The world's cultural knowledge about 1000

    "The sailing world culture: thousands of speaking" in the process of writing the history of the world, according to the world political and economic world, philosophy and law, the religions of the world, world, world, world military literature, music and dance art world, the world of architecture and sculpture, world geography, world education and science and technology, the ancient times,

  • Flesh and stone

    "Flesh and stone: the body and the city" in Western civilization is starting a from the formation and development of the city and human life from the perspective of the interaction between the offbeat works of cultural history, is the crystallization of author Sennet long-term attention and study. The traditional historiography research framework, inventive, focusing on the two major human body and city,

  • In Japanese history and culture.

    "Dictionary" in Japanese history and culture contents include: General Notices, stroke index, social, the ancient, medieval society, modern society, modern society, modern society, culture, ancient culture, world culture, modern culture, modern culture. ,

  • Collection Expo

    "Collection Expo" mainly introduces 158 popular venues and 152 stamp collection included. Start page by page, a majestic, endures, up to 4 meters of the world culture picture immediately appears, its collection and reading of doubt than the required page read the version of the passport is more convenient and spectacular,

  • The history of interpretation of contemporary America mass culture

    "Brief history of interpretation of contemporary popular culture" America content: the author in reference to the large number of Chinese and foreign literature and fully absorb the research achievements of the predecessors, historical interpretation of contemporary USA mass culture. The book is divided into six chapters. The first chapter briefly outlines the definition of culture, characteristics, mode, to,

  • The world cultural knowledge know

    "The world cultural knowledge know all (Classic Edition)" content brief introduction: culture is a system of cover and contain everything, multitude, inexhaustible, any one person can not do everything, everything on the human culture without giant cells to understand. Even professionals, but also the knowledge of human culture,

  • The story of mankind

    "The story of mankind" is one of the representative works with most van loon. In this work, van Loon with vivid smooth words, will the thousands of years of human civilization history presented in front of the readers. Its story from ancient time talking about, about the origin of civilization in Egypt and Mesopotamia, tells the story of Greece and Rome times,

  • The western culture.

    "Tutorial" tells the story of Western Culture: the first World War and the Russian October revolution, changed the course of world history, also have great influence on the West culture. In the past, people always believe that this world there is absolute truth, which is God and rational philosophy. However, the first World War proved,

  • Japan s

    Li Changsheng Ye Weiqu recommended -- Japan's "Wenxindiaolong" Japan Ancient Chinese Literature Search master Motoori Norinaga powerful classics first Chinese introduction understanding of Japanese culture, from the "Japan" s began to stand in the "chrysanthemum and the sword" the other side of Japan "s" is an important Japanese traditional literature, poetics, aesthetics theory,

  • That day, the uniform uniforms

    That day, the uniform featurette, "knowledge" is "to know ZHIJP." paper books, two months, six times each year, designed for both new knowledge exploration and thinking of the Chinese young generation service, we expect to provide the most innovative, the most worth reading Japanese culture. We want more in-depth and more consistently reported record,

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