• The chrysanthemum and the sword

    "The chrysanthemum and the sword" in a book in 1946, is a set of the works of Japanese national culture. In many research works of Japanese culture, "the chrysanthemum and the sword" is a book, some people even think it opened a "precedent Japan studies". In 1949, "the chrysanthemum and the sword" in the Japanese version is published, immediately in Japan,

  • The world heritage in China

    World cultural heritage 5, "world cultural heritage 5: world heritage is a set of 38 HD documentary in China", focused, clear. It records is Chinese top natural and cultural landscape, its value is self-evident. The documentary panorama, a series of reflection were recorded in "World Heritage List" of countries, cultural heritage and natural,

  • The 2012 prophecy

    "Introduction 2012 prophecy" content: a time traveler prophecy. In December 24, 2012, is the ancient Maya predicted 5125 "the end of history of reincarnation" of the day. On this day the sun trajectory will and the Milky Way center to form a straight line, this is every 26000,

  • The traditional and the modern

    Africa cultural and political change, "tradition and modern: a brief introduction to the main content Africa cultural and political change": Tradition and modernity, culture and politics, the two groups of elements for any modern country in the era of globalization, it is the most key theme. Because culture has a special role in people's social life and human political development,,

  • The man blood mortgaged to the armour and horses

    The history of European knight, "the man of blood mortgaged to the armour and horses: an introduction to the content of history:" European Knight knight is a from the vulgar noble occupation, their occupation to war, wearing heavy armor, the use of various types of weapons, refine on the force. In the whole European military system, the Corps has always occupied the main,

  • Search for traces of civilization - Wikipedia focusing

    "Encyclopedia of focus: pursue introduction traces of civilization": from the ancestors of human beings on the earth the date of birth, human civilization will emerge as the times require. From the hole in the human, the cruel extreme environmental development to a high degree of civilization today, after a long and arduous years of baptism. In those who be raging like a storm,

  • The world of legend.

    The world of legend, "Legends of the world to" choose some indulge in elaborating on for people from all over the world in places of historic interest and scenic beauty. Eternal kingdom which is admirable, but also has a feel fresh landscape; both sacred monuments to register profound respect, and make people remember ancient ruins. ,

  • Philosophy of European culture

    "International Symposium on philosophy of" European culture of the income, contemporary European capitalism and the Marx doctrine, the development of contemporary capitalism political culture and ideology, Marx's ideology on contemporary capitalism of contemporary capitalism, new development of research on the topics of,

  • Travellers and magicians in Bhutan

    This book is a part of culture travel Bhutan sets. Author Chen Nianxuan had 12 times to import and in Bhutan, and Bhutan forge indissoluble bound, and watched the film "the magician" travelers in Bhutan shooting. In the first part, not only records the natural scenery and customs Bhutan beautiful pure, and emotional and profound,

  • Study on Burma traditional customs

    "The main content of Burma traditional custom of": Burma is a friendly neighbor of China, the biggest country is the Indo China peninsula. Between the people of Myanmar country known as the "paukphaw" friendship. Chinese historical records of friendly exchanges between the two countries has many historical facts. Study of Burma is not only China's foreign exchanges in a long-term task, also,

  • Roll up the source of world civilization

    EI Wen series, humanities series, book selected classical literature and the 3000 BC, till twenty-first Century, comprehensive display of blew world civilization history. These documents represent humans in history, literature, science, philosophy, religion, political, economic, legal, biographies and epic achievements, far-reaching significance. Six major,

  • The Japanese Folk Art Tour

    "The Japanese Folk Art Tour" is composed of 3 chapters, introduces the general situation and characteristics of Japanese folk arts, folk arts of Japan for interest and learning Japanese culture reader. In order to deepen the impression, easy to understand, "the Japanese folk arts" in the tour section with the same or similar China,

  • Bottoms up. Berlin Street

    Is the birth of the utopia, seldom has a city, the underground culture into the mainstream culture; but in Berlin this place, as is the offbeat. This city, capitalism and socialism have clear boundaries, looking for bright, to the west of Berlin KDV department store, to Bohemia, to the blue collar community in East Berlin. Berlin.

  • The history of Western civilization

    "The history of Western civilization and the source (Sixth Edition)" the cultural, social and life together, as a piece of fluttering of history. It is not only related to political events, a time and figure encyclopedia, but also the personality and characteristics of civilization together, clear, fascinating exhibition,

  • The world festival

    "World Festival" incorporate international festival, in addition to a few folk festivals, the United Nations and its specialized agencies or international organizations to determine the festival, more is this choice, jumped out of the narrow region, folk custom programs for the world, for all mankind, is an very important if this choice, can get the world extensive,

  • The history of western culture

    "Of Western cultural history": Western culture experienced five periods, namely: the intuition age, the ancient medieval age of faith, the Renaissance era of knowledge, from 17 to nineteenth Century and twentieth Century to create reflection era. "The history of western culture" as the longitude, by religion, philosophy, art,

  • Modern western semiotics outline

    "Outline of modern western Semiotics" tries to start from Marx's point of view, steering and fusion is the key to linguistics two modern western philosophy thoughts, theory with practice, the modern western semiotics research and modern western linguistics research together, study the main linguistics to Semiotics view point analysis, and focus on,

  • The Lost City

    "The disappearance of the city: an introduction through time and space of the world city pilgrimage" content: the tomb of Tutan Camon: early Pharaoh and the plot is particularly attract sb.'s attention in painting in the tomb also painted 12 monkeys, they represent the 12 hours of the night. The ancient Egyptians believed that is very sensitive to temperature changes, monkey. Night temperature,

  • Vampire culture exploration

    Vampire culture exploration, this book is a vampire research works authority MontagueSummers classic, "the vampire culture of" the origin of vampires, family history, analysis of the vampire character and activity, and explore the world of vampires and trail. The author comprehensively and thoroughly summarizes the vampire now,

  • Down the source of world civilization

    EI Wen series, humanities series, book selected classical literature and the 3000 BC, till twenty-first Century, comprehensive display of blew world civilization history. These documents represent humans in history, literature, science, philosophy, religion, political, economic, legal, biographies and epic achievements, far-reaching significance. Six major,

  • We should culture

    This book is the representative works of Barzan, the contemporary art culture in the field of crisis to expose, and made a deep analysis on the. Relates to the elegant culture, art, art market, art books in excess, artists and critics of the relationship between the multiple themes. Each chapter in the book is completely according to the order of,

  • In the history of Western civilization

    The seventh edition, this book introduces the history of Western civilization long at each stage of development, until modern society from thousands of years ago began in the ancient Near East Valley Agricultural villages. This book is widely used by historians of the material, they explain the method of historical evidence and Western civilization evolution in their study of more than six thousand years in,

  • All grass -- Japan cultural landscape

    This book contains articles, is written in Japanese or Japanese linked. Call "loss" is the imitation of a grass, Kamakura famous song, the initial stage to the southern and Northern Dynasties essayists and good master masterpiece Tsurezuregusa "", two is faithful to have personal feelings of life. The display in Contemporary Japanese society aspects,

  • Explore the medieval and modern Japanese civilization

    "Explore the medieval and modern Japanese culture" is the introduction of Japan since 1185 the Kamakura era ended during the period of culture, politics and history to 1868 the Edo period, including daily life, education, literature, science and other aspects of the situation. The historical stage of the seven hundred years was known in Japan as the world and,

  • The stories of the Bible

    "Bible": the core of Western civilization is composed of "two and": one is the Hebrew culture, is also the Jewish creation "Bible", it is one of the deep source of Western civilization; another is more ancient than Greek culture and Hebrew culture, the brilliant achievements of Greek culture a lot of, but,

  • USA social culture

    "American social culture" in order to China English learners and American culture lovers to provide with a USA cultural ideas and values as the main line, with the national characteristics and behavior pattern for the content, to USA social structure and regional characteristics as a foil to the "America social cultural panorama.. As everyone knows, the language back,

  • Study on foreign civilization theory (,) (World Civilization Theory)

    "The general theory of world civilization and foreign civilization theory research (volume one)" content brief introduction: the concept of thought and the theory of civilization has a double meaning, one is the research and exploration of human civilization of the whole system evolution; a reflection of civilization and its prospect of thinkers stages of their. "The world civilization in general,

  • Contemporary civilization (on)

    "The general theory of world civilization, modern civilization (on)" content brief introduction: a comparative study of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Research Center of world civilization "presided over the world civilization theory", through the cooperation of 20 scholars, which lasted five years, hard labor, the results finally readers and met. This is the second of the,

  • The Urban Culture Studies Reader (four volumes)

    A collection of essays in the history view of the western urban culture conscious form and cultural production, to explore a series of problem space and politics, the middle class culture, postmodernism, commodity and currency, modernity, postmodernism, postmodern condition, the consumer society and culture. "Reading" of the urban culture,

  • Know the point of the world culture

    "Know the world culture (color version)" describes what is "Mose the Ten Commandments"? Ancient India why the caste system? Pandora's box in the end is what? Vampires really exist? Monalisa smile hidden behind what secret? We all should know. "Know" series,

  • The disappearance of the cultural heritage

    "The disappearance of the cultural heritage" shows 12 has disappeared ancient cultural heritage to the reader, underwater city of Atlantis, where people found earlier than the Egyptian pyramids in Pyramid. Baghdad Battery and Chinese bronze sword shows us in what we think of as human savagery "high tech",

  • The British and French culture style

    "The British and French culture freehand" synopsis: in today's world, the major capitalist countries holds the leading power and discourse right. In the aspect of culture is everywhere attack, overbearing. Britain and France are a pair of bourgeois revolution and the period of industrialization to occupy the world development tide tide of state, once in the economic cultural and political parties,

  • Totem and taboo

    The core and essence of religion, totem and taboo in primitive tribes was long the center of controversy. "Totem and taboo" is the author of these difficult puzzle answer do contribution to the breakthrough. The author examines the aboriginal totem worship, think: violation of totem taboo in primitive races to be seen as the greatest,

  • Wisdom flash

    Selected readings of modern German and European cultural history, Blitzlichter Der Deutsch-europaischen Geistes-Geschichte Der Neuzeit, higher education as an ordinary book "level planning eleven five" national curriculum. The actual situation and the characteristic, the book combines Chinese learning material carefully, in order of time, mainly introduced the modern German and other European countries and some representative philosophers, sociologists and psychologists, as well as for Germany and europe,

  • Illustrated Encyclopedia.

    This series covers many fields of music, myth, symbol of the. The Illustrated Encyclopedia: a "symbol" book systematically introduces the important text world from different ethnic groups and graphic symbols, objective and concise in pictorial form explain them behind the cultural significance; "arms" in one book illustrations,

  • The passion of the world.

    The passion of the world, "passion" to lead the readers to start viewing natural wonders, each of the spots are equipped with carefully photographs. After capture, animal and plant life in the area are vividly presented in the book, such as the Great Barrier Reef in the coral and fish; Madagascar lemurs, Ndiaye Ndiaye and Bob tree; LAS Maris ma,

  • The world heritage in China

    "World cultural heritage 4: world heritage is a set of 38 HD documentary in China", focused, clear. It records is Chinese top natural and cultural landscape, its value is self-evident. The documentary panorama, a series of reflection were recorded in "World Heritage List" of countries, cultural heritage and natural,

  • Review of fashion

    A brief history of Western clothing, both high fashion, or industrial garment, most of today's fashion industry trend to seek roots in the history of Western clothing in the beginning. "Review of fashion: Western fashion history" in the form of illustrations and easy flow of writing, from prehistoric times all the way to write, lead us to understand the initial motivation of human dress, browse,

  • The very essence of fashion

    Era of French Louis Xiv's elegant and luxurious life, this book describes an era, in that era, the elegance, taste and luxury desires reached unprecedented height, the formulation Food, fashion, interior decoration and other fields of the standard, still plays a role, it is the eighteenth Century French philosopher, historian Voltaire called the calendar,

  • Contemporary civilization (below)

    "The general theory of world civilization, modern civilization (under)" the main content description: since the modern times, the conflict and fusion of eastern and Western civilizations perplexing. Civilization and industrial civilization outside how to survive and development, decide on what path to follow in the modernization and globalization tide, has not yet found a satisfactory solution. Japan,,

  • The Greek Cultural History

    The rise of civilization The Rise of Civilization, Europe's earliest civilization -- Greek civilization, about 4500 years ago in the island of crete. It is because the legendary King Minos and was known as the "Minoan civilization". When the Mycenaean Minoan civilization invaded Connor Sos, has come to an end. The people are very envious of the Minoan civilization, and their culture,

  • Greek thought and culture

    "Greek thought and culture" is one of the "western culture" of the "New Horizons in Greek thought and culture" section, "Greek thought and culture" which comprises: personal poetry and the public theater, aristocratic life paradigm and its deformation, the origin and content of sports competitions, the Greek culture of the times and si,

  • Italy culture and history

    "Italy culture" content: Italy culture on the formation and development of western culture influence. If we take the western culture is divided into three parts, the classical culture of medieval culture and modern culture, and seriously study the characteristics of the three cultural era, it is not difficult to see that the cultural importance of Italy,

  • Feel the European culture

    "Feel the European culture: eyes a reporters in Germany's European" tells the story: Europe is a multi-ethnic society, its diverse culture and splendor. Europe is also the birthplace of the industrial revolution, the advanced productive forces gave birth to capitalism. This system has experienced development and prosperity, the cyclical downturn, crisis, unrest,,

  • The magician.

    "The witch book": from "spell" to "the twelve house", covering almost all and witchcraft related entries. In the "Wizard" in the book, all entries in alphabetical order, including the various historical periods, with the "Wizard" all the characters, places, events, literary works and other relevant items. ,

  • The story of mankind

    "The story of mankind" is a famous writer of popular history of van Loon's most prestigious works. The text and narrative wisdom, light and smooth, very worth reading. History is a great tower of experience, on this ancient building peak obtain comprehensive instruction is not an easy goal to achieve. There is no climbing a ladder, but,

  • The Japanese cult.

    "Brief introduction of Japanese cult" content: ritual is a kind of traditional culture in Modern Japan's most popular. Regardless of seasons, the Japanese staged around greatly small cult. Rites originated in Japan, rice farming culture, produced many of the mountain, the mountain country surrounded by the sea in the worship of nature made in japan,,

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