Let us become the world

Date of publication:2010-10   Press: CITIC   Author:John Brockman  

At the beginning of the year by year discussion has become a landmark event USA cultural circle, every year there are more than 100 top thinkers will own personal opinions on the site, including Nobel laureates, Pulitzer prize winners, "New York Times" best-selling author, famous university professor and renowned media people etc.. Frontier thought library book series included the 2006~2008 edge website three annual discussion highlights. "What made you change your view of the world?" The year 2008 is the problem. From philosophy to science, from the universe to predict for human cognition, these cutting-edge thinkers answer on behalf of their individual thoughts exist for the state of the world. Don't miss the feast of ideas, and discuss the world each people be bound together in a common cause of all areas of excellence, touch the thinker's way of thinking, to witness this crazy world and wonderful future.
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John Brockman, American magazine publisher and editor of edge magazine, the pioneer, famous writer and cultural promoter. Has authored or edited 19 books, because of their keen insight to the ideological trend of contemporary science and the humanities, in the community and the media published the famous. At the world's leading thinkers and scholars gathered around the same topic discussion without boundaries, and will discuss the results published. Works include "a world, a variety of solutions: change in the history of the great invention", "third kinds of culture of science and Humanities: across the gap" etc..
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Preface IX free heart "heresy" than the "orthodox" more romantic four years we are the low efficiency of the reasoning engine mass cooperation spirit contentment enjoyment is a science that you cannot control the "love" to play with the boys "heresy" than the "orthodox" more romantic health and enhancing drugs on the butterfly effect to the outside the world 'charity begins at home no matter known to practice of animal sacrifice is to understand political everything is not accidental "bird's eye", "frog eye" to see the world environment set up brain Wittgenstein bound "more idiot, also more Nobel prize winner" of the popular view paradox I told you have a different vision a reality also let theorem the ultimate constraint language will affect your perception of Russian colonization of North America "burden" principle thinking without the final version of Vs. University in pursuit of truth new ideas need public patience public consultation significance thought is the ultimate social software science injury when science has become marginal role science and the boundaries of philosophy we need what kind of artificial intelligence pan feel Internet promote the centralized network space is another business unity or disunity, this is a question "don't take any Who would really "robot can see God? Don't believe the prophecy to accumulate knowledge prove more important than "phishing" survey of science and democracy grammar from why and come? Bob's "overload" from forward to backward new brain metaphor chord ring war blog uproar itch for a try robot science is not the "story of" responsible scientists should do what? Against the manned space flight when science became a marginal role in crisis of scientific practice science and technology are conjoined twins? Silence from the revolutionary to stifle scientific evolutionists we will have quantum science and technology value the friend science best finding your own North Star control information of virtual reality therapy yourself? Programming is an independent science the waking nightmare you "electric" Black Swan: the influence on the probability of the sample mean of the soul "is part of the brain where you, Sue?" Thinking science and philosophy were not related to the consolidation of memory illusion to deceive not everything by analogy to challenge Piaget perception is the thoughts of moral intuition and emotional patterns of relativism to learn how to adapt to the world is not real soul is part of mathematical brain because we and the existence of gender differences in cognitive, no longer believe in "the class" of the cerebral cortex pulse why does the time your personality can not change of nerve on? Strength is more choice equation details attention brain more confused to save power of reason: regeneration aim I'm an atheist I don't believe in God. The religious value mysterious monks friendship and how faith changed united faith carbon emission angle to optimize our design world is finite, infinite where extraterrestrial civilizations? Dark energy is a chaotic and unpredictable cosmic vacuum: the future of the universe a fatal blow from space rule the future universe we are "Post Human Era" guardian of the kingdom of life inspires us genetic differences than expected greater Greenland new enlightenment science can save the environment? Climate change faster than we expected time is not an illusion of nature's "non local" climate change: human is greater than the risk of nuclear power to stop the evolution? Evolution is "the times" neurons "to" what? We are the "myth of future you will believe what thought of change in the nature of non rational rebirth from the roast potatoes and cooked beef human innovation prediction of human origin of perfect and promote their own evolution of new century will be more depression does the post human era" guardian to overthrow the nuclear weapons?
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"Referring to historical, biological, social, sexual, physical, environmental, and cultural fields, colorful, reasonable, be rather baffling to addictive." -- "the Wall Street journal"
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"The world we make it" Editors: EDGE: the big bang "network in the world's most prestigious thought free fair hundred top thinkers to witness the life what changed your view of the world?" The four year itch "heresy" than the "orthodox" more romantic read "more political idiot, also more Nobel prize" the Internet to promote the centralized silence is stifling the scientific strength from roast potatoes and cooked beef at the ideological origin of humankind is the ultimate social software dark energy...... If thinking changes your perspective, that's philosophy; if God change your point of view, that is faith; if the facts change your point of view, it is science......
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