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I know that day sent Li Zhaozhong Li Zhaozhong's 2000 "Japan passing" just published I had the pleasure of reading, and write a Book Review "passing through and passing -- about Li Zhaozhong's experience of Japan", first published in Beijing "China reading newspaper", later published in Tokyo "student news". Ten years later, the author revised and refined greatly to this book. Now the new "Japan passing" is a new preface, the author told me, I read the text, but a fleeting feeling. Ten years has past! Before Li Zhaozhong, to understand his words. Of course, is written in japanese. Published in Tokyo "student news" on the published in 1998, and the Japanese "ambiguous". When I was in Japan to do the old students, by the end of 1998 after returning home to study literature Chinese Institute of the Academy of Social Sciences, and Li Zhaozhong became colleagues, more contacts, and become friends. I write and Li Zhaozhong in the book "and" passing traveler in appearance, "a day: an inexperienced youth, the stature is not tall, wearing glasses, some fragile, often carrying a large bag, walk along a road to Lyon first's chest, looked solemn and stirring." Over the past ten years, Li Zhaozhong looks as if does not have too big change. Presumably he often play table tennis, pay attention to the health of it, or is he and I often meet, consciousness is not to change his appearance. However, he is the great change of learning Japanese, many research achievements. "Ambiguous" Japanese repeatedly revised, so far four edition, published in 2006, "can't see through the eyes of Japan --" Chinese cultural elite, and in 2010 published a monograph "noisy mules -- Study and Chinese modern culture". "Ambiguous", "mule" these general vocabulary, through his strange, academic, cultural definition is important. The results of these studies, so he became the Chinese know day send an important figure in the scholars. Said Li Zhaozhong "know Japanese style" or "knowledge", in fact, I have a choice. Known as the "knowledge", is that he is the Japanese research group. In modern times China, once two times a day school know. The first period is from the end of Qing Dynasty to the early Republic of china. Huang Zunxian, Zhou brothers, Guo Moruo, Dai Jitao, Tao Jingsun et al. Is there. The Chinese contemporary tide of japan. The second period is after the reform and opening up. After fifteen years of war and after the founding of new China thirty years' close the country to international intercourse, started from the early eighty's, a lot of Chinese study in Japan, a new generation of knowledge, sent by was born. Especially in the last 10 years, many in Japan Chinese admission into the home, out of the many Japanese research results, mature and component. This group is huge, really has become a newGeneration day school. Li Zhaozhong is one of them. In my opinion, Li Zhaozhong's theory on Japan in at least three aspects to do successfully: one is "directly involved in self". The "self" is not a theory, view of the owner, but a "character" -- by feeling Japan, understanding Japan be remodeled, the definition of "role". Two is the unity of the perceptual and rational. Li Zhaozhong when talking about Japan, can always from the vivid, rich meaning fact, summed up the universality of reason, the. The three is a combination of micro and macro. Li Zhaozhong's theory on Japan is often the individual "text" as a starting point, finally relates to large, macro problems. In Li Zhaozhong's theory on Japan, "Japan passing" one book is actually "origin" in nature. The article is mainly in the book tell many stories about Li Zhaozhong during his stay in Japan to return early, and Li Zhaozhong study of Japan is from Japan began. Because it is a personal story, so the "self" intervention more fully, more sensitive, more specific. There are a few seem to be able to read a novel, in fact the stylistic really "literature". I admire Li Zhaozhong in the face of "self" way. The "book of Li Zhaozhong", sometimes let me can't help laughing, sometimes let my heart emotion. As a "passing" experienced "island of purgatory" Li Zhaozhong, in some respects has completed self transcendence. So, he could as easily laugh at his. - beyond the self who is strong, Li Zhaozhong Japan efforts relating to. Although too much can occasionally lead to partial loss. The "story" always contains more possibilities, the so-called "image thinking than thinking". "Japan passing" because it is the "story" so often read, often new. I read this book after a lapse of ten years, there are still a lot of new ideas. Writing for the people, work to reprint is a happy thing. Reprint indicates a book reader, author writing that success. Reading is the premise to realize the social value of library. In the new period of China know day school, like Li Zhaozhong such a happy author is not much, like "ambiguous" Japanese so many editions of the Japanese also rare. Now, "revised and reprinted Japanese traveler", once again shows that the social nature of Li Zhaozhong theory on Japan and vitality. People and the Japanese Chinese great difference. Sometimes I even feel that, the difference is greater than the Americans, Chinese Chinese and europeans. Strangely, this huge difference is often shared Chinese characters, common yellow skin covered. Because of this difference, so go out of the country's Chinese into Japanese society is more difficult than integration into the European and American society. "Japan Anti Japanese" phenomenon is also related to this, "traveler" often become Japan, Japan, Chinese fate. In this sense, "Japan passing through" the title with a suggestive and symbolic for Chinese speaking. Chinese reading "Japan passing", not only can see as the "object" of "Japan", and can be seen as "passing through" self. Dong Bingyue in August 28, 2011 @##@ tea house The copyright page: illustration: 1 before the Izu miss not go to Japan, occasionally see those gorgeous pressing Ukiyo-e figure, always think that is the stage of the image, or from the lascivious male artists to beautify exaggeration. In Japan, I was surprised to find, they are like this. Japanese woman is really full of decorative style and talent, they have the enthusiasm and energy, it can be amazing, move the gods. In contrast, we Chinese woman can not seem too simple, or obscene. For this reason, just arrived in Tokyo that for a while, I used to see which had China woman's eyes looking at the Japanese woman, always make mistakes, even a big joke. Now in retrospect, it is not good, (SI). Walking in the streets of Tokyo, haunted with such a situation: the modern girl, at a still retaining one's graceful bearing, old Xu Niang, arrived at present, it is a heavily made up the old lady. Of course, this is just a magic show in general, aesthetic standards on behalf of grass, as for the superb performances upper class woman, is not I do things carelessly the Chinese man can see through. Step back and say, even see, also will be fascinated by the. In a word, in Tokyo, one not careful, will hit the beauty. In all my experience in this class, what impressed me most, than the Izu miss. When I went to Tokyo soon, one day wandering in the Ginza and the bustling streets, occasionally broke into an art gallery. When the glass door slowly opens automatically, with a clear and crisp soft "to analysis, it weighs a you's Robe" (welcome), I felt dizzy, and soft light, against the surrounding Ukiyo-e graph, the beautiful young girl a stand gracefully erect is smiling to me a bow, she is so bright! A handsome face, a loving eyes, sweet dimples, and the graceful neck, all without exception makes the heart Chi God shake, lose self-control. To tell the truth, than those of Edo. The wall, eyes the beauty look favourably, but, only she is a living, breathing, body temperature. Don't hide I was driven to distraction appearance, she is so charming. Can say, this is my first time to see such a born beauty, I can barely look at her have no courage. However, in her kind guidance, I panic soon turned to admire. She said the Japanese really tone tactful, according to people, like the sound of music. I would be as light as a feather, the soles of the feet, deep concentration, to listen to her explanation of the Ukiyo-e's background, artistic style and value to the collection, actually may not understand what she was saying. This situation with the hypnotic state no what two. Finally, like the doings of ghosts and gods, I spit out twenty thousand yen, Ukiyo-e bought a Kita Kawakamaro diagram. It is worth, I was a poor student, by working to live, usually spend very carefully, twenty thousand yen, equivalent to almost my meals a month.

"That day" scholars, from the self "island of purgatory" start, in-depth bone marrow, Japan Japanese identification, to go beyond the ordinary people's perspective of this be the most changeful state, thereby purifying out pieces of works.
the first series, Japan purgatory like magic, described in this picturesque island, the unity of opposites in a contradiction of the presented you with me, I have you, struggle;
second insular, exposing a large number of Japanese tourists in Chinese staged scenes of transnational culture comedy, "insular" show of them
third; Japanese offbeat, outline their survival difficult, but insist on holding the ideal, not flow when the custom of "offbeat" Japanese;
Fourth because Japan Customs, with Japan It is quite common for the "mixed bath", "idiot", "Yin Jiro" phenomenon, reflects the deep connotation of Oriental style.
"globalization" comedy, and in the international metropolis of Beijing, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Jews and returnees Dr. Clayton successively performed.
each chapter from different angles by our cultural character innermost.
Author brief introduction

Li Zhaozhong, born in 1957 in Shanghai, in early 1978 was admitted to the Shanghai East China Normal University Chinese department, at the beginning of 1982 assigned to the literature China Institute of the Academy of Social Sciences, in early 1989 to Japan, travel for four years, at the end of 1992 to the literature, China Institute of the Academy of Social Sciences researcher. Monograph published "ambiguous" Japanese "Japan passing" "can't see through Japan" "noisy mules -- Study and Chinese modern culture".
Catalogue of books

The first part Dongying purgatory like magic
1. Izu miss
2.'s birthday
3. a bottle of French wine caused panic
4. hair
5. Tokyo Story man
6. cleaner romance in
second insular
1. Yokota Shinji
2. Momotaro Izakaya Japanese dog
5., Japan Narita Airport lonely figure
third offbeat Japanese
1. art />2. ink painter exiles Kubota
4. Japan traitors waiting for God, Gao Qiao deposited
Fourth Yin taste Japan Customs
1. I and
2. tatami Pacific island nations Golf superpower
3. idiot paradise
4. coagulation bath antique now where
5. charming Toraji Ro myth
fifth series of "globalization" comedy
1. from the third world foreigner
2. today, Dr. Clayton
3., day, Han's "the romance of the Three Kingdoms"
4. antiques market of South Korea lady
5. from Tokyo to Jewish man
6. master of the Mystic Arts
Chapter excerpt

The difference Chinese and Japanese, sometimes I even feel the difference is larger than the Americans, Chinese Chinese and europeans. Strangely, this huge difference is often shared Chinese characters, common yellow skin covered. Because ofAs the difference exists, go out of the country's Chinese into Japanese society is more difficult than integration into the European and American society. "Passenger" often become Japan, Japan, Chinese fate. -- Dong Bingyue University of Tokyo doctor of literature literature Chinese Academy of Social Sciences researcher

"Japan passing (new revision of the" Collection): This is the nation's past and present, it significantly and the rise, it's brave, cruel and thorough, all this, all make people scared soul moving. This is our concern about its reason. Li Zhaozhong -- a new generation of "knowledge" of scholars, from the self "island of purgatory" start, in-depth bone marrow, Japan Japanese identification, to go beyond the ordinary people's perspective of this be the most changeful state, thereby purifying out pieces of works, "Lu Ke deep in the Japanese culture.
Media attention and comments

Eleven years ago, Japan was "passing" clumsy. The Federation of literary and art circles publishing company launched a set of culture and art series, my colleagues, Academy of social sciences literature Mr. Jin Dacheng is editor in chief of his kindness, courtesy, "Japan passing" is certainly one of these. "Japan passing" income during my stay in Japan and returned after ten years published essays more than 20 articles, the theme of my career and leave east to Japanese culture and perception and interpretation. As Mr Dong Bingyue points out: for Li Zhaozhong's theory on Japan, "Japan passing" has the meaning "origin", on the basis of the "ambiguous" japanese. Therefore, these two texts have very strong control and intertextuality. Read the "ambiguous" Japanese people read the "Japan passing", must have "So that is what it is." intimacy, perhaps smile. The passage of time, read the "Japan passing", made me excited and pain. Is excited, many of which the article still charm, often read often new; painful is, language expression of miscellaneous, naive and boring -- perhaps this is our this generation of person is difficult to avoid the common words, the lack of skill, is caused by lack of knowledge; some chapters focus on the superficial, lack of connotation. The pain with the passage of time and become more and more strong, and thus the revision. This desire has finally realized. A new version of "Japan passing" in the old version based on, for the large scale adjustment, expansion and ascension, removed six articles (including "in the subway" Japanese "Big Mac" Oriental "Japanese and dog" "hot spring Kingdom stories" "Japan Food notes" "Oriental witch"), supplement eleven the new (including "wait for God" "ink painter Ioka Kotoko" "traitor" idiot "Japan Takahashi apply paradise" "charming Toraji Ro" myth "mixed bath antique now where" "today", "Dr. Clayton in Japan, South Korea's" Romance of the Three Kingdoms "" "antique market on the Korean wife" from "Tokyo to Jewish man" "master of the Mystic Arts"). Making such adjustments, both occupation moral requirements (the part with the "ambiguous" Japanese content removed with overlapping), but also the need of spiritual growth. The ancients said: when you sit up and take notice. Then, after an absence of ten years, what to see? Moreover, these ten years I have learned, is the spiritual resuscitation, writing gradually entering blissful circumstances stage. A friend told me, the old version of the original article try to stay the same, I understand his meaning, also thanked him for his kindness, just can't accept. Frankly, I missed to enter the small figures of history, keep intact be of no great importance, it is important to take the new version of "Japan passing" done more perfect, more perfect, more chic, to let the reader's time. And that. With this attitude, I made a careful revision of each article, language expression of cleanliness and irredeemable interest heart, make me not to mind taking the trouble to modify each paragraph, weigh every word, can rack one's brains. In addition, a new version of "Japan passing" add picture 30. The photograph was taken in Japan more than 10 times, published for the first time. With these pictures can increase reading interest. A new version of "Japan passing" published on the occasion, I especially appreciate the beans Bookstore editor Su Yuan, is her understanding and support, make my wish come true, pain treatment. The book editor's earnest and hard, also thanks. Li Zhaozhong in October 29, 2011
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