Japan poisoning

Date of publication:2010-10   Press: Renmin University of China press   Author:Tang Zhenzhao   Pages:247  

Japan is not bad, we didn't love.
Japan sick, worship Japan we will hand in hand? From small children, refugees, and bleak married angelica. Euthanasia by dependence; female, group Dutch act to indiscriminate killing...... Who dares say Japanese civilization has not yet arrived China air plant virus? We poisoning on Japanese pop culture has deep, but also aware of Japanese civilization virus has already spread to all levels, China society?
Japan is not only used for the object of consumption, it more is the best warning us in social civilization disease. The so-called disease to shallow Chinese medicine, first to clear virus poisoning natural heritage. While the virus has not spread civilization into all aspects of our society, hurry to book "detoxification".
Author brief introduction

The soup 祯兆, Hongkong culture people, critics and writers, the Hongkong film critics association. Writing activities for a long time, interest from literature to film, and then extended to the study of culture. The main writing field including the study of Japanese culture, social culture, film interpretation, observation of the literary creation and criticism, publication also extends from Hongkong to Taiwan and the mainland. A former Hongkong radio "open music" and "Oriental" festival
Catalogue of books

1 lesions on
Japanese women in Japanese society Rorikon
"married life" era
Nihon University give up all confidence in oneself
our sin and punishment.
greybeard desolate
"marriage refugees"
aid communication of Japanese process
2. color
cultural locus
> shorthand swimsuit idol uniform temptation psychological structure of
when we say Love Hotel was trying to say what?
beauty of endless pursuit of
Sakai Junko regression
3. killing
happy fear of killing
indiscriminate killing life
Japan "group Dutch act" stop
4. generation
as years of sociology
"convenience store" generation of heavy
convenience store culture region drop
the old I old single euthanasia from Japanese animation and
generation on
"in pit girls" age of
5. landscape
natural landscape and artificial synthesis cultural journey
Kyoto incident
on the outskirts of the regeneration project

Tokyo Tokyo on the central line of foreign
6. innovation
about mobile phone novels, I want to say is...... Password
"I robot girlfriend" by Aoyama Nanae in perspective "Freeter"
7. residual service
globalization Haruki Murakami
Haruki Murakami across the
Evangelion residual service finishing
the comic in the Japanese
Media attention and comments

A soup of "poisoning" in Japan to get in, and a "sense of distance", mastery. China research in Japan should be dynamic, from the deep sense, this study is close to chemical reaction, rather than simply one plus one equals two mode. Tom so many years of Japanese research admirable! -- Mao Danqing, travel writer, Japanese culture on this volume of poisoning the scholars, is actually a "reading", "detoxification"...... Appears to be on our obsession with Japanese pop culture the antidote, but is actually another "virus"...... The addiction again after deconstruction into heart, a poisoning deeper, deeper more to ask, ask to see more and more. -- Li Zhaoxing, Hongkong cultural critic recently, I have been poisoned, is the soup 祯兆 poison, I think he has to write the most tide in Japan, also write a secret desire behind us. Desire is the core of Japanese popular culture, such as desire, desire, lust and sexuality, soup 祯兆 this book is through the category analysis Japan desires, how serious impact on other Asian societies such as Taiwan, South Korea and Hongkong, therefore, to understand the Japanese tide, which is the solution of Hongkong tide. He studied in Japan in 1991 a year, has a "name", "shaping" Japan Japan 10 book about Japan's books, I think if he live for a few more years, there should be more Japanese works we can peep at Japan more. Hongkong -- Ma Jiahui, the writer
Editor recommends

"Japan poisoning": in Japan, the Japanese cultural studies in more than ten years in Hongkong culture people soup 祯兆, following the "plastic" and "Japan" Japan named after, re launched the "poisoning" in Japan, a unique opinion, quoted scholars, plus real empirical, in-depth analysis of the Japanese to the readers various distortions that Japan, the dark side of society, "Japan fashion culture" pierce to the heart of the matter to reveal a canker, while toxic has not spread the viscera, L1 and expose Japanese, warning Chinese! Fetish, fewer children, Yi Cunnv, parasites, University disqualification, happy kill, convenience stores, flash special family from generation to generation...... These "familiar" but "we cannot set" words, what is the Japanese popular culture "cute" products, or are the flows around the civilization virus? When a phenomenon we dizzy from Japan, aware that Japan has deep social civilization disease, poison into the bone marrow? Cultural doctor soup 祯兆, expose Japanese culture "carbuncle", warning Chinese, do detoxification and immunity!
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