Iran culture and its influence on the world

Date of publication:2011-9   Press: The Commercial Press   Author:[Iran] zabihullah La, SA method  

This book includes Iran and the ancient civilization of the world, the people of Iran, the influence of Islamic culture in Iran and the Islamic academic, Persian and Persian literature.
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Author: (Iran) zabihullah pull ยท SA method @##@ translator: Zhang Hongnian The copyright page: Lang with a variety of geographical environment and natural conditions, geographical conditions and changes of different nature is people thinking of changing. More important is the Iran plateau is the only intermediate regions of the world ancient civilizations of the East and the west, the ancient East and West all ethnic migration and integration, conquest and invasion are realized via Iran. An Aryan nation (Iran Aryan) since ancient times in this vast East-West intermediate zone habitats and breeding. They are smart and tough, firm and indomitable, full of fun. They have to defend this area as their responsibility, to protect their own home without any incident adjacent to the outside world around. In this piece of land, Wei Li a Touch the Sky mountains. A natural environment in this region are self-contained, uncoordinated, not connected. This naturally makes the residents here daily communication with outside people not much, which is less affected by external nation. However, in this area has convenient transportation corridor. A batch of the conqueror is the use of the corridor to enter this area, and through it to the more distant places. In addition, there are arranged in a crisscross pattern of the road, traffic convenience to all the nomads. The people of Iran to draw fresh useful things from them, but also bring fresh ideas and things they teach them, let them carry away into the distance, spread. The geographical environment of Iran also prompted Iran development manufacturing, in order to maintain their own life. At the same time, the manufacturing of the goods sold to the neighboring nation, to make up for their lack of life. Production on land all material objects using the Iran people, and even the use of animal bone made of fine arts and crafts. In addition to the use of domestic raw materials, they also use imported raw materials manufacturing industry development. So, Iran people have a good business people appear in the neighboring nation. They not only get profits from the business activities, but also accompanied by handwork and genius create crafts, put their own language, literature and culture to spread to new areas. The area is the actual process of Iran culture market.
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The translator's preface
the first chapter of the Iran people and the ancient civilization of the world
1. geographic environment and its impact on
2. Iran and
3. Iran cultural exchange advocates freedom of thought
4. of Iran's national organization and administrative system of
5. Achaemenian periods of Iran cultural impact
6. rest Dynasty Iran people's contributions to
7. Sassanian Dynasty Iran people's contributions to
second chapters on the Iran Islam culture effect of
1. in Iran the impact of Islamic culture.
2. Islamic Iran at the beginning of the dynasty of Abbas
3. Iran
4. the influence of Iran culture on the impact of Islamic culture
5. Iran and
6. Iran Arabia literature of Arabia literature the effect of
8. Shu Bi Iran people and Arabia prose
third chapter in Iran and Islamic academic
1. Iran people in the Islamic academic development in the role of
2. in Iran to create the academic center in Baghdad and the role of the
3. Iran
4. the academic foundation of Iran in promoting science and Muslim in the philosophy of
5. in the academic role The translation of the works of Iran
6. in Iran and the Islamic culture of academic works
7. from Iran and Islamic medicine and pharmacology of
8. Iran in the mathematical contributions
9. Iran in the creation of Islamic Theology and philosophy on the contribution of
fourth chapter Persian and Persian Literature
1. dari Persian
2. Persian Literature the origin of
3.10 century prose creation
4.11-13 century Persian Literature
5. after the Mongol invasion of Persian Literature
6. Persian and Persian Literature in Iran plateau
7. India subcontinent Persian and Persian Literature
8. Persian and Persian Literature in Central Asia
9. Persian language and Persian Literature in Asia Minor (Osman Reich) propagation
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"Iran culture and its influence on the world" was published by the commercial press.
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  •   Explain profound theories in simple language high quality and inexpensive. The author is from Iran, the translator is the North East Asiatic Professor, quality guaranteed.
  •   Research is in Iran and its culture
  •   Understanding of Iran culture on the common reader helpful
  •   Good, let people have a new understanding of Iran
  •   Their own cultural circle and write their own culture. Too much emphasis on the influence of Persian culture and beautify the Islamic Society of Arabia, feel the author seems to be essentially stood in the teaching position on the issue of. Not particularly like
  •   It can also. Like the Persian culture and the state of Iran to have a look.
  •   More useful for understanding of Iran.
  •   But the content is not rich imagination
  •   The book is not thick, but it has reference value!
  •   Clean
  •   After reading, too thin, many of them did not write.
  •   Learned a lot, is very happy
  •   Soon turned, narrative, not what the details. But between the lines clear attitude, how to see the Iran people view their civilization history and how to treat the Arabs
  •   Understanding the persian. After all, is one of the ancient civilizations. Love it.
  •   Iran people with their own view of Iran, point out of the ordinary.
  •   A booklet, have a look interesting!

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