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Wang Shuying, born in 1938, Anguo City in Hebei province river village, China Academy of Social Sciences researcher. Graduated from Peking University in 1965 with Ji Xianlin, Oriental languages, graduated. In 1978 transferred to the south of China Academy of Social Sciences (later expanded to Asia Pacific Institute), specializing in the study of history and culture of India, in the 1983-1985 years of study and research of India Nehru university. The main works include: "India state history and culture", "India culture and folk", "India", "Indian cultural relations" (Hindi version), "south the Hindu culture", "the nation in the world and culture" (India), India and other places of historic interest and scenic beauty "". Chief editor of "India culture", "the nation in the world, in Asia," etc.. His works repeatedly won the outstanding achievement award ", enjoy the State Council special government allowance".
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The copyright page: Third, continuity (or inherited). India ancient culture not only, and have continuity. India has a history of thousands of years, but today to see the India culture can imagine the distant past, but also understand the culture of the past, today also shining its light. Of course, not entirely original. Some changes have taken place, such as India, sari, has thousands of years history, mainly in today's women, but the materials and style of course changes. In history, many times by the alien invasion, also unceasingly change dynasties, however, traditional institutions, religious, epic, ceremony, customs are still popular, they are not due to change of the passage of time and the dynasty. Fourth, philosophy. India cultural philosophy is strong, historians, writers, poets, artists, in his works are rich in philosophy, but also in people's life has been reflected. Budding Indian scientific world view as early as in the primitive commune "at the end of the Rigveda" era already appeared. After entering the slavery society began to form a system of philosophy. In the philosophy of "India the earliest Upanishads" have seen struggle between materialism and idealism. The materialist view, some elements (land, water, wind, fire, gold) is the world, the idealist thought, Brahman, the soul is the world. In the long history, there have been two kinds of world view of the struggle, thus formed many factions. There is close contact, idealist philosophy and religion for a long time, some philosophers India at home and abroad have been rendering India philosophy is a product of the Oriental spirit, is the "religious philosophy". Hagel also said: "we called the Oriental philosophy, more properly speaking, is a kind of Oriental way of religious ideas -- a world view of religion, this view of the world we can recognize it as philosophy." India religion so developed, and this is. But India's materialism is also very strong, with its long history, since ancient times has not been interrupted. Like the India Shun Shi theory that complete materialism and atheism in the world history of philosophy is rare. India materialism is generally in the natural sciences, especially astronomy, mathematics, medicine, brewing and become, it reflects the interests and demands of the era of progress of class and the masses of the people. India philosophy is not simply a few philosophers thing, it is the people's world outlook, the outlook on the world although sometimes and religion mixed together, but the fundamental reason they strive with logical thinking or debate about all the phenomenon of the world and the law of development, the ultimate purpose of seeking for life meaning, and to understand the contradictions of life and the society and made various attempts. Therefore, India folk songs, the fable is very rich, strong philosophical.
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Introduction of India culture basic types and characteristics of
the first chapter prehistory of India culture and India River Basin
A, prehistoric cultures in India
two, India River Valley civilization
second chapter PES / > bark, the formation and development of
A, Aryan and society,
two a surname system of 1
2 late Vedic period of Vedic Brahmanism.
four, the origin of the four Vedas and other literature of
1 ancient mythology and art of ancient myth have
2 > 3
1 ancient science and technology in medical
third and
fourth chapter chapter during the Mauryan period
fifth chapter multi Dynasty
Chapter sixth days of the rise and fall of the development and dissemination of Buddhism
seventh chapter separatist warlords appendix
intrusion and Islam in India
eighth chapter Mo Mughal Dynasty period
ninth chapter in modern society religious reform movement and
tenth chapter of Europe and the western culture and cultural relationship between
appendix two in India -- Chinese main historical period @##@ comparative chronology "India culture" mainly introduces: India is one of the ancient civilizations in the world, has a long history, splendid culture, which enriched the treasure house of world culture. Due to various reasons, the India area differences in history, culture, religion and customs and so on, and some even completely different. "India culture" introduces the origin of India civilization, culture, art, religion and the formation and development, including some modern influenced by Western culture. In addition to introduction of India overall, "India culture" also introduced some of the specific circumstances of India states. "India culture" also describes the basic situation of Chinese and India two thousand years of cultural exchange. "India culture" explain profound theories in simple language, knowledge and the story stronger, some materials are first appeared, it has attracted great attention of the scholars in India.
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"India culture" is one of the scientific research fund of elderly Chinese Academy of Social Sciences funded series of cultural exchanges between China and india.
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