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Date of publication:2011-7   Press: Beijing Normal University press   Author:[America] Cai Zhenni   Pages:280  

Ginny told Zi Wei Jin I first read Ginny the manuscript, is in the gap at an academic seminar. Listen with a personal expression style without substantial new academic point of view feel really boring, back to the hotel room, open this book look up, often inside a be full of wit and humour story amused be overcome by one's feelings to laugh out loud. To make a story well meaning -- at least feel meaningful, is relatively easy, and told a story interesting, funny, humorous and lack of texture is difficult, especially to express profound thoughts in a relaxed, humorous state, this is the highest realm about the. Ginny Weasley reached this state, at least one I see now. I think Jenny is directly used to "tell" and communicate with about or, at the same timeAn expression of her personality, and the difference between the story or narrative way. Then, Ginny tells us what? Ginny in North America for fifteen years of life, her life was cut into several pieces: childhood hometown, higher education and the work of more than 10 years, overseas resident life. If divided simply into three pieces of words, apparently, three pieces of writing is to care and the integration of live in North America after. A few years ago, I heard that Chinese writers in North America, Ginny quite fire, frankly, that's when I with the concept of "American" is fuzzy, such as the "North" understood America north, then check the specialized information, know that "American" is "North America", east of Cape St. Charles (west longitude 55 ° 40', 52 ° 13'), South to 马里亚托 angle (west longitude 81 ° 05', 7 ° 12'). Obviously, the "North American" belonging to the foreign language, although the foreign language is Chinese way, according to our academic habits of the division, we generally do not use the concept, like today, "northeast" literature has not formed a systematic combing. Obviously, "American Literature" is a new phenomenon of Chinese literature, washing behind this phenomenon significance may take time, but the "place" is beyond all dispute fact. Ginny as a member of Chinese writers in North America, her understanding of North America is profound and objective, it is sharp and fine, I have such speculation, perhaps because of her "-- from the perspective of the third party" in the original living resources, and not for the new world culture implant bone like harmony, so the detached and freedom of expression. Of course, this expression is detached and free boundary, for example, she more attention or in the Chinese context within the category of people, things, objects, even in North America, the aim is to support Chinese reading groups, cultural genes determine her heart still stays in the entity and virtual hometown, hometown. Also known as "a person with a sense of belonging and a sense of belonging as a foil" ([and] Northrop Fry: "the Modern Century"). In Ginny's pen, there are a lot of China concern of reality, also has her own and the surrounding Chinese to suffer in North America culture shock, such as the other name is "murderer" without knowing it, the formal social occasions for wearing the wrong clothes embarrassment, the students were questioned as gay and so on, through a specific example, Ginny Weasley will minor America culture show in front of readers. The cross cultural section of the writing makes a certain style, value expression possible new. Notable is, Ginny tells the process, the story behind the strength. As the modernity and the age difference, that is to say, the progress is not in progress, but his own progress forces released, most significant symbol is technology, when we sit in the intelligent building technology and society, people have all kinds of connections, we say the Han Dynasty, Tang Dynasty than progress without a doubt, but, we said we than the people of that time more perfect, more wisdom, a better quality of life, I'm afraid is more complicated. Most of the time, our lives are caused at the time of the dislocation behavior paralysis thought. Ginny tells us, maybe they ignored the thinking, neglected details, and these, it is the most rare. Therefore, I look like this, this is a rare book, as K Rana, in the "hearer of the word" said: across time and space, people have met.

Speaking of North America, what's your impression? Wall Street, 9? 11? Or America President Bush, Obama? You know America ordinary people is how to live? American writer Cai Zhenni, humor, kind words to us a picture of her people in and around the Chinese in cultural differences between East and West North American life anecdote, her personal experience and impact, shows the basic necessities of life in all aspects of life in North America, much of the story is read to Dongguan's over, let a person have a concrete understanding the America, Americans, America culture.
Author brief introduction

Cai Zhenni
Chinese American writers, graduated from Beijing Normal University, taught at a university, now living in American, as a freelance writer. In North America "world weekly" "World Journal" "World Chinese weekly" and domestic "youth digest" "youth reference" "the family" "overseas digest" "Health News" and other newspapers published hundreds of articles, published "Ginny Coffee house immigrants living in Canada -- I roll" rob a bank "", "understand love woman's" fortune "feeling" "with respect to the achievement of children life" and other popular books, writing mainly dominated by overseas Chinese life and marriage family education. Was awarded the first "World Chinese weekly" organized "the world Chinese story writing competition grand prize". The author opened on and overseas literature website blog by netizens sustained attention and widely sought after, many articles to editors to Sina, Sina blog home page, click on the more than 20000000 cumulative.
Catalogue of books

A strange, exotic
America most ridiculous lawsuit
four police are unable to deal with the woman
won the lottery after the tragic life of
sixty million pants lawsuit claims
South American aristocrat to the USA when employees
American women depend on Internet chat lost 480 pounds weight
Americans arithmetic the level of
intake super nanny dog
cheap house
satellite navigation system will guide the missing car.
a marijuana.
sixteen years old mother
Chinese sauce sent him to the emergency room.
two USA old lady "hell" life
USA delivery room.
two the anecdote, exotic culture
ubiquitous recommendation letter
fantastic copyright protection
Americans hold dear suspicion
safety belt story
in North America traffic tickets and court appeal.
a traffic ticket story
foreign official when quite "timid"
the police because my child safety seats
occurred in the story of the library
Christmas gifts to worry
students by the students as a gay
a America pregnant women for Down's child from
A paralyzed children perspective USA education for children with disabilities.
married surname
USA second city prices
immigrant story Chinese surname in American embarrassing
in American and Canada mistakenly call after
women drive
the car hit the deer
accident the rear end accident can not compensate

the pileup accident harm type
formal clothing
Chinese maternal postpartum abroad -- one to eat ice cream
China maternal postpartum two -- take a shower in the foreign
Chinese in America how to eat
10 years ago students save money story
for relief Chinese
he was accused of sexual abuse in America daughter
Life irreparable regret
overseas during the Spring Festival, we are a group of rootless ship
men make me on the spot DIYDIY:DO it yourself, namely, do it yourself.
in American husband hit wife after
in USA wife played husband after
in American mother-in-law beat daughter-in-law after 176 four, experience in North America
"rob a bank"

foreigners more men are superior to women buy a house to buy toxic nest
sold insurance guy at the "soft"
husband appendicitis operation
ski pleasure and embarrassment.
a microwave oven + egg =
in emergency USA was first police intercept
"money" American ATM
midnight at the phone
clothes compensation event
"murderer" and "father"
the same tired
humanization security
gentleman = eat tofu
camping on the beach.
brand package
USA internship gave me operation
I in American "free food distribution station" volunteer

Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: I asked her: "is there a relationship that you not graduated from high school and smoking marijuana?" She wants to say never mind, a relationship should be the car. "I want to have a car at that time, many brothers and sisters at home, parents can't give everyone to buy a car, so I wanted to make money to buy a car, and I study result is very poor, learning to be utterly ignorant of, go out to work to make money after high school, the school more rejection, simply do not." "Wait until many years later, I really regret it. Heart sometimes complain that their parents don't teach children more, then at least can force me to finish high school. I'm not that kind of not listening to parents of children, but they don't care. I can understand them now, and they work very hard on the farm, to a family to feed the task was finished, no energy to care too much." She heaved a deep sigh, turned and looked away: "I blame myself." Turned to her and said: "I for their children is always strict discipline, if they are in high school want the car, I borrow money to buy them, can't afford to buy a new can go to buy a used car, don't let them therefore neglect their studies. Because after seeing some children contact with marijuana, a get out of hand, lives destroyed in the above, so to sell marijuana people cherish an undying. Wait until the children reach adolescence, I must tell them these things, let them know what is really mature, to be responsible for their own." A few days ago, she sent me mail, said the little son graduated from high school have been admitted to the police academy. Her boss last year has become a police.
Media attention and comments

To make a story well meaning -- at least feel meaningful, is relatively easy, and told a story interesting, funny, humorous and lack of texture is difficult, especially to express profound thoughts in a relaxed, humorous state, this is the highest realm about the. Ginny Weasley reached this state. Ginny as a member of Chinese writers in North America, her understanding of North America is profound and objective, is keen and subtle. Most of the time, our lives are caused at the time of the dislocation behavior paralysis thought. Ginny tells us, maybe they ignored the thinking, neglected details, and these, it is the most rare. This is a rare book, as K Rana, in the "hearer of the word" said: across time and space, people have met. -- Zi Wei Jin
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"Fire in USA: Ginny North American life story": "rob a bank" to buy toxic "nest" intake superhuman dog sitter, chat to lose 480 pounds, interns do operation, foreign official when quite "timid", "automatic teller machine for money".
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    really never thought, North America civilization, and there are some things we can not understand. After reading this book, it can realize goodwife also experienced unimaginable to be accustomed to the life, always changing.
  •   Cai Zhenni is very humorous language with America life's little tidbits, not only make people happy and make the open horizon, very good.
  •   Author in a variety of interesting description of the what one sees and hears in North America, then hold his belly with laughing laughing.
  •   Have been watching Ginny's blog, feel her children education and marital emotion analysis is very good, this book record she encountered in the American, feeling, let me know American anecdotes. Very good, is the paper quality in general......
  •   Beautiful language, language humor, let a person to live in society and culture from the perspective of understanding USA
  •   Two days time to read a book on I have never had! The life experience of pamphlets that I only read just agree to give up. Have been there two times USA, heard some similar immigrant story, but the author put these things described so easy, humorous, it is the best-selling book!
  •   Humorous writing author living in American, also let the people feel the cultural differences between countries, many worthy of cultural reference and learning.
  •   To understand the American life, anecdotes, this book has a lot of story can let you do not go out also can understand
  •   Ginny books are always my best love, love her words very much, it is recommended.
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  •   Jenny is a man of great talents, often see her blog, benefit
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  •   The past see Ginny in the newspaper article, feel good. After this book over the disappointment. She said that these can give high school students have a look. The general feeling is out of date.
  •   Humor, funny, I very like Ginny books.
  •   And that many do not know the original things
    thank Ginny sister text
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  •   The book detailed account of the cultural differences between the two countries, but there is humor
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  •   Humorous style of writing
  •   Humorous style of writing
    is a big word, fewer words
    small expensive
  •   Some exceeding one's expectations of exotic culture, very interesting
  •   The contents of very attractive, should be very good
  •   Haven't see don't know how to not look not to know how to
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  •   Very funny.
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  •   The price is very affordable, paper is also very good
  •   Where are all the same
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